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LIVE on tonight's 100th show, a voice from #ScottishIndependence youth.

Euan is 16 year old and lives in the Scottish Borders . Currently studying politics and modern studies at school. #YesScots
PROMO TNT Show. Ep 73. Ruth Wishart, journalist and broadcaster.


Got a question? Post them live for panel. #ScottishIndependence

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Discussing his forthcoming book "Front-Page Scotland: Newspapers and the Scottish Independence Referendum" & his other topics of speciality including genocide and his thoughts on Afghanistan.

Post Qs on livestream chat for panel.

TNT Show. Ep 61. Iain Leckenby, Scottish independence activist.

LIVE 7PM, WED 7TH JULY on Independence Live social media network.

While working abroad in Austria in 2017, Iain Leckenby listened to Nicola Sturgeon's words directed to Westminster to seek the First Section 30 request for another Independence referendum, he knew what he was going to do when he got back to Scotland.

Since then Iain...
PROMO TNT Show. Ep 58. Kevin Gibney, cofounder of Independence Live & IndyLive Radio.

John Drummond interviewing Kevin Gibney who will be discussing IndyLive Media (Independence Live & IndyLive Radio) and what is his thoughts on the Scottish media and more.

Kevin Gibney - cofounder of Independence Live (2013) and IndyLive Radio(2019).

Independence Live:

TONIGHT, DOUBLE BILL by Independence Live!

1) 7PM #TNTShow. Ep 57. Zoe Venditozzi, Witches of Scotland
2) 8PM SCOTONOMICS. Ep one. Economic Sovereignty.

1) 7PM TONIGHT 7PM. #TNTShow. Ep 57. Zoe Venditozzi, Witches of Scotland

John Drummond interviewing Zoe Venditozzi who will be discussing the historic persecution of people accused of being witches in #Scotland. #ScottishHistory

In Defence of Scotland - The future of the armed services in an independent Scotland


Scotland occupies an important strategic position within NATO in terms of its geographical position and its military capability, as home to Trident.

How will an independent Scotland fulfil its role within the international community and what...
Rhiannon Spear reveals 'threats to family' after 'hate UK' Eurovision tweet

AN SNP councillor who tweeted about Scotland "hating the UK" during Eurovision has said her family has received threats as she reiterated…
We need the Green Party conscience to hold our feet to the fire

RORY Bulloch’s intemperate attack on our Scottish Green Party friends is offensive and ignorant in the extreme. Yes, The Scottish Greens might…
Hopes of a Douglas Ross no-show at FMQs heartlessly dashed by technology

DURING pre-Covid times, when a party leader was unable to attend the chamber for FMQs, they asked a colleague to stand in for them.
Scottish exams body to be reformed amid grades row

TWO of Scotland’s education bodies are to be reformed amid criticism over the SQA’s handling of school assessments during the pandemic.
Nicola Sturgeon told to act now to create green public energy company

CREATING a public energy company should be a key part of Scotland’s green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, Nicola Sturgeon has been told.
'Queen's reign could end with Union collapse' says US mag

AN AMERICAN magazine has suggested the Queen’s reign could end with the “union collapsing” after indyref2.
Nicola Sturgeon defends SQA after Douglas Ross 'denial' claim

NICOLA Sturgeon has defended the SQA appeals process after Douglas Ross claimed the government was “in denial” over the impact on pupils.
The wishes of Scottish people are not respected by the UK’s head of state

THERE is no shortage
Boris Johnson faces Tory rebellion over aid cuts as Theresa May backs effort

FORMER prime minister Theresa May has backed a growing bid by Conservative rebels to force Boris Johnson to reverse his widely-criticised cuts to…
Question Time: Lucy Frazer, MP who made Scottish slavery joke in Commons, to appear

A TORY MP who sent her colleagues laughing by making a joke about sending Scots to the “colonies” as slaves will appear on the BBC’s Question…
Covid Scotland: Experts monitor variants as 10 children are sent to hospital with virus

EXPERTS are looking into whether new Covid variants are having more impact on children after 10 youngsters aged nine and under were admitted to…
Prevent ‘plastic pandemic’ with reusable mask policy, Scottish Government told

THE founder of a sustainable tartan mill is calling on the Scottish Government to make clear its policy on reusable masks to avoid a “plastic…
Ruth Davidson not yet joined Lords due to no meeting to agree on Baroness name

RUTH Davidson has not yet joined the House of Lords as she has not agreed with the member of the royal household responsible for titles on what she…
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