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Anyway, Munguin says he would like to thank: Derek, Kay, John, AndiMac, Dave, Panda Paws, Quokka and probably someone else I’ve left out. Have a nice Sunday anyway.
Thanks to Dave, Derek, AndiMac and Marcia.
I see that the queen has been overheard expressing frustration at the lack of action from world leaders on climate change. Could that be the same queen that used her royal prerogative to order an exemption for herself on climate change legislation in Scotland. And quite possibly the same queen that has a massive vehicle … Continue reading "THE GREEN ROYALS…WELL, THEIR...
But, even if he is right, he’s saying the only solution to this energy price crisis is for the weather to be less crap than usual in the winter. Oh well, that’s a white christmas knocked on the head. So, in stead of Bing Crosby lets have Satchmo.
The Withdrawal Agreement is ‘an unequal treaty, which no self-respecting nation would ever regard as a settled matter’. Although, it seems that the Telegraph was very much in favour, in awe even, of Johnson’s skill in getting this Brexit deal. OK, the Telegraph, a fanboy magazine, no longer for the Tories in general, but very … Continue reading "NEW DEFINITION OF...
The day after Nicola Sturgeon broke ranks with the UK Govt and announced a ban on large gatherings in Scotland, BBC Scotland accused her of losing the trust of the public. One week later Boris Johnson was forced to announce a full lockdown, saving 1000s.
^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ As the government in London announce a four day festival of royal nonsense next year to celebrate 70 years of Lizzy, a survey of young people has shown that more people are in favour of a republic than want a monarchy. No wonder… look at the state of that in the lum hat! … Continue reading "RANDOM THOUGHTS"
The fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi. She was only a whisky-maker, but he loved her still. No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering. … Continue reading "JUST FOR A LAUGH"
With thanks to Quokka and Dave.
Thanks to Dave and Marcia.
I’d have thought it would have been reasonable to call it the spirit of Scotland, given its na…. Oh, wait… you don’t mean THAT kind of spirit? Sorry, with it being Johnson, I though you were talking about drink…easy mistake to make. OK, well, that’s good. We’re needing a bit of the old Blitz spirit … Continue reading "SO HOW IS IT ALL GOING? AH, YES....
Blah blah… COVID, government doing everything necessary… Brexit, what Brexit… ? What even IS Brexit. Don’t worry, everything is fine. Boris is in control, Covid, covid. We are taking steps. Covid Covid. Nothing to do with the Brexit Scotland voted against. Covid, Covid. Pandemic, Pandemic. But for once, a decent interview from the BBC. He … Continue reading "DUH!!!"
I’m really trying hard to think of how those freedoms that Brexit has brought have improved my life. But i really can’t think of one single one which is doing me any good. Still, notwithstanding the shortage of pigs that Brexit has given us, this bunch of gammon, every bit as unpalatable as the poor … Continue reading "THANK GOD IT’S OVER"
THE GHOST OF SOMETHING PAST How can you be gaming the system when you very clearly put an independence referendum in your manifesto, win the election based on it and then announce that you intend to fulfil your manifesto promise? Seriously, can anyone explain that to me? Another question I’d like answered is, given that … Continue reading "TORY PARTY CONFERENCE"
DAY THREE: INTO THE DARKNESS I hear that the Noble Willie addressed the conference on the subject of Scotland. He at least got leave to talk to the grown ups, unlike DRoss, who was stuck in the backroom with the Jocky lot, doubtless wrecking the joint (as the Noble Baroness once pointed out they normally … Continue reading "TORY PARTY CONFERENCE"
DAY TWO…THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUES Bit of an own goal, Patel, when you desperately need these people to come here. ********** To be fair, not everyone has Carrie Antoinette demanding £800 a roll wallpaper and a top flight nanny for the children. ********** I’m wondering if Rishi knows what mischaracterization means…y’know, given that it was WORD … Continue reading "TORY...
Day 1: SUNDAY “In Mcstr with ⁦⁦@Douglas4Moray⁩ and our talented team ⁦@ScotTories⁩ the party of working class Unionists who Labour left behind”, says Tess White (whoever she is). Apparently, the new buzz phrase for Scottish Tories is “working class”. So, I look forward to them proposing a wide raft of policies which will help poorer … Continue reading "TORY...
Hot off the presses for your enjoyment, the prequel to today’s toons… Private Baldrick: You know my dad was a nun. Captain Blackadder: No he wasn’t. Private Baldrick: He was too, sir. Cause whenever he was up in court and the judge asked “occupation”, he’d say “none”. 10. Thanks to TMc, Brenda, AndiMac, Panda Paws… … Continue reading...
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