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AND IF YOU BELIEVE THAT, YOU’LL BELIEVE THAT MUNGUIN JUST SIGNED UP TO BE A TORY MP The job is advertised on the royal website. “This is a career pathway in hospitality that will develop your housekeeping skills and expertise. “Joining our professional team, you’ll upkeep, clean and care for a wide range of interiors … Continue reading "WE DON’T USUALLY CARRY...
World beating stupid. Anything to curry favour with the ERG nuts. The cheers from his backbenchers were quite clear there. They much less likely to vote for him to go now, because almost certainly anyone else coming in would change this madness, while over 400 people die every day of a highly transmissible disease. Still … Continue reading "NOTE: THIS IS ENGLAND ONLY"
OK, she’s more the English culture secretary, with responsibility for things that cover more than one nation, eg, broadcasting. And her department covers more that “culture”, being properly named the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Her background is, she started to train as a nurse, but became a medical representative and then started her … Continue...
********** You can tell things are going badly for the prime minister. He’s called out the troops to deal with asylum seekers. This should distract the blue rinses of south-east England from his serial partying. It’s a pity that Murdoch spoiled it by front-page featuring a story about the 25% of households who simply won’t … Continue reading "RANDOM THOUGHTS"
Thanks to AndiMac, TM, Brenda… and Twitter.
Thanks to John, Erik, Quokka, Matt. Bonus… you’ll love it. Hetty sent it to me on Twitter. Munguin says they should take me in!
Thanks to Marcia and Dave.
********** Andrew Saxe Coburg Gotha Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg Mountbatten Windsor will no longer hold military affiliations and royal patronages, Buckingham Palace has announced. The Queen has stripped him of these “honours”. Also, he will no longer use “His Royal Highness” in any official capacity and what little he ever did for all the money he got will …...
Soooooooo, the latest is that Boris Johnson was not sent, and didn’t see, the email inviting people to a party in his house. Rude! He just happened upon the gathering in his garden, and assuming it was a work meeting, and being a hard worker not to mention a jovial fellow who likes a drink … Continue reading "SOMEHOW I TRIPPED AND FELL INTO A WORK EVENT, THEN AN OPEN BOTTLE OF BOLLY...
A LETTER FROPM MUNGUIN Dear Mr Sarwar, You made a few good points there, although you know that the answer, from an assistant, will be that the matter is being investigated by Sue Gray, who, if she plays her cards right may end up as Lady Gray, and that no comment can be made until … Continue reading "ANAS SARWAR GETS TOUGH ON DOUGIE"
How Australia deals with immigration and with Covid is not our business. As far as I can see, and as far as I understand from Quokka’s emails, they have left many decisions on the pandemic up to the individual states, including the right to restrict people’s access from one state to another. (Oh, for that … Continue reading "EXTENDED JUST FOR A LAUGH"
Thanks to TM, Andimac, Brenda, John, Erik.
12. These two photos were taken at the same time… One on the Cairngorms, the other in Srem. Can you guess which is which? Thanks to John, Jonathon, Kay.
Thanks to Marcia and Dave and John B.
Dear Lord Downlow, I’m afraid Munguin Towers is a bit of a mess at the moment. One’s trusty factotum, Tristan, has been a tad slipshod when it comes to his decorating duties and as dear Sarah Vine once said: “get out, Sniffy, you odious little toad of a disco dancing queen”… no wait, that was … Continue reading "GIVE LULU A SHOUT AND DON’T MOAN...
And this is far from the only thing over which the Scottish Tories are looking rather silly. One of their MSPs was complaining indignantly the other day about advice from the Scottish health authorities to only go to Accident and Emergency Dept if it was a life threatening situation. (In fact, at any time the … Continue reading "OOOPS!"
Marcus Carslaw@marcuscarslaw1·46m This is a belter even by Scottish Labour’s standards: 1) Employment law is reserved to London. 2) You wanted it to remain reserved during the Smith commission. 3) Anas Sarwar’s company refused to pay the living wage. 4) You spent millions in Glasgow fighting equal pay claims. You know, no government is perfect. … Continue reading "DEAR LABOUR...
********** More than 40,000 people in England who called 999 with a “category 2” condition such as a stroke or a heart attack waited more than an hour and 40 minutes for an ambulance in November, according to The Times. I’m not criticising the English NHS for this. They are absolutely snowed under with work, … Continue reading "RANDOM THOUGHTS"
WITH SOME REFLECTIONS… Thanks to Brenda, AndiMac, Claudine,
Thanks to Quokka, John and Kay for the pics they sent in.
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