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Munguin sends his grateful thanks to John, Andi, Morego, Dave and Marcia.
So, Mr Murray, we had a referendum on Scottish Independence in 2014. You guys, UKOK, or Better Together, won. By fair means or foul. I mean although you did promise all manner of goodies for a Scotland that was staying in the UK, pretty much nothing was delivered. Your ex-boss, Gordon Brown promised that if … Continue reading "IS LABOUR SAYING THE UK IS NO LONGER A DEMOCRACY?"
The Earl Marshall, that’s the prat in fancy dress (above) was caught driving while using his phone. A lawyer for the duke, who claims to be a descendant of Queen Elizabeth I (the virgin queen???) and believed to be worth £100m, told magistrates on Monday that losing his licence would lead to “exceptional hardship”. Awwww. … Continue reading "RANDOM THOUGHTS"
“Last night I had Kasparov over for dinner.” “Cool! And how was it?” “It was nice and all, but we had to eat a cold meal.” “Why’s that?” “We had a chequered tablecloth and it took him an hour just to pass me the salt.” 4. Why do the French eat snails?  They don’t like … Continue reading "JUST FOR A LAUGH"
Thanks, as ever, to John, Kay, Dave, Andi.
Thanks to Dave, John, Marcia.
Alas, it is not to be.
Point No 1. Wrong and couldn’t be more wrong. Who could have believed that you could leave the club and retain all the benefits of it without complying with the regulations or paying the fees? Seriously, you’d have to be massively stupid. Even those who had little or no understanding of international relations or of … Continue reading "Promises, promises"
Hard to imagine what he could have been tittering at given the circumstances In the meantime, when not giggling at funerals, he appears not to want to publish the figures in the economic forecast, which tax payers have paid for. But I was pleased to see him being rinsed by this guy over another matter. … Continue reading "OH DEAR, OH DEAR"
The funeral was broadcast on a big screen for the population of Edinburgh today… So that was worth the expense. Anyway, it’s over and done with now so hopefully, starting Tuesday, perhaps politicians, from all parties and none, can leave off grovelling and get back to running the country instead of letting it run itself … Continue reading "OK. NOW IT’S OVER, CAN WE GET BACK...
The Oxford comma: On a building site there were some tools, Boris, and Thérèse. On a building site there were some tools, Boris and Thérèse. Last night my neighbour came home drunk and banged on his door for five minutes. He lives alone. So I went outside and told him he wasn’t there, at which … Continue reading "JUSTE POUR RIRE"
SIR HOLYLE of Wanting a Seat in the Lords on Thames, probably the worst presiding officer in the history of the UK parliament, thinks that the funeral of the queen is the most important event the world will ever see. Batsh*t. In the meantime, someone who might have been expected to disagree, on the basis … Continue reading "RANDOM THOUGHTS"
Thanks to Hetty, Dave and Tatu.
Thanks to Dave and Marcia.
Apparently he is to be a counsellor of state which means that he may stand in for Charles. To add to his shows of immense grumpiness, this is, I think, another error of judgement. Andrew is largely unpopular with the public for very obvious reasons. And he’s unpopular with the armed forces with which he … Continue reading "RANDOM THOUGHTS"
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