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Is anyone heading imminently to Glasgow (next few days anyway) that could pick up Independence newspapers for distribution here?
Next Saturday (18th) has been called as a day of action by Believe in Scotland and Yes groups have been encouraged to organise events to publicise our case for Independence on the anniversary of the 2014 referendum. We'd be interested in ideas for a get-together of some sort around Tobermory. We have banners, flags, promotional materials, a gazebo if needed. We need a location and people, and we...
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Fantastic road trip with our local SNP candidate Jenni Minto ahead of next week's Scottish Parliamentary Elections. We visited businesses, community enterprises, voluntary organisations and volunteers all over, and naturally couldn't spend as much time anywhere as we'd have wanted, but came away with the very strong feelings across the islands about ferries, housing, education, planning, the pier...
A wee report on the road trip today
Is anyone on this page in a position to collect a bundle of campaign materials from Oban to bring to Mull next few days?
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