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Machars For Yes +MacharsForYes
This group is for people in Newton Stewart and the Machars who want independence for Scotland
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Hike the tax for the workers, take back the £20 a week from the poorest, MILLIONS of CHILDREN getting fed by CHARITY'S yet the blonde clown tucks into a chippy #UKEnding #ToryCriminals #indyref2
And to think people voted for this scum
So how does this work then? He fails to win a seat at the Holyrood election, in fact he’s never won an election in Scotland in his life. But then he gives a big chunk of cash to his mate Boris and he waves his wand and makes him a peer. Then Boris makes him a minister in the Scottish Office. So a wee banker whose never been elected in Scotland now has a role ruling over us as a minister in the...
Continuing on the #BelieveInScotland theme, Dumfries & Galloway Indy Hub expects to join in with Machars For Yes, Dgp4indy and D&G English Scots 4 Yes at Wigtown Book Festival this coming Saturday - 26th September - giving locals and visitors access to honest information about Scotland's natural wealth.
Edit: being a book festival we will, of course, have a selection of quality books available...
Why is Scotland, supposedly a valued and equal partner in this (dis) United Kingdom of ours, treated differently? Why are we charged for putting electricity into the grid?
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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