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Machars For Yes +MacharsForYes
This group is for people in Newton Stewart and the Machars who want independence for Scotland
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Compare these jokers to the Scottish government. Who should gave the final say in how our country interacts with the world?
Let's welcome our new members:
Jan Winder
We smashed our target within just one day, but we’re still taking donations! 💚

We’re not funded by millionaire donors, the only way we can elect a Scottish Green Party councillor is by the support of our amazing members! Please consider donating
And that's new, more substantial posts/fixings provided for this banner on Annan Rd, Dumfries, that's withstood a lot of abuse from the weather since first installation many months ago!
I'm Really Impressed with my campaign leaflet and I'm so pleased that we shopped local and along with The Scottish Greens used a local Newton Stewart company to print them.
Let's welcome our new members:
David J Turner,
Margaret Turner
Visibility, accessibility and accountability are just 3 of the things I will bring to the role of Councillor.

I attended the old luce Community council meeting tonight to hear residents views and to introduce myself.

An interesting insight to the workings of local communities.
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