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Machars For Yes +MacharsForYes
This group is for people in Newton Stewart and the Machars who want independence for Scotland
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Good example of the blacks arts practiced by the MSM. Same paper two different countries.
Unbelievable really. I do feel sorry fir the Labour Party though. They have totally lost their way and stopped listening to their core voters. Half of their voters turned to the SNP as the only party who can save them from Westminster and austerity the other half have fallen for the Tory - we must stop the SNP snd we are the only party to do it propaganda. I do feel they are truly finished as a...
Huge well done to the Greens. Just so sad none down here in the South.
Anyone done this analysis for the South?
A huge congratulations to Emma Harper for tretaining her seat at Holyrood. It’s very sad that Joan, Paul and several others from Independence parties did not make it. The ideal would have been both constituency and list seats for all.
Time now to move forward and work towards our goal, independence.
Emma Harper just got in on the list 👍👍👍😁
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