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Lochaber branch of Women for Independence. Get excited, get involved and get discussing the new way forward.
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I keep forgetting to take pictures of whats been coming in, sorry! But its been lots! Just 8 envelopes left now a Caol Launderette, and the cut off is this coming Monday 13th December 🥰🎄🎁
The Giving Tree is up at Caol Launderette again this year! Bit different this time, just pick an envelope and get a gift for the child that's inside. Thank to Womens Aid for organising this year, let's get some gifts!
Nominate a woman/girl you know for a shout out to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th

We're seeking your help to celebrate #IWD2021. We want to recognise all that women are and do by giving a ‘Shout Out’ to our fabulous Lochaber women and girls. We want you to nominate women and girls who have done something that should be celebrated. It doesn’t need to be something...
Thanks to everyone that donated again to our Giving Tree - i think it was a bumper year for gift giving, which is amazing given the year we've had! I know the gifts you donated all went to families that truly appreciated them and made their Xmas that little easier. I hope everyone has a lovely Xmas and New Year, and thanks again for all your support ❤
And just £30 to go in Leeannes fundraiser!
Loads more donated to the giving tree! We've another week to go with the collection, with the last day to drop stuff off Friday 11th December at the launderette. Thank you so much everyone that's donated so far!
Wow amazing guys! Couldn't believe it when I went to check the giving tree today, I thought it was going to be quieter this year! Thank you
This is a lovely fundraiser from Leeanne, she will match any funds received with books to go to the giving tree. Its a great option if you can't make it to drop off a physical gift. Thank you so much!
The Giving Tree is back at Caol Launderette! This is to collect gifts for the children and women supported by Lochaber Womens Aid. It will be there for around the next three weeks and the launderette is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am - 4pm. If you can't make it any of those days, you can drop gifts at the tattoo studio next door on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday 11am - 4pm.
There are some great free courses here to sign up to if you're looking for something to do on long lock down days. Citizens UK
Lochaber Women for Indy meeting
Still looking for donations of soup /sandwiches and prizes for the raffle. If you are able to help please get in touch. 😊
Calling all Group Members!

The IndyApp platform is ready. The National Yes Registry (NYR) is holding a national training weekend for all local Group Editors and interested group members. It will be held at The Station Hotel in Perth over 21/22 September 2019.

Timing: The NYR aim is to synchronize IndyApp training, and network readiness across all groups, with the Scottish Government’s own...
Sorry women, I’m in bed with lurgy 🤧
Everyone has the right to live a life free from abuse and to have equality of opportunity.

Today, marks the start of 16 Days of Action, an international campaign dedicated to raising awareness about gender based violence and abuse as a human rights issue.

Today, at work and play, think about what you can do to prevent abuse and promote equality for women and girls.

If you’re interested and...
Only 2 places left!
We'll be @aye2ayelochaber 'A Better Scotland' conference on Saturday......... What do you think would make #abetterscotland ? @WomenForIndy
Thank you so much to everyone that donated through the Giving Tree this year, your wonderful gifts will be making some families Christmas extra special
The giving tree is going strong and we're about to take our second load to women's aid. The tree will be there until Thursday the 12th, and we will be taking everything else collected along to women's aid on Friday the 13th.
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