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For women of Linlithgow, Linlithgow Bridge and surrounds to meet and discuss current affairs, politics and, of independence for Scotland
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Instead of looking south, campaigners are looking north, to the egalitarian models of small Nordic nations, says Guardian columnist Ian Jack
The UK is falling apart at the seams. Unprecedented levels of support for ending the UK have been recorded in each of the UK nations. Brexit has exposed the UK as a union that only works for England and Devolution has shown that even in a time of crisis, such as COVID-19, the devolved parliaments…
Please read and note, as yet, no arrests have been made.
[gravityform id="32" title="true" description="true"] Note: This poll will run from 12 noon on Monday 29th June to 12 noon on Friday, July 3rd. We will use the data from this poll to publish an analysis of the results in a blog next week. TV stations and newspapers who disagree with Scottish independence are doing their best to provoke Nicola Sturgeon during the Covid-19 crisis. But Scotland’s first minister won’t take the bait.
Excellent news. MSPs vote to prevent such businesses and individuals from using relief funds
Some interesting points and in the comments too. RECENTLY, I received a letter from a fellow party member enclosing my dad’s SNP membership card from the 1970s. He asked if I was the wee girl who…
Okaaaaaaay. So Boris Johnson has delivered his broadcast to “the nation”, and we’re all still none the wiser. Does anyone have a scooby what Boris Johnson expects us to do? Becaus…
For tips on staying positive during the coronavirus outbreak, visit
Do we have to return from The Quiet?
Do we have to return to the noise?
The bustle, the rush, the loudness of life
Where everyone raises their voice?

Do we have to go back to the rat race?
Can we not just continue to chill?
It's so peaceful and silent with clear blue skies
It's amazing to see life so still.

The sickness has brought so much heartache
So much worry, anxiety and fear
It's also...
Social Distancing is the single most effective thing any of us can do to help slow the spread of Covid-19 and reduce deaths.

Do it.

Today is Mother’s Day, so keep in touch with your mothers. Phone or video call rather than visit, and do so regularly from now on.

This graphic is from today’s Sunday Times, and shows the assessments of the effectiveness of different measures as assessed by...
📺 Today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon delivered an address to the nation on coronavirus (#COVIDー19) ⬇️
NNN : Bridges For Indy
Mad March Meeting
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