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IN this week's video column, Lesley Riddoch discusses Boris Johnson's big statements on what he wants the world to achieve at COP26 and how Scotland can step up to make real change.
Michelle Thomson grabbed all the headlines with her "No indyref in 2023" statement at the Big Indy Debate but there was a lot more to the event,and what she and the other panel members said,than that.Hard questions were asked,and candidly answered, on the fluctuating support in the polls for Yes,currency,borders,and the EU. There were also some surprising...
GEORGE Foulkes – what’s he like?
WHAT do Scotland’s cooped-up kids need as they settle down to the new school year?
It's been all go at number 10 with Boris Johnson rearranging the chairs around the Cabinet table. What do his new appointments tell us about his direction of travel,the internal Tory Party power struggle, "muscular unionism".Is it all about a General Election in 2023 with its impact on Indyref2?There's a growing sense that the SNP leadership just doesn't trust the Scottish people when it...
THE British press is fond of reporting lurches to the right across Europe – even though they rarely produce the authoritarian governments commentators predict.
IN this week's video column, Lesley Riddoch describes how the UK Government's voter ID law will disproportionately affect the most marginalised in society - and Scots.
IN this week's video column, Lesley Riddoch describes how the UK Government's voter ID law will disproportionately affect the most marginalised in society - and Scots.
In part 2 of our interview with Professor Mark Blyth we focus on "Angrynomics" the book on the rise of populism and solutions to tackle its root causes which Mark co-wrote with Eric Lonergan.
HOW does Boris keep getting away with it?
Greta Thunberg's words on Scotland and climate change were definitely mangled by the BBC but should we patting ourselves on the back on our response to the emergency?Lesley reflects on the opportunities missed by the SNP government in terms of district heating and insulation in particular and what difference,if any, the agreement with the Greens will make to future decision...
IS Edinburgh really an English city as Scottish comedian Limmy told one of his followers on Twitch this week?
APPEARANCES matter. And in the business of persuading swithering voters to back independence, the appearance of good, professional governance at Holyrood may matter more than we realise. Especially when that governance relates to something vital like the pandemic or the transition away from fossil fuels. And particularly when the efficiency and fairness of Holyrood governance sits in direct...
Afghanistan continues to dominate the headlines and with no extension to the August the 31st deadline for US withdrawal what future awaits the people of Afghanistan,particularly the women,and what does the whole sorry saga say about the international order?The SNP and the Green Party have reached an agreement on the coalition,that isn't a coalition. We ask why,why now,and what impact it...
HOW is Dominic Raab dealing with the crisis in Afghanistan? Or rather: Is Dominic Raab dealing with the crisis in Afghanistan at all?
All of us have been shocked by the stories and images emerging from Afghanistan as the Taliban take over. Beyond the growing sense of horror what do they say about the future of that country,the competence of the UK government,the UK's relationship with the broader international community,and the injustice of Priti Patel's proposed refugee legislation?Indyref2 seems to have undergone a...
DOES an indyref by any other name, smell as sweet? Methinks we are about to find out.
IT may have been easy to miss the latest revelations about former prime minister David Cameron’s lobbying amidst the cacophony of scandals coming from the Tory government - so The National’s Lesley Riddoch is casting her perceptive eye over it in this week’s video column.
  REVIVE commissioned the New Economics Foundation and Common Weal to produce the Our Land report. They asked what steps a Scottish Government could take within the present constitutional position to tackle the acknowledged problems around land ownership and use. Together with leading Scottish figures, thinkers, and campaigners from the Scottish land reform movement Revive believes they...
THE attainment gap is still alive and kicking.
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