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Will Joe Biden get Boris Johnson telt over breaching the Northern Ireland Protocol at the G7 Summit?Meanwhile,another week.Another court judgement.Another government minister under scrutiny.The latest in this long line of shame,Michael Gove. The English High Court ruled that a £560,000 contract to a firm run by former colleagues of Michael Gove and the PM's adviser Dominic Cummings was...
CLEARLY, I live in a parallel universe.
This week's podcast has leadership and history at its core as themes. However we begin with Murdo Fraser who seems to have undergone a road to Damascus conversion with his proposal that Scotland should move to STV for Holyrood elections.Lesley was stunned to find herself agreeing with him but reckons he should be careful what he wishes for while admiring his sheer brassneckedness given...
JUST when you think you’ve heard it all, Murdo Fraser pops up arguing for full proportional STV to replace the Additional Member System (AMS) used in Holyrood elections. Why?
Dominic Cummings made his much anticipated appearance in front of a joint select committee on Wednesday. He'd already trailed a significant proportion of his revelations on Twitter but seeing the man himself make them in Parliament did make this a major political event.We examine what he said,how he said it,the circling of the wagons around him by the Tory Party,and place it all within the...
DOMINIC Cummings did not disappoint.
AS Covid restrictions across the UK begin to ease, and Nicola Sturgeon suggests that “tough restrictions” in Scotland may become a thing of the past, we should all be feeling a little optimistic, shouldn’t we?
We focus the first part of the podcast on Nicola Sturgeon's,somewhat underwhelming ,reshuffle of her Cabinet after her outstanding victory in the Scottish election. A sensible,steady as she goes,or picking pals to subdue debate?Sticking with Holyrood we wonder just what Willie Rennie was up to when he stood for election as First Minister earlier this week. We also challenge the Tory "no...
THE Scottish Cabinet reshuffle has resulted in not much change.
OSCAR Wilde once said: "There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."
The aftermath of last week's Scottish elections has raised questions of when Nicola Sturgeon should go for indyref2 and has seen the Tories scrambling to deny the mandate pro independence parties have to call one. The Conservatives have been tying themselves in ever increasing arithmetical knots on this while folk like ProfessorJohn Curtice and Roz Foyer of the STUC say that there is an...
ONE week after the May 6 election, a few things are becoming clear.
A NEW announcement today could be extremely good news for Scotland and its environment. It will also likely be hailed as a big win for the UK Government.
In this week's late night episode we give our immediate reaction to the results of the Holyrood election trying to make sense not only of what it means to the political parties but also its impact on the path to indyref2 and Scottish independence.We also take a look at the Hartlepool by-election,and what it might tell us about Tory pro union strategy in Scotland.It also,inevitably, leads...
SUPPORTERS of independence go to the polls today with one question niggling away at the back of their heids. It’s not whether the SNP will win a working majority. It’s not whether Alba will win seats. And it’s not whether the combined forces of the Yes family will win a majority. That outcome – the most astonishing and game-changing aspect of this election – is already a glorious...
As more revelations come to light concerning Boris Johnson how long will it be until something sticks to the Teflon PM? We also look at the continuing Holyrood elections campaign, Arlene Foster's resignation, growing interest in Scottish independence in England, and a new group promoting Scotland's membership of the EU.
EUROPEAN and English neighbours are coming to Scotland’s rescue. Who’d have expected it?
Is the Holyrood election a phoney war where, despite all the promises and policies in the manifestoes,it's really only about support for,or opposition to,Scottish independence?
PLEASE God, let this be the last Holyrood election fought in the constitutional Limboland of devolution.
THE Scottish Tory manifesto was released on Monday and an analysis of its promises to cut taxes for Scotland's highest earners has shown that it will mean cuts to public services.
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