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The principal objective of the Lanarkshire Forum For Independence is to support the campaign for an Independent Scotland.
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Independence means trusting the talents and ingenuity of people who live here. Scotland has unrivaled energy, extraordinary natural heritage, a strong basis in the industries of the future, brilliant universities and colleges, a highly skilled and creative population.
The Forum was saddened to learn of the death of Tommy Brennan. Tommy as many of you will know was an active Trade Unionist and a formidable leader in the campaign to save the Steel Industry in Scotland.

In recent years in the build up to the Independence Referendum in 2014 Tommy was a strong advocate for Scottish Independence and supporter of our National Campaign.

The Forum conveys our...
Fantastic work to all involved here in this video - Definitely no lightweights at that party 😉😉
The UK establishments are making it clear that Scotland doesn't matter to them. The UK establishment therefore isn't fit to govern Scotland.
We would like to share this very fitting tribute from the Indy Girls to Fiona Gallacher who sadly passed away. Fiona was incredible and we were blessed and lucky enough to campaign alongside her in our pursuit for Scottish Independence. We all have fond memories of Fiona and the spirited and fantastic person she was. We pass our thoughts on to all her family and friends as she is laid to rest...
LFI had a great morning getting involved in the Believe in Scotland Day of Action. We distributed BiS materials and also copies of the National with the special pullout. Was great engaging with folk at our street stall in Motherwell town centre!
LFI had a great morning getting involved in the Believe in Scotland Day of Action. We distributed BiS materials and also copies of the National with the special pullout. Was great engaging with folk at our street stall in Motherwell town centre!
Lanarkshire Forum for Independence: Statement August 2021

The Lanarkshire Forum for Independence was formed 8 years ago to support and promote the case for Independence. We are one part of the network of grassroots organisations that engage with voters seeking their support for Independence. Of course as a consequence of the Covid-19 Pandemic our activities in this regard have been curtailed...
A message from YES Bellshill & Mossend:

Dear Lanarkshire Yesser,
This is Scotia, she is Caley’s sister. And like her sister Scotia is 22 meters long. As you may well imagine she needs a good few activists to help hold her down.
Scotia will be on display on 7th of August in two Lanarkshire locations We are having two 45 mins sessions. Please come help.

Session 1, Strathclyde Park - in the...
Support for Scotland’s right to hold a second vote on its independence is spreading outwith the country’s borders. Here are three examples showing that Boris Johnson’s anti-democratic stand against the majority of MSPs elected last month is losing support, even in England. 1: Three of the four
Nothing can be taken for granted and vital all of us who support Independence get out and give both votes to pro-Indy parties come May the 6th!
With the clock ticking to the election in just over 2 weeks time its imperative all independence supporters get out and vote pro-Indy on both the constituency and regional list!
Hi all, voting in the upcoming election is key and for anyone not registered, there is still time to register to vote in the 6 May 2021 elections.

Register by 11:59pm on 19 April (next Monday) to vote in the Scottish Parliament elections. Here's the link:

Get on the electoral register so you can vote in elections and referendums.
This is Mr Alistair McConnachie. Readers will be interested to know he’s a candidate in next month’s Scottish Election in the Glasgow Region, standing for Independent Green Voice.

Independent Green Voice is a registered political party and on 22nd March they registered a nice leafy logo. They’re standing a single candidate in five regions: Glasgow, Central Scotland, West of Scotland,...
WESTMINSTER has refused to deny that it demanded the deletion of an academic blog post which said there were “no obvious reasons” to doubt the…
Join us on Mon 5th Apr at 7.30pm for a National Conversation on Scotland's Place in the World. See our curated calendar to add the event to your own...
Great article in the link below.
With the Westminster gov. displaying time and again how corrupt, deceitful and hypocritical they are - is this really the best we can hope for?

"The dishonourable members?
It’s somewhat ironic that MPs in the Commons are obliged to address each other as “the honourable member”, when such rampant misconduct is on display. The government is...
What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander is a proverb that seems to have eluded Douglas Ross.
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