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The principal objective of the Lanarkshire Forum For Independence is to support the campaign for an Independent Scotland.
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Lanarkshire Forum for Independence: Campaign Strategy:

The Lanarkshire Forum for Independence is not aligned to any political party and was formed (before the Referendum in 2014) to campaign for one sole objective – Independence for Scotland.
We are part of the Yes Campaign, engaging with the voters, promoting the case for Independence. We recognise the imperative that all sections of the Yes...
Both Conservatives and Labour are denying Scottish democracy (whether through Brexit or the capacity to even hold a referendum) and that can be added to that the long list of how broken the UK is (the scandal of our energy prices really hitting home with this cold weather!).

It is clearer by the day how essential Scottish independence is, and good to see the polls moving in that direction.
Some rallies happening this Wednesday to coincide with the Supreme Court decision.

Nearest one to us is Glasgow at the Concert Hall steps at 5:30pm.

Join the rally at Holyrood. Whatever the Supreme Court decides the world's media will be looking to the reaction in Scotland.
Some of our team out this weekend campaigning highlighting the abundance of resources we have as a country. Only with Independence can we use these to create a better society for everybody!
The National - Scotland’s only pro independence newspaper - is offering a year long subscription at any price you can afford. Great to support their content 👍

THE National is launching a pay-what-you-can annual subscription deal to ensure Scots have access to the news that matters during the...
More and more people are seeing independence as the best option for Scotland.

And for the first time, fewer than half of people in Northern Ireland back staying in the UK.
The analysis here shows that the UK (& the US) are poor societies with some very rich people.

The poorest in the UK 10% have a *far* lower standard of living than the poor in the average developed country - and the policies of Truss are only going to make this situation worse.

Independent countries all around the UK are delivering a much healthier society for the masses. The poorest 20% of ...
The Forum commenced a programme of campaigning activities by participating in the nation- wide Day of Action organised by Believe in Scotland ( a hundred pro Independence groups throughout the country joined in) on Saturday past.

Our next step will be to deliver leaflets throughout the area promoting the case for Independence with the theme Independence is Normal (see images).

Anyone who would...
It was great to take part in Believe in Scotland national day of action on Saturday. Encouraging to see the good response to the positive vision for Scotland.

A campaign slogan has been to show that 'independence is normal', one passer by shouted 'independence is a must!'... we agree!
“Now is the time to get Scotland on the right path – the path chosen by those who live here. Now is the time for Independence. This Parliament has a clear, democratic mandate to offer that choice”

These are the words of the First Minister of Scotland in her statement to the Scottish Parliament on the 28th of June 2022.
Nicola Sturgeon went on to spell out in clear and specific terms how...
If you believe in Scotland, then pledge your support for our grassroots-led campaign for Scottish independence.
Independence means trusting the talents and ingenuity of people who live here. Scotland has unrivaled energy, extraordinary natural heritage, a strong basis in the industries of the future, brilliant universities and colleges, a highly skilled and creative population.
The Forum was saddened to learn of the death of Tommy Brennan. Tommy as many of you will know was an active Trade Unionist and a formidable leader in the campaign to save the Steel Industry in Scotland.

In recent years in the build up to the Independence Referendum in 2014 Tommy was a strong advocate for Scottish Independence and supporter of our National Campaign.

The Forum conveys our...
Fantastic work to all involved here in this video - Definitely no lightweights at that party 😉😉
The UK establishments are making it clear that Scotland doesn't matter to them. The UK establishment therefore isn't fit to govern Scotland.
We would like to share this very fitting tribute from the Indy Girls to Fiona Gallacher who sadly passed away. Fiona was incredible and we were blessed and lucky enough to campaign alongside her in our pursuit for Scottish Independence. We all have fond memories of Fiona and the spirited and fantastic person she was. We pass our thoughts on to all her family and friends as she is laid to rest...
LFI had a great morning getting involved in the Believe in Scotland Day of Action. We distributed BiS materials and also copies of the National with the special pullout. Was great engaging with folk at our street stall in Motherwell town centre!
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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