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Labour For Indy +LabourForIndy
This group is in response to those who believe in the ideals of the Labour party but want an Independent Scotland.
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Anas Sarwar changes the Scottish Labour logo. Wonder where he got that idea from?
Some of may have noticed that a page called Labour voters for independence has changed its name to all for unity. The page has clearly been hacked by the Galloway mob.
If any of you were on that page our apologies and if Putin has anything to do with this we’ll deal wi him later. 😀
Election shocker as Anas backs independence!
In 2010, before joining with the Tories in the Unionist Coalition Better Together, we recorded 42% of the vote in the UK election and 41 out of 59 seats in Scotland.
One year after IndyRef1, that vote had slumped to 24.3% and ONE SEAT.
In 2019 the vote had fallen to a miserable 18.6%.
Anas - how many more Labour Yes supporters must we lose before you and the rest of the leadership wake up to the...
Labour supporters - would you add your voice to the campaign for Independence?

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Thought this was too funny not tae share. JIM Murphy has seemingly removed all mention of his brief stint as leader of Scottish Labour from his CV.
This sounds like a reasonable plan.
On the button fae Irvine Welsh.
Canny help but agree wi this. Especially with Branson.
Priceless. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 American teens and K-pop fans sabotaged Trump's Tulsa rally by reserving tickets by the hundreds wit
Aha! Hypocrisy from the Conservatives.
No change there then.
Boris Johnston is hopin this row will go away so we just checked in at a well known Durham location to disabuse him of that notion. P!ease check in to join us there.
I'm sure Dominic won't mind. 😁
Even the daily mail!
As if agreeing wi Piers Morgan AND Alastair Campbell wiznae bad enough here we go sharin the daily mail front page.
As the true numbers of covid deaths in care homes for the elderly is finally getting published (for England) we thought this might be of some relevance.
Approx 26,000 residents/691 care homes are in the private sector. Nhs/council are 3,500/ 160 with the voluntary/charity sector at 3000/ 291.
These figures are from the official Scottish census that you can read for yourselves.
There are no...
So, Richard 'Sue the NHS' Branson wants a taxpayer-funded bailout... should he get one?
Just a wee reminder about a paper ye shouldnae be buyin.
We're looking for people who may want to get involved, you can be a labour party member or supporter who like us believe in a real Labour Party within an independent Scotland. Members of other parties although we enjoy and appreciate your support unfortunately we need those affiliated with Labour via either membership or support to help convince others. If you are interested in helping out in any...
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