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The Inveryess2 group (formed from activist and friends who worked together in the stalls and YesShop at the time of the Scottish referendum.
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Former British Ambassador Craig Murray Talks About Scottish independence.
If Westminster thinks we are such a drain on them and they need to “support” us, why don’t they just let us go? We all know the answer. ~Derek
The following open letter is primarily aimed at the Scottish National Party, (SNP), currently holding the majority of seats in Scotland’s parliament. It tries to show another referendum on Sc…
Yup! 👇👇👇👇
A team of independently minded non partisan think tank of progressive thinkers who have come together to bring experts, academics, business men and women to help progress debate on Scotland's constitutional future. We publish well researched policy papers verified by experts and linked to sources of...
Lorna Slater told the Record that Scottish independence was "inevitable" as it was the "future that young people want".
The Union has never been a voluntary, consensual Union of Nations.
🟥 Only with independence can we protect children's rights.

If you believe in Scotland, take the pledge today:
Constitution for Scotland

Grassroots Opinion – It’s our Constitution

SELF-GOVERNANCE IS NORMAL: it’s about being in charge of how we live, so we can better face the challenges and maximise the opportunities for future generations. It provides the opportunity to make the changes needed to enable improvements in our economy, pensions, public, social and care services, national...
Ah yes, I remember what it was like before the Brexit happened too.
Let’s hope those preparations for imports and exports are in place once the Indy switch has been flicked!!
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