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The Inveryess2 group (formed from activist and friends who worked together in the stalls and YesShop at the time of the Scottish referendum.
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When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Great article from a local

A guest post from Neil Tye. Biographical details at article end. Political Betrayal or Patriotic Cause? The consequences of choosing a ‘Scottish Currency’ is the most important political and …
Your SNP candidate for the Buckie by-election on 3rd November is John Stuart.
🗳️On 3rd November, vote John Stuart #1
Scotland and the world is a sadder place today 😔

Ian Robertson Hamilton, KC was a Scottish lawyer and nationalist, best known for his part in the return of the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey to Arbroath Abbey in 1950.

Born: September 13, 1925, Paisley, Scotland
Died: October 04, 2022
Education: University of Glasgow
Occupation: Advocate

Nicola Sturgeon has led tributes to Stone of...
**The Prime Minister and Leader of the Trusstable Westminster and Unionist Tory’s has stated there *should* not be another Scottish Referendum.

That does not say that there won’t be!

Read on 👇
THERE should not be a second independence referendum even if the Supreme Court deems it legal, Liz Truss has said.

The Prime Minister was asked about her stance on the indyref2 case, with just...
The man who rid the Hebrides of thousands of men, women and children

He has been described as one of the most hated men in Scottish history, a brutal landowner who forcibly evicted up to 3,000 tenants to Canada, some handcuffed and thrown on boats at Lochboisdale “like cattle.” Colonel John Gordon of Cluny, of Cluny Castle, Aberdeenshire, embarked on removing people from their Hebridean...
That's the October issue of the paper now available to purchase at
Waste of £1.5 million. Example of an “active travel scheme” which doesn’t provide good facilities for walkers and cyclists, has no evidence of achieving modal shift, and which is currently adversely affecting active travel in adjacent streets. Plus making vehicles burn more fuel/create more emissions by making them drive further, with no evidence of any reduction in number of vehicles in...
Join the Local Recovery campaign.
NOT good enough!

Unionists do what Unionist’s do - nothing to better the area they are supposed to support and make better!

When will folk ever learn?

👎At the Moray Council meeting last week, despite their pre-election promises, Labour voted against a proposal that could have seen flood alleviation work in Garmouth start as early as 2024.

❌ The local councillor, Ben Williams, did not...
The Time Is Now!!

And not only Scotland thinks so!

Today in Edinburgh, Cardiff & Dublin. Thousands March in support of Independence and a conference on Irish reunification with actor James Nesbitt as one of the keynote speakers.

Always nice to welcome new faces at the hub, many hands make light work!!!
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