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The Inveryess2 group (formed from activist and friends who worked together in the stalls and YesShop at the time of the Scottish referendum.
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“Our post-indy democracy should allow all to play a part”
National Series_8

Let’s heed the warning signs. The Westminster Parliament provided devolution under pressure from the Council of Europe, but that external pressure no longer exists following Brexit (see Scotland UN-Committee – With their current majority, the UK government can change UK law to...
Better together? - The 'Union Dividend' at work

Unionists always tell us that we are better together, not least because, they claim, Scotland could not manage without generous subsidies from England. This myth is widely believed, including by some Scots. This paper highlights just one example of:

• How we are disadvantaged by being under London control.

FORMER diplomat Craig Murray has been given permission to appeal against his conviction for breaching a court order protecting the identities of…
ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP has today (Wednesday) secured a meeting with the Scotland Office Minister Iain Stewart MP during the Westminster Hall Debate this morning on direct ferry links between Scotland and mainland Europe led by Kenny MacAskill MP. The Minister said that he was happy....
Now’s the Time to Write the Rule Book for Indy Scotland

National Series_6 – Articles 9 & 10.
Its been quite a couple of weeks; starter guns have been fired, with the results for the next stage due in May, then its into the home stretch to empower Scotland with control over our own resources, natural wealth and a seat at the United Nations.

Let’s forget the silly propaganda about being...
“One of my favourite interviews given back from GE 2015. Very Gordon Strachan esque.”
Speak to your English friends and family. Let them know there is rising support among English born scots for an independent Scotland. One of the fastest growing groups!

Brilliant 👏

Let's do this 💪
I tasked myself a couple of weeks ago that i would compare Scotland and England with all remaining 27 EU member states across 11 major areas of their economies on a per population basis. It makes s…
How an Indy Scotland can have a real Democracy

National Series_ 5 23.04.21
The ongoing media fixation with the Royal Family has highlighted deeply flawed issues in our outdated dysfunctional system of governance. We live in a State where we the people are not even citizens in our own land. Rather, we are mere subjects, and therefore passive on-lookers and spectators in a country which is not...
A very happy 2022 to you all. I truly hope all your hopes and wishes come true for you in this brand-new year. Early January is when we all make our New Year Resolutions and talk of our hopes. My greatest hope for 2022 is for the YES Movement to reunite and the campaign for Read more about It Is Tim...
Great photos of the Yes movement.

ALBA Party Leader, Alex Salmond brings us this week's update on Hogmanay 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Join the ALBA Party:
Utterly disgusting lies, believed by so many. In my opinion, these men will have known they were telling lies to the nation, and of the consequences that would be inflicted upon us. It's beyond shameful and they should pay by losing their careers, they have certainly lost any credibility they may have previously had.
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Unless something extraordinary happens between now and January this will be my last article of the year. It is a sort of review of the year. Others have done that in greater detail. This is more of an overview of events. I was thinking back to this time last year December 2020. On January, 31st, Rea...
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