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The aim of this Group is Independence for Scotland
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The Carbon Capture Project Sabotage by Tories - " A step Too Far... We Cannot Allow this to go Unchallenged..
Well said Gordon.
Tories laughing at Ian Blackford's sore throat.
Total distain as usual
Better Together back in action
‼️The Government is to invest £1.7Bn per year in a revised shipbuilding strategy with the navy leading future developments. The strategy also states that the current skilled workforce is 40+ and a new training programme must be established.
Hopefully a brighter future for our shipbuilding industry that will also help a commercial focused building of technical advanced ships.
This was The First Minister speaking in Iceland last week.
Not a single mention on the BBC or the MSM
I wonder if there will be a database blip that not only wipes the active data but it wipes the backups as well... 🤔
Not the Brexit she voted for 🤔
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