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The government must drop its dismissive approach to scrutiny as parliament returns to in-person sittings, says a new report by the Institute for Government.
The government's failure – indeed refusal – to make contingency plans for schools and exams in the summer of 2020 is the most “unforgiveable aspect” of its handling of education during the coronavirus pandemic, says a new report by the Institute for Government.  
A new Institute for Government paper warns that the UK government’s post-Brexit UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) – replacing EU ‘structural funds’, to be launched in April 2022 – risks damaging trust between the UK and devolved administrations and undermining the UK government’s key objective of binding the four nations of the UK closer together.
Matt Hancock’s resignation – and Gina Coladangelo’s role as a departmental non-executive director (NED) – has exposed the growing need to clarify rules and improve transparency around the appointment and conduct of NEDs, says a new Institute or Government paper. NEDs are expected to provide “robust scrutiny and challenge on departmental progress”. They chair departments’ audit...
A new Institute for Government report says the government is badly off course to deliver on its promise of a “green recovery” and calls on Rishi Sunak to better align his Covid economic recovery plans with the government’s net zero target.
The Ministerial Code is not working, is being undermined by the prime minister and requires urgent reform, says a new paper by the Institute for Government. Published today, Updating the Ministerial Code argues that Boris Johnson should fundamentally overhaul the rules which govern the standards of behaviour to which ministers are expected to adhere.
A new approach to the UK internal market is needed to avoid a collision course between the UK government and the devolved nations which could erode support for the union, says a new Institute for Government report.
Government targets in public services may do more harm than good, warns a new paper from the Institute for Government.
The government’s proposed rail reforms lack sufficient detail to guarantee success, warns a new short paper from the Institute for Government.
The government put regaining regulatory freedom at the centre of its Brexit strategy, but a new Institute for Government reports warns that an incoherent government approach to the UK’s post-Brexit regulatory freedoms risks creating new costs for businesses, harming its international trade ambitions and destabilising the union.
The government is yet to deliver around half of its 2019 manifesto promises – and many of those it has made progress on are the ‘easy wins’, according to new analysis by the Institute for Government.
With just one week to go before Scottish and Welsh elections, a new Institute for Government report, published today, has revealed big differences in the performance of public services across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the last two decades.
With just nine days until critical elections in Scotland and Wales, and with support for independence growing in both nations, a new Institute for Government calculations show that breaking away from the UK would leave Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland facing sizeable fiscal deficits.
The government should be open about the widespread disruption caused by the UK’s exit from the Brexit transition period and do more to help businesses prepare for changes still to come, says a new Institute for Government paper. Published today, The End of the Brexit Transition: Was the UK prepared? examines how businesses have coped, the adequacy of the government’s preparations, and the...
As the UK hits the anniversary of the first national lockdown, a new Institute for Government paper sets out 10 lessons that government should learn from its handling of the Covid crisis.
A new Institute for Government report shows that since March 2020 an extra £19 billion has been sent from the UK Treasury to the three devolved nations to tackle Covid.
Whitehall Monitor 2021, published today by the Institute for Government, reveals the way the pandemic has changed how the government takes decisions, spends money and makes policy.
Ministers must improve the way they use and communicate science advice or risk repeating mistakes made during the coronavirus crisis.
A new Institute for Government report says the government has no clear strategy for adapting to how new technology will radically transform the way it works and the workforce it will need. Published today, Technology and the future of the government workforce warns that few government organisations are prepared for the changes that increased automation of roles – through technologies such as...
The government needs to change how it shapes energy policy ahead of major decisions on the gas grid’s fate, the decarbonisation of homes, and the future of nuclear power – or risk hindering efforts to reach its 2050 net zero target.
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