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Drew is correct, this is a callous act. It is utterly ludicrous to believe Scotland is better in the UK with inevitable tory rule. Are we still #bettertogether I wonder?
Mental and bit hypocritical.

Why do RT UK posts have state controlled media underneath but the mouthpiece of the British the BBC doesn't?
Might pinch a nerve here but I'm quite glad it looks like Edinburgh March will be cancelled. Looking into it the organisers have planned the route terribly. Soon folks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Thank you The Silent Clansman. For all you have done for the indy movement.

It's a shame that the division caused by those who oppose Alba and those in that camp opposing SNP have caused him to step down.

I for one support SNP, Alba and most importantly Green. For goodness sake let's start working together, I'm putting together some exciting ideas for activism in the Highlands that is unique...
🗳 Democracy didn't stop in 2014, people in Scotland have voted to have another say over Scotland's future.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland will have the chance to choose a better, fairer, green future in an independent Scotland.

👏 Help us make it a reality.
Typical of the British establishment to use a climate summit to enforce their rule and judgement upon the people of Scotland.

Mark my words, we will absolutely be there and make our voice heard. While the planet is more important than independence, an independent Scotland can enact on climate change to the standard required ONLY as an independent nation

  Scotland’s role in the upcoming...
This is fantastic news.

While personally I'm nae keen on Harvie I think Lorna Slater will be a massive asset. The fusion of the two parties will only do positive things for independence, Scotland and most importantly our wee planet 🌏

A HISTORIC power-sharing deal which will see the Scottish Greens join the SNP in government will go ahead after being approved by party members…
Sorry iv been celebrating the best music ever created down in England

So the greens and SNP are proposing indy ref next year or the year after? Are they finally listening to their electorate or is it a ploy to get more votes as some people think?

Personally I do still believe they are waiting for right time however I am somewhat frustrated that it hasn't happened yet considering general...
The atrocities in Afghanistan are a direct result of abusive british/US foreign intervention and the taliban spread is directly their fault
Lovely memorial tattoo I got for my dad Kevin Drum, for those that don't know he was an independence activist who worked tirelessly almost constantly while working full time.

He was then elected as SNP Councillor for Melrose after being a hard working community council member. He always told me he would hate to die before Scotland was independent but life is cruel and Unpredictable. Remember some...
My thoughts today lie with Craig Murray. Imprisoned for journalism, his sentence a severe stain on scottish justice.
Let's move forward, together towards independence.

Let's make history and create the best possible future for Scotland

Let's use our influence in the world to save the planet with which we share with countless other species.


When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been...
This is actually mental...

Would you go to Barcelona and complain folk speak Spanish? The idiocracy of tories is beyond imagination

SCOTLAND'S traditional languages, Gaelic and Scots, are a part of the cultural heritage of everyone in Scotland, no matter what their views on the…
Just quick wee note to make my perspective clear on a common issue: being trans is not a choice it is not myth and non-binary is valid ❤️❤️❤️
Okay now that shite game that folk go mental over has finished can we get back to being passionate about things that matter? Like climate change and indy? 🌍❤️😁
I hate football but I understand most people just go to enjoy themselves and good on them but the small minority that act like this make me sick, I have no idea why you would want to act so barbarically with no care for the environment around you over what is essentially a wee game that doesn't effect our lives whatsoever but when Bill is put through Westminster that does effect our lives people...
Thought: if people put as much effort into politics and this climate emergency as they do a bloody game about a ball the world would be a much safer place 🌍
A day well spent reminding UK Gov that we aren't "One Britain, One Nation"we are in fact 4 very different nations, all of which better of alone
Hey folks we will be taking the big saltire to couple spots in Inverness tomorrow as it is the "One Britain, One Nation" pish. If you are available to help can you contact me or meet us at the hub tomorrow around half 12/1??
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