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Indycar Gordon Ross and his in car video blogs supporting independence.
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The reason Unionists are afraid of the Scottish independence
is because there is a serious chance they might lose!
Prof John Curtice.
The Smith Commission & The ‘Vow’.

The wording in the Vow was ambivalent at best.
However, even with the greatest stretch of the imagination,
it is not credible to claim that what is now being recommended
in the Smith Commission amounts to ‘extensive new powers’.
(70% taxation and 85% welfare spending is...
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 30.11.22


Saint Andrew revolving in his grave,
as Scotland celebrates him as political prisoners of a dictatorship from London.
Saint Andrews Day marked by the BBC, with s complete absence of any mention.
Just like...
Ian Blackford says that Keir Starmer is trying to out Tory the Tories.
#Indy truck Davy - News review from the Colony of Scotland - 30.11.22
The Contempt of Parliament Witch-hunt against John Nicolson SNP MP.

TODAY was quite an extraordinary day in Westminster, and believe me,
I have seen a number of extraordinary days in my 21 years in the place.

My colleague John Nicolson was subject to a parliamentary vote as to whether
or not the Privileges...
Interesting debate on Politic Live earlier where they're discussing
how can one of the Home Nations can leave the UK!

Jo Coburn is joined on the panel with Tory MP Ben Bradlay, Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville Roberts,
Alya Denby of the right wing British Nationalist think tank CapX & The Guardian’s Labourite Sonia...
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 29.11.22


SNP says the European Union has said they'll enthusiastically welcome Scotland back,
if the election plebiscite result is positive for independence, and (crucially)
that result is respected by both Scottish and English governments....
#Indy truck Davy - News review from the Colony of Scotland - 29.11.22
This was the Unionist gang up on the Scottish Affairs Cpmmittee earlier today,
Alister Jack, DRoss, Lord Awful, Duguid, Lamont & other Tory minions came out with the usual lines,
Scotland is Shyte, the SNP's Shyte, you're too wee, too poor & too stupid etc etc etc
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 27.11.22


Professor John Curtice gives plebiscite election plan the all clear.
2.2 million votes will be needed to reverse the 2014 referendum result in this plebiscite.
55% word be a crystal clear vote. ...
SNP Deputy leader Keith Brown is on the Sunday show - Westminster will not deny Scotland's democracy.
#Indy truck Davy - News review from the Colony of Scotland - 25.11.22
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 24.11.22


How does it feel for unionist scots, to know that the union is a prison,
from which we cannot ever escape? How's that lie about equal partners
and voluntary union holding up now, eh?
Devolved power has now...
#Indy truck Davy - News review from the Colony of Scotland - 24.11.22
Scotland will find another way to independence.
Alex Salmond in Inverurie at the Supreme Court ruling Protest - 23.11.22
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has taken the stage at an independence rally outside Holyrood 
to address the crowd following the Supreme Court’s verdict on the indyref2 case.
The First Minister started her speech by welcoming “her fellow supporters of Scottish democracy”
and thanking those who had attended...
Scottish Independence Roving Reporter Davy McGuinness & his side kick David Milligan
are at the Protest gathering outside the Holrood Parliament,
asking the attendee's what they thought about the Supreme Court's Ruling earlier today.

Oh & Manky Jaiket was also in attendence with about 19 other Unionists,
who we're...
Decision of the Supreme Court on whether the Scottish Gov has the powers to hold a referendum.
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