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Indycar Gordon Ross and his in car video blogs supporting independence.
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#Indytruckdavy - News Review - 26.10.21.
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 25.10.21.
Nicola Sturgeon was talking today about the COP26.
#Indytruckdavy - Review of the weekends news - 25.10.21.
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 24.10.21.

In all the hype surrounding #COP26, it's easy to think that it was Scotland which volunteered to host the event. In the process, agreeing to bring gridlock to its biggest city, and to suffer the huge invasion of security services, barricades and expensive accommodation for 196 heads...
#Indytruckdavy - News Review - 22.10.21.
Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links makes her debut speech - 22.10.21.

Opening by saying that she had been advised to “be funny” and not to say “anything that could be considered controversial” on her first appearance, Davidson went on to argue for people to be given the “right to die”.

The former...
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 21.10.21.

Tories denying funding to Scottish carbon capture mega plan, because they know Scotland is going to end the union, and Whitehall sees no benefit to a project which will essentially give independent Scotland lower emissions than England.

BBC news describes Scotland's great potential...
#Indy truck davy - News Review - 21.10.21.
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 20.10.21.

UK energy minister halts the start of Scotland's Carbon Capture Acorn project, designed to capture a dispose of carbon dioxide from Grangemouth refinery and a power station in Peterhead.

There's no technical or other reason for the UK refusing to fund this huge project. But other...
#Indytruckdavy - News Review - 20.10.21.
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 19.10.21.

Priti Patel makes it a crime for lifeboat crews to rescue drowning migrants. Prison terms are the punishment for those trying to save lives in the UK now.

Tories announce just 90,000 grants available for home owners to fit heat pumps. Just £5,000 is offered for a £10,000...
#Indytruckdavy - News Review - 19.10.21.
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 18.10.21.

Dominic Raab ( or was it Matt Hancock?) says he's creating as hoc legislation to "correct" and ECHR decisions which the British state deems "incorrect".

This would basically be equivalent to tearing up the European Human Rights Act, and avoiding responsibility for British human...
#Indytruckdavy - Review of the weekends news 18.10.21.
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 17.10.21.

Scotland can only reach its target of zero carbon by 2030, if it leaves the union. The UK is unable to decarbonise as fast as Scotland can, since it relies on surplus renewable electricity to meet 20% of current demand, and seems unwilling to buy that energy from independent...
#Indytruckdavy - News Review - 15.10.21.
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 15.10.21.

The UK and Saudi Arabia hatch a plan to transmit renewable solar and wind energy, from the Saudi desert, across thousands of miles of cables, to England. Sound good? But why not simply buy the already ample renewable electricity generated here in Scotland?

BBC radio already tries...
Indy Car Gordon Ross - 14.10.21.

Northern Ireland is doing too well under the European Union brexit protocol, and so the protocol must be wrecked by the UK it seems, to level Belfast DOWN, to equal the poorest regions of England.

Javid tries to turn English patients against overloaded GPs , so he can justify...
#Indytruckdavy - News Review - 14.10.21.
#Indytruckdavy - News Review - 13.10.21.
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