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Indycar Gordon Ross and his in car video blogs supporting independence.
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IndyCar Gordon Ross - 18.6.21 Part 1.

The democratic unionist party has just about imploded after its leader resigned dramatically last night.

The idea that Irish language should be taught as a subject in the north, and the realisation that the DUP had been conned into propping up the Tory brexit administration,...
#Indytruckdavy New review -17.6.21.
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 16.6.21

Britain is falling far behind the rest of Europe, in its conversion of motor manufacturing to electric cars. A new report shows that despite a target of 2030 to phase out combustion engine car making, UK motor firms are the worst prepared of all.

Britain is also warned that it has...
#Indytruckdavy New review -16.6.21.
Ian Blackford SNP MP - asks Boris what he did at the G7 summit - 16.6.21.
Owen Thompson SNP MP - Boris says the UK hasn't lost any trade with the EU 16.6.21.
Kenny MacAskill Alba MP - Boris has a dig at ALBA at PMQ's - 16.6.21.
Boris says Scotland needs better MPs at PMQ's to Marion Fellows SNP MP - 16.6.21.
Ian Blackford says Boris is talking Tripe at PMQ's - 16.6.21.
Joanna Cherry QC SNP MP - Asking about the UK's trust worthiness - 16.5.21.
#Indytruckdavy New review -15.6.21.
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 15.6.21.

Ten more weeks of so-called "lockdown". But we're not in a full lockdown and the UK papers know this. So why the screaming headlines?

Travel bans, from Delta variant affected nations, could have vastly reduce the chances of another lockdown, as a new study suggests Delta covid is...
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 14.6.21 pt2

"Should Scotland be an independent country?"
That was what was asked in 2014.

Can there be one unifying goal which brings together the diverse interests of the people?

According to two bloggers the answer is "no".

They claim we must learn the lessons of the first referendum,...
Emmanuel Macron says - You cannot blame the EU for your own incoherence - 14.6.21.

EMMANUEL Macron issued a calm speech slating Boris Johnson's twisting of the truth on the Northern Ireland Protocol as the French president left the G7 summit yesterday.

Macron and other senior EU figures had been accused of...
Lindsay Hoyle launches scathing attack on Tories over Covid briefings - 14.6.21.
Boris the Buffoon in Cornwall - 14.6.21.
#Indytruckdavy - Review of the weekends news.

Davys back.
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 14.6.21.

G7 ends without a single thing achieved. The funds to simply deal with floods, storms, and the damage caused by our pollution to island nations and developing countries aren't even agreed.

What hope for gaining support of small countries, when big super rich nations won't put their...
Has been Gordon Brown on Sky news 13.6.21.
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 13.6.21

The Crannog destroyed by fire. Another piece of Scottish history gets destroyed.

Just as Tories talk of replacing our real history with an edited British version in schools.

BBC Scotland news programmes to be hijacked by London based team, just as we need independent Scottish...
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