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Indycar Gordon Ross and his in car video blogs supporting independence.
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#Indy truck Davy - News Review - 17.5.22
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 17.5.2
Murdo Fraser given BBC priority for a football match,
whilst the first minister got five minutes for a major visit to Washington DC
to talk about global warming carbon reduction and independence....
How dare Nicola Sturgeon go away yada yada yada.
Nicola Sturgeon meets Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC - 16.05.2022.
A conversation with Nicola Sturgeon - 16.05.2022
Scotland and the future of European Energy Security.
On Monday, May 16, as part of the Alan and Jane Batkin International Leaders Forum,
Has Boris Johnson & Co Underestimated Politics in Northern Ireland.
#Indy truck Davy - Review of the weekends news - 16.5.22
Tory Lord - Malcom Offord says those sacked Civil Servants can find work in the fishing industry or on farms.

UNELECTED UK Government minister Malcolm Offord has insisted the Tories have not conned the public over Brexit.

In a BBC interview on Sunday, Scotland Office minister was grilled over the Northern Ireland...
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 13.5.22
Oil rigs everywhere in Scottish north sea,
yet foodbanks everywhere on the land.
This is the cost of the union and monarchy.
Poverty in the wealthiest small nation on earth.
#Indy truck Davy - News Review - 13.5.22.
846 views May 11, 2022 IndyCar Gordon Ross - 12.5.22
Late Call, with the Reverend I.M. Inde.
Sunak threatens oil firms with windfall tax (aye right)...
#Indy truck Davy - News Review - 12.5.22
Despite being on the show with failed Tory candidate/ Tory lord Offord
& Labour wannabe Anas Sarwar, John Nicolson wiped the floor with them both,
even the Unionist plants in the audience got their arses kicked.
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 11.5.22.
Scottish space launcher tested in Moray.
Forres based Orbex has revealed prototype of its Prime rocket,
before undergoing various static tests.
#Indy truck Davy - News Review - 11.5.22
Ian Blackford speaking at the Debate on the Queen's Speech - 10.5.22
#Indy truck Davy - News Review - 10.5.22
#Indy truck Davy - Election Special pt2 - 9.5.22
Kenny McCaskill better pucker up.
IndyCar Gordon Ross - 8.5.22.
The local council elections have now consigned the Tories to third place,
below a weak labour opposition. The SNP and Green party did better,
and we now have a more pron independence population of councillors
in many Scottish wards....
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