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The objective of the ISP is building a pro-independence majority in Holyrood
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What is the point of university? The University of Sussex is facing calls to sack Kathleen Stock from their Philosophy Department. Her crime is having gender-critical views which in the world of student politics translates as ‘transphobia’.  The protests have taken a more menacing tone with masked protesters apparently allowed to deface University of Sussex… Read More »This...
The first rule of politics is to turn up. More than anything people want your presence. They want you to be amongst them, to see what they see and feel what they feel. It’s one thing speaking on people’s behalf in a debating chamber, but the real rockface of politics is the politician’s constituency. House… Read More »Sir David Amess
Pandora Papers Following on from earlier revelations about the use of tax havens around the world, the so-called Pandora Papers recently revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) showed more than 330 politicians from 90 countries taking advantage of tax regimes to reduce their liability to domestic taxes, including stamp duty, for example… Read More...
I read Keir Starmer’s essay, ‘Labour will build a better Britain for working people, in The Guardian and before the end of the second paragraph, was wondering who his speech-writer was addressing. I could hear Starmer’s voice as though he was giving a speech and that perhaps made it difficult to find the detail of… Read More »What Part of the Word ‘No’ Does Keir...
Women aren’t women anymore The Lancet’s editor-in-chief Richard Horton apologised, sort of, for giving the impression that they ‘dehumanised and marginalised’ women in their latest cover story by referring to ‘bodies with vaginas’, although he did not apologise for actually saying it.  Then he lumped women together with anyone who has ever menstruated, reinforcing...
Gas Price Rise/Winter of Discontent With the news that another two gas supply companies have gone bust, leaving thousands of people with probably higher bills from new suppliers, the post-Covid failings of the ‘just in time’ supply model are laid bare. Pre-pandemic just-in-time was a way to keep costs low, avoid keeping supplies too long,… Read More »This Week In Scotland...
The Queen’s Privilege Not content with being exempted from laws which don’t suit the monarch’s aspirations, we learned this week that she is also in receipt of over £34,000 in taxpayer subsidies for her Balmoral estate via forestry grants, less favoured area support scheme (did this legislation envisage subsidising the property of one of the… Read More »Elementor #7212
In my previous article, I looked at Queen Elizabeth’s standing in Scotland and the anomaly of how she is styled in Scotland. It should be Duchess of Balmoral, but she claims the title of Elizabeth II here through English royal prerogative, not by the consent of the Scottish people, who are sovereign in Scotland. But… Read More »The Empty Throne – Part 2
  Many forget that in the months before the 2014 referendum, the long summary of MacCormick vs the Lord Advocate (1953) was quietly reclassified as not to be seen by the general public for another 70 years. John MacCormick and Ian Hamilton lost their case as the ruling stated that the regnant number of a… Read More »The Empty Throne – Part 1
  One of the wonderful things about migrants and refugees coming to live among us is the things we learn from them. It can sometimes be a shock to learn just how differently a familiar world is viewed overseas. When relocating for work from Windsor to Worthing, I encountered a Turkish man who’d married a… Read More »The Empty Throne – Part 3
Trident While the SNP has belatedly named a vague, possible date for indyref 2, the SNP conference next week will debate a timeline for Trident removal on independence. Great. But isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? We can’t remove Trident without independence. We can’t get independence without a referendum. We can’t get a… Read More »Our Take On The Week – Week...
It’s GRA All the Way The SNP/Green coalition and its priorities became clearer this week.  GRA reform was top of the agenda with the government identifying it as a priority in its legislation programme. This was followed by the Marion Millar case on Tuesday, which ‘coincided’ with an announcement that the sex question on the… Read More »Our Take On The Week – Week 35
SNP/Green coalition Greens at Holyrood. Despite disagreement on a number of policy areas, thereseems to be broad agreement particularly on climate and gender reform. Bothparties are pushing for the UK Government to withdraw the licences to exploitthe new Cambo oilfield off Shetland, although this is unlikely to happen. energy, setting up a Scottish Energy Company… Read More »Our...
The SNP and the Greens entered a coalition this week. This is probably the least surprising thing to happen in Scottish politics for a while, and the policy direction that they have taken is completely unsurprising as well. However, it consolidates and confirms some of the things we have been saying. We thought it would… Read More »The More Things Change – the SNP/Green...
Over the coming months, ISP are planning to hold informal presentations from people with knowledge and ideas on how we can all help. Our first guest will be Dr. Craig Dalzell: Head of Policy & Research at CommonWeal. Craig will be discussing the recently published Common Home Plan.

Please register your interest on the website
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Craig Dalzell
Follow John on the campaign trail. Standing for local council elections is not as easy as many think. John sets out his campaign. #EastCalder #EastLivingston #VoteISP #VoteJohnHannah John joins Iain Forsyth, another ISP candidate from Inverness, on a podcast with the guys from TweetStreet Occupied Scotland. Iain and John talk about their own journey to… Read More »John’s...
Iain’s Campaign Takes the First Step. Every journey begins with a first step, including becoming a political candidate. Watch Iain take the first step on his campaign to become a councilor for #InvernessWest as he submits his application for election. You can follow Iain’s campaign all the way up to the vote on Thursday 12th… Read More »Iain’s Journey
This video explains why it's important to put a number in ALL the boxes listed against the candidates in local elections. In short, it's a way to ensure that you boost the candidates in your electoral ward most aligned with your views while also giving you the chance to mark down the Unionists selling us out.
The following letter was published in The National. REFERRING to the letter on Sunday from Peter Barr, it is incorrect to say that the Independence for Scotland Party have thrown in our lot with the Alba Party. I am not aware of how the AFI intend to progress, but the ISP is definitely going forward… Read More »ISP is Here to Stay
I WAS not surprised at Alyn Smith’s support for both votes SNP . After all, the SNP may now need list votes as the supremacy they had on the projections for constituency seats is falling, largely due to their inaction on independence and their attacks on women’s rights under GRA and the Hate Crime Bill.… Read More »Working with the Electoral System We Have
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