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The Indy Mic Podcast +IndyMicPodcast
A podcast advocating for an independent Scotland. Bringing quality discussions about Scottish politics with laughs along the way. A project with Aberdeen Independence Movement. Hosted by Theo Forbes and Josh Mennie
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This week we're joined by the one and only Suzanne McLaughlin. Suzanne is known among the independence movement as an outspoken politician and advocate for women's rights and trade unionism. We'll be discussing these interests with Suzanne and getting to know a little more about her background into politics.
Hello and welcome to our first ever episode of the Indy Mic Podcast. Today Theo has a general politics chat with Michael Gray from The Skotia to kick things off.  We discuss politics in Scotland from the last week: Boging Boris pushing through a no deal Brexit, Question time, the need for alternative media in Scotland and of course, how we can all convince our grannies to support independence. 
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