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Two months after Scottish Holyrood Parliament elections - what progress has been made towards independence? What's being said? What's being done? What is the role of the Yes Movement? Lesley Riddoch talks to Yes West Fife.
Since Brexit the Scottish fishing industry has taken a huge hit in its EU market. Live exports are hardly possibly any longer, fresh fish arrive spoilt after too long on the road. And the paperwork doesn't help either. How can fishermen adapt to this? are there new markets to explore? Karen Adam and Elaine Whyte discuss these topics along with members of the Aberdeen Independence Movement.
Anthony Salamone published his paper Global Blueprint for an Independent Scotland earlier this year. Here he talks to Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) about Scotland's possible place in the world, in UN, in EU & what our priorities might be.
Dr Paul Gillespie, Univ College Dublin, a political analyst and former foreign affairs editor for Irish Times talks with member of Grassroots Oban about the links between Scotland and Ireland: historical, economic, cultural. And reflects on the possible constitutional futures for both nations. team are grateful to GrassRoots Oban for sharing their fascinating event with Dr Paul Gillespie from University College Dublin considering the similarities and differences between Scotland and Ireland as we stand on the brink of independence. 
Inflation is useful as a way to stimulate an economy. But too much inflation and real-world harm can be done. So should we all still fear inflation? Or has the modern economy changed so much that it is no longer an issue? In episode FOUR of SCOTONOMICS we speak to John Harvey "the Cowboy Economist" John T. Harvey is an English-American professor of economics at...
We are grateful to the Clean Currency Group for allowing us to feature one of their meetings in our Yes Group Spotlight programme today.  As we know, currency is one of the hot issues for debate as we approach the next indyref and in this meeting the Clean currency group are taking stock of progress to date and next actions required.If you have any comments or suggestions for this group, please...
Hi, Fiona here again with the second of our series of music blogs. Our first blogpost covered our New Scottish Music Show which is filled with brand new releases – but what happens to all those great tracks when they have been around for a few months? What about all the fantastic Scottish indie music […]The post All about the Music 2: Wha’s Like Us? appeared first on IndyLive...
There are four Big Noise Orchestras for Kids in Scotland, all running under the auspices of Sistema Scotland. Sistema began in Venezuela setting up community-based projects to let kids learn an instrument and play together in an orchestra. It has since expanded to many countries. It’s motto “Music for Social Change.” Big Noise Govanhill In […]The post Big Noise –...
This week Dr Craig Dalzell discusses timing and tactics with Gillian Mair and Alison Watters, the co-conveners of Now Scotland, a members-led, grassroots organisation campaigning for Scottish Independence as soon as possible. Find out more, including how to join at You can find all of Commonweal's podcasts on #commonweal #NowScotland
The guests on this week's Friday daytime show are artist and writer Terry Howson chatting about her new book and much more, and Lorna Robertson, discussing her many years involvement with the Offshore Industry Liaison Committee in the wake of the tragic Piper Alpha disaster, which happened 33 years ago this month.#IndyLiveRadio #ScottishAuthor #PiperAlpha
In this third chat with author and broadcaster Frank McGroarty, the discussion covers How Do You Get the Donkey Up the Stairs, the final book in the Butlins, Ayr trilogy.A former ballroom dancer as well as Butlins Redcoat, Frank also went on to develop a career as a full time print journalist writing for major news publications.  He is also to be found on hosting his weekly music...
Clean Currency Group Meeting: an update on recent group discussions towards common position on currency for IndyRef2; suggestions for campaign resources needed going forward to IndyRef2; and some questions on protection a Scottish currency; some responses to the new Scottish Government Advisory Council on Economic Transformation.
James E interviews Tommy from North Dakota band The Negatrons, who have just released their debut album Stumblebum which has been 22 years in the making!James E finds out why it took so long and what's next for the Negatrons. #indyliveradio #theNegatrons #jamesEinterviews
Something a little different this week with the second episode of our cultural exploration of indigenous people around the world - Tus!This episode Adhamh MacLeoid chats with Dr Hana O'Regan from the Kai Tahu tribe of Te Waipounamu/ South Island Maori, New Zealand.TÙS is an hour-long chat about life, language and lore. Each month, we'll welcome an indigenous guest from somewhere else on Planet...
We are grateful to Glasgow North West for sharing their excellent event with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp discussing the Wellbeing Economy and Winning Indyref 2.#indyref2 #indyliveradio #wellbeing
A summer special episode from Charles Fletcher
A wonderfully musical daytime show this week, as Val and Marlene chat to Big Noise orchestra volunteer Jane Mallinson and we hear about Sistema Scotland, an initiative which originated in Venezuela which brings the experience of playing music to children in deprived areas #indyliveradio #sistemaScotland #BigNoise
Big Noise Govanhill is one of four community-based orchestras run under the auspices of Sistema Scotland. We talk to Jane Mallinson who is a long-standing volunteer and fund-raiser for the Govanhill project.
In this episode, TNT host John Drummond puts listener questions to Michael Russell, recently retired MSP and Minister for Constitutional Affairs, Mike is now President of the SNP and has been appointed political director of the SNP's Independence Unit.  He is also a Professor in Scottish Culture and Governance at the University of Glasgow.#scottishindependnece #SNP  #Mikerussell The video...
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