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Twice in one night, I found myself stuck to the sofa in shock as I watched the TV. Towardsthe end of Episode one of the fantastic documentary The Beatles: Get Back I watched indisbelief as Yoko Ono and Linda Eastman sat chatting to each other while Paul McCartneywrites Let It Be. They are literally the […]
SPEAKERS:Elisenda Paluzie- Economist, president of the Catalan National Assembly.Chris Bambery- Broadcaster, journalist, author of 'A People's History of Scotland' and co-author of 'Catalonia Reborn'.PRESENTER & MODERATOR:Greg Russell- Broadcaster, journalist at The National.Interview with Greg Russell on...
Scottish broadcaster/journalist at The National; ex-BBC, now writing about Indy, Catalonia, Home Office crimes, tech and biz.https://gregrussell.scotTalking Scottish independence and more with host John Drummond. Plus, the event that Greg is charing on the 2/12/21 in Glasgow that we will be livestreaming, called...
Affordable banking is a prerequisite for a modern society but why are so many people so poorly served by our banks?
We have swapped in quality audio from the Craig Murray's statement and kept our visuals and Scottish wind swept audio at start and after statement to keep the flavour of the moment.



If not you who? Donate or share Independence Live crowdfunder and help us to keep Telling Scotland's Story...
Craig Murray is due to be released on St. Andrews Day, Tuesday, November 30th at about 10 am and will be making a statement for the media.#CraigMurrayIf not you who? Donate or share Independence Live crowdfunder and help us to keep Telling Scotland's Story LIVE -...
Join Kairin and William to talk about the best economic books this year and vote on your favourite!
The Join Muir Trust has been developing a policy in favour of a "carbon emissions land tax" to help Scotland transition to a green economy. Kairin and William speak with Nikki Gordon to find out more about the tax.
The John Muir Trust has been working on a proposal for an innovative carbon emissions land tax. In this episode, Kairin and William chat with Nikki about the proposed tax and how it can be used to green Scotland's economy.
Building the Scottish State Show: Series 1 - Episode 17 - Gordon MacIntyre-KempOn this week's show, Dr Mark McNaught is joined by Gordon MacIntyre-KempGordon MacIntyre-Kemp is the Founder and Chief Executive of Business for Scotland. Before becoming CEO of Business for Scotland Gordon ran a business strategy and...
Next in our series of There Is No Planet B, in Episode 7 we talk to three grassroots activists who highlighted the influence that fossil fuel lobbyists had at COP
Panlel of experts from our Nordic neighbours and Scotland.- Viktoria Raft, energy journalist, Sweden.- Tore Furevik, Professor in physical oceanography, Bergen.- Søren Hermansen, Director of the Energy Academy, Samsø.- Dr Keith Baker, Researcher in Fuel Poverty and Energy Policy, Glasgow.- Claire Mack,...
Big Blue is a very large Saltire. Yes Glasgow NW were its guardians during COP26. We'll be speaking to two of the team who took it on demos, marches, and down on the Clyde to welcome the Rainbow Warrior.
Yes Kirriemuir ran an alternative COP during Glasgow COP26. They were out on the streets every day engaging with people, talking about the climate emergency, handing out leaflets. Ruth Watson tells us about it.
The 1st music festival to be held in support of Scottish Independence. The event will have no political speeches and is not affiliated to any political party. It is open to all supporters of Scottish Independence and their friends.
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Wendy Barrie cooks up a beautiful Hogmanay meal. As ever Wendy used the best local and seasonal Scottish fare. support from The Scottish Food
Our brand new show looks at the legacy of COP26 in Glasgow and discusses Scotland's role in the climate crisis.
William and Kairin are joined by Diana Finch from the Bristol Pound to discuss how a local currency can empower a local community.
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