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To achieve our vision and change Scotland, our parliament must be independent, with sovereignty resting with the people of Scotland. Then imagine what we could do…
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Governing a devolved Scotland is like governing with one hand tied behind your back. While devolution allows control over some public services, like health and education, it has major limitations.
We all (should) have a vision for our country. Our country’s governance should allow us to determine that vision and implement it. Some of our people feel their vision can be realised through a UK Government which prioritises nuclear warheads over child poverty, working alongside a devolved Scottish Parliament.
At the present time, the SNP Government is unclear as to its chosen route to achieve independence, and the rest of the Yes movement will need to maintain the support and pressure on the SNP to achieve our goal of an Independent Scotland.
On achieving independence, whether by democratic referendum or plebiscite election, Scotland’s independent status would be recognised by other independent countries, possibly starting with the Nordic countries or Ireland.
Government departments could be deployed around the country, for example Agriculture in Dumfries, Fisheries in Inverness, Energy in Aberdeen, Social Security in Dundee, Industry, Enterprise and Trade in Glasgow etc.
Scotland has been a distinct national entity for around 1200 years, since 844 when Kenneth McAlpin united Scots and Picts.

Our present border with England dates back to 1018, ratified by the Treaty of York in 1237. The boundaries of Scotland have been largely unchanged for the best part of 1,000 years.
Scotland depends on immigration to maintain population growth, and hence an independent Scotland must favour a fairly open immigration policy.
The United Kingdom is one of only four countries in the world without a written codified constitution. It means that the UK Constitution is basically what the Government of the day decides it is at a given time.
Scotland will choose the currency option best suited to her needs, to optimise financial management including borrowing and interest rates. In a situation like the Covid-19 pandemic, having one’s own independent currency allows Scotland to borrow and maintain the economy without having to beg the UK to borrow on our behalf. The early establishment of an independent Scottish currency would appear to be the best option.
Scotland has the natural and human resources to be a highly prosperous and successful independent country, and use its full economic powers of independence to achieve fairness and equality, including a pension level equal to the European average (twice UK level).
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