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The Big 2022 Yes movement survey.

➡️ We have had over 4,500 responses to our Big Yes Survey, so far.

If you have not taken part yet, please make sure your voice is heard. We will publish the results on the Believe in Scotland website later this month.

➡️ This only takes an average 3:42 minutes to complete.

➡️ By taking part you can grab a free PDF copy of our Open Minds...
Today's Caption Competition 16/1/2022
Go on have a go....
send it into the National also the address is in the picture
Today's Caption Competition
- A Young Jacob Res-Mogg canvasing in Central Fife in 1997.
Worth a read - Boris in the news again this morning as the Daily Telegraph reports another two Parties at Downing Street during lockdown.
England's Government is destroying its #NHS, privatising it, putting up barriers to treatment. Only #ScottishIndependence will #ProtectScotlandsNHS
Hi folks,

After a day of some of the worst examples of our ruling classes on display, here are links to a song I wrote about one of the best, Councillor Frank Ellis, champion of independence who knew that it was his integrity in looking out for his wards of Sidlaws West then East that would bring people to realise what we could gain as a society. We need more like him.
Today's Courier letters 14/1/2022.
Dr. Toole; Mr. Auchterlonie; Ms McClymont and even Mr. Parkin all critical of the Westminster Government.
Why would that be I wonder?

To Scottish Conservative voters, can't you see the UK doesn't give a jot for you views. You would be better off and have more influence in an Independent Scotland.
Another Tory Peer that has had her nose in the Vovid QE trough
This will be the first meeting of 2022. Lots to look and work forward to.
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Online Event -
Dundee & Angus Indy Group Meeting
"The big difference for the UK in negotiations with Ireland now and in the past is that Ireland is no longer alone at the table."
⬇️ Info about new app with links below to download.
Might be of interest…

You and the planet: Tomorrow's Earth
🔎 "Norway, kept taxation on oil and gas at 78%. Despite two years of record low prices, Shell paid £4.589bn to Norway.

👀 In the UK, the company was awarded £179m in tax rebates."
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