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Are you interested in making programmes for Scotland's independent media?
Saturday 13th August is the Believe in Scotland Day of Action! If you live in or around Dundee, please consider coming into town to help us give out leaflets to the public. If you’ve never taken part in something like this, dinnae be feart! It’s fun being out and about with your Indy pals and it’s great meeting the public!

Saturday 13th Day of Action for Independence

Meet at...
12/8/2022 National Front Page
Have a read and join if you can
11/8/2022 National Letters Page 2
10/8/2022 National Letters Page 2
9/8/2022 Courier Letters
Let's welcome our new members:
Stewart Hosie,
Ali Lothian,
Adam Eve
7/8/2022 Mark Brown
8/8/2022 National Letters Page 2
If you couldn’t make it to Edinburgh - Watch the wee ALBA book event here
With Alex Salmond, Marjorie Ellis Thompson, Owen Dudley Edwards, and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
7/8/2022 Caption Competition
5/8/2022 Courier Letters Today.
6/8/2022 National - Pat Jane - Good read
This was the’ freedom monument ‘ in the centre of Riga. It was guarded by 2 soldiers and the change of the guard was hourly. It was very moving to watch, how much these people valued their independence and how frightened they are that it might be taken away.
# A somewhat belated welcome to our new members:
# [Steve Malloy](
# [Colette Mclaren](
# [David Ferrier](
# [Scott Hazel](
4/8/2022 Courier Letters today. Good letters from Brian Auchterlonie and Les Mackay
4/8/2022 National Letters Page 2
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