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Blog from a 51 year old working mum of five, a member of the Women for Independence National Executive.
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So…There is interesting stuff going on just now There is a concerted effort to prevent the Scottish Government from working on their manifesto promises. Let’s just think about this forA minute. A Government – any government in the UK is elected by winning a majority of seats in a Parliament and forming a Government. If […]
So…. Last week the BBC reported on a meeting where senior NHS Chief executives discussed a two tier NHS. An NHS where the rich pay for their treatment which of course they get faster and more pleasantly delivered than the rest of us. I thought that option already existed but hey ho. The story did […]
Bit of a long one today folks – sorry So… the Supreme Court reached a judgement on Wednesday. It was asked by the Scottish Government to examine the law as it stands and make a ruling as to whether the Scottish Government has the legal capacity to run its own referendum. Now, it’s important to […]
So… Wednesday will see the results of the Supreme Course decision on the legality of a second referendum. There are rallies planned around Scotland in response to the decision. It’s unlikely I’ll be at any of them. That’s mainly because I’m skint. Money has had to be spent on petrol for work for one car […]
Not a political post lol – well not much of a political post So… I’ve been a month travelling back and forth to Glasgow. Spending a few days there each week over the last month. I’ve been staying with my lovely cousin and travelling back and forward to GCU. Mostly that’s been the subway, but […]
So… we are being primed for the Budget Statement on November 17th. The BBC quote “the Treasury” telling us of tax rises, an “eye watering fiscal black hole” and that we can expect cuts and tax rises. Meanwhile the Home Secretary is lining up refugees and asylum seekers to deflect from the awful money mess […]
So.. we have a new Prime Minister. I say “we” but it is nothing to do with us – with ordinary people anywhere. No one has voted for Rishi Sunak to be leading the UK. Not a single soul. He got the required number of nominations and then everyone else dropped out. So who is […]
So….. where on Earth do I start??? It’s like nothing any of us have ever seen before. Neil Mackay in the Herald likens it to the collapse of the Liberal Party but the honest truth is we have seen nothing like this in our lifetimes. We have watched open mouthed the car crash that is […]
So… Yesterday, Liz Truss, sacked Kwasi Kwarteng – dragged him back from the US and sacked him. Is anyone breathing a sigh of relief? Of course not! We now have Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor and it appears that the word on the street is that Liz Truss has to go and soon. With several Tory […]
So… it’s conference season. And I’m done with being nice. We saw the Conservatives start the week reducing taxes for the very richest to incentivise growth. That word “incentivise” means motivate and encourage. It wasn’t long before several of us were wondering how come the government incentivises the rich by giving them more money and […]
So… Scotland has higher income tax rates than England now. And OMG there are people on Twitter demanding that the Scottish Government match the appalling policies of this Tory Government “or there will be a mass exodus of wealthy people” to England. Tory MPs and MSPs are in quandary. After all, during the leadership election, […]
So… imagine that you are in charge of the country just now. You know that we have just had two years of pandemic, we have an energy crisis and food prices are increasing to the point that people are really struggling. What would you do? Imagine you are in charge of the country, you have […]
So… it’s 5.30am. I’m awake as I am so many times these days. Flicking through the days news and wondering if I have the energy to write about it as well as to worry about it. I’ve been searching for something witty, or pithy, a scathing sarcasm that would exorcise my anger and fear but […]
So… it appears that not only is WM run by a shower of shits, that shower of shits just saw the result of their bill to allow Water companies to discharge literal shit into the sea. The East Sussex coast has today closed beaches to swimmers as Southern Water discharges sewage directly into the sea. […]
So… tonight on Sky TV, Liz Truss was asked about Scotland and a second Independence Referendum. She said that it is important to recognise that the people of Scotland have made their views clear. She explained that, as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom she has a duty to ensure that all nations have their […]
So… the Labour Party sacked its shadow transport minister for appearing on a picket line in solidarity with the RMT. The Labour Party was born from the Trade Union Movement. The Labour Party grew from its support for the Working Class and forged its industrial roots in the steel mills, the coal mines, the cotton […]
So… queues at Dover are completely out of hand. This laughing stock of a government is blaming the French. The French did not force us to leave the EU. What we are seeing is the result of a hard Tory Brexit. Blaming the French is so ridiculous I can hardly imagine people believe it. I […]
So… the Conservative party leadership contest is underway. It’s a ghastly group of hideous caricatures of real human beings. There’s no empathy, no acknowledgement of the mess the country is in, no recognition of the levels of poverty and inequality and no sense of alarm at the state of the NHS. By all accounts, in […]
So… the rats are leaving the sinking ship. I have no sense of triumph over this. This Government has been the cruellest, the most self obsessed, self serving bunch of no marks I have ever seen in my life. They are the worst Government in my lifetime and I lived through Thatcher. I have no […]
So…. Yesterday, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. This ruled that the US Constitution protected a woman’s liberty to choose abortion. It came out of a case where a Texan woman wanted an abortion but was unable to access one because abortion was illegal in Texas unless to save a woman’s life. The […]
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