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Blog from a 51 year old working mum of five, a member of the Women for Independence National Executive.
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So… Every week is a crazy week but this week has been extra special as Rishi Sunak has decided that we don’t need to worry our pretty little heads over climate change. Sunak was SO enthusiastic about his anti environment policies that he made a short video which told us all the changes he was […]
So.. I saw a clip today where a man complained that he only was able to afford one meal a day. So many people are in this position and worse. Some can’t afford any meals at all. This man compared himself to the asylum seekers who will be housed on a barge who will be […]
So, oil and gas, whisky, renewables? Scotland is apparently going to lead the UKs economic recovery. Well, this is different. Not so long ago, we were told Scotland cannot afford to be independent. We were told that there isn’t enough of anything to make Scotland the vibrant, independent, forward looking country we want it to […]
So… politicians fiddle whilst Rhodes burns. This is a bit of a long one so go get a cuppa. The reports from Rhodes are frankly terrifying. Families with children in 45 degree heat fleeing wild fires, their holiday turned to ashes, their belongings lost, many having to be evacuated in small boats or sleeping on […]
So…. Huw Edwards has been outed as the BBC star whose life the Sun decided to destroy over the last week. Today, that man is in hospital for the foreseeable future and his wife had to make a statement to the world about her marriage. Now, I’m not condoning men having affairs or cheating on […]
So… Keir Starmer is setting out his stall. I try really really hard to believe that the Labour Party offer something different. Every time I look at them or write about the failure of the Labour Party to BE the opposition, it is from a place of disappointment. I want the Labour Party to be […]
So… oh god – where do you start. Brexit anniversary? Covid enquiry? Boris Johnson? Rumours that Liz Truss is being touted as the come back queen – suggestions the Tories will bring her back as leader? It’s chaos again. Today I read that Rishi Sunak has been using erasable ink and potentially has “rubbed out” […]
So… Boris is done. He’s resigned and has left Parliament. Done and dusted, gone for good. Not a chance. Whatever Boris Johnson is doing, going off to lick his wounds, reflect on his role in his own demise and quietly retire to do good works will not be it. Boris Johnson is a charlatan, a […]
So, it appears that Scotland is the most confused country in the world. There are so many things that are “controversial” here that are not almost everywhere else. Over the last few years we have seen controversial baby boxes, controversial anti-fracking laws, controversial gender recognition legislation, controversial minimum pricing of alcohol, and now we have […]
So…. Philip Schofield and his public humiliation have dominated the news over the last few days. It’s been splurged all over front pages, news websites and Twitter. And yuk. But really? The most important story? Britain is a country where the worst Conservative government in my lifetime is stripping people of basic rights to protest, […]
So… it won’t be a surprise to many of you who know me well, that I like a bit of pomp and circumstance – I love the drums on the horses, I like a bearskin or two, a few carriages and folk in posh frocks. Chuck in some marching bands and I rather enjoy the […]
So, apparently Huw Pill, the Chief Economist of the Bank of England has said that we have all got to get used to being poorer. Apparently he thinks we should stop asking for pay rises and recognise that this is the reality and we have to stop expecting things to get better and just accept […]
So… there it is. The Tories have stopped tip toeing around it. Yesterday, writing in the Telegraph, David Frost – Lord Frost of Allendale no less, set out unambiguously the Tory view that devolution is something to be stopped. He called Scotland a one party state. Honest to God, if we have heard that once […]
So… the last few days we have seen a plethora of demands from people outwith the SNP that we do this this or that. I’ve seen comments by people who should know better, demanding that Humza Yousaf steps down, that Ash Regan or Kate Forbes is anointed as successor. Papers are reporting that that John […]
So… The Scottish Government is to challenge WMs use of a Section 35 order to block legislation passed in the Scottish Parliament. Humza Yousaf committed to this action during his leadership campaign and therefore this should not be a surprise to anyone. For those of you who have not kept up with the story, this […]
So … this week it was six years since the introduction of the two child policy by the Conservative government of who? Can you remember? I’m not sure I can. Answers on a postcard. This appalling policy means that if you have more than two children the state will not pay universal credit or tax […]
So… we have the first Muslim leader of the SNP and today, the first Muslim First Minister of Scotland. This is really important for Scotland, and, as Humza Yousaf pointed out, something his grandparents arriving in Scotland could never have imagined. We should be proud of this. I am glad that Humza Yousaf has won. […]
So… That’s it folks. Janey Godley would have us think that Nicola Sturgeon is off to the caravan with the Sandras and her sling back shoes to dance along to ABBA. I’m not privy to what she is doing but I hope she feels like she has taken a heavy coat off and is having […]
So, it appears that the public conscience in 2023 is Gary Lineker. A footballer, a TV presenter and pundit has turned out to be a bigger and more effective critic of this appalling Government than His Majesty’s Opposition, the mainstream press or the BBC. Gary Lineker had the temerity to tweet his disgust at the […]
So… today is International Women’s Day and I’m exhausted. I expect I’m no different than many women around Scotland or in fact right across the world. In 2023 its hard work being a woman. It’s true, it has been so forever and of course, it has been much harder than this looking back over the […]
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