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Blog from a 51 year old working mum of five, a member of the Women for Independence National Executive.
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So…. Council elections. Yesterday was a terrible day for the Tories. Right across the UK. They lost 490 councillors. In Scotland they lost 63 seats. Will Boris Johnson be held accountable for this? I’ll be surprised. Labour did better, but not great. They picked up 129 seats – mostly in Wales. The loss of Tory […]
So…. Rishi Sunak is in a spot of bother. Rishi Sunak – the Chancellor of the Exchequer, generally seen as the country’s richest MP. He is seen by some as ridiculously handsome with a beautiful wife who the newspapers keep telling us is RICHER THAN THE QUEEN!!!! Turns out that his wife has Non-Dom status […]
So… we all have Covid. My daughter tested positive with LFT and PCR on Monday the rest of us – husband, son and I on Wednesday. None of us seem seriously ill. It’s like a heavy cold, my son doesn’t appear ill at all, my daughter is blerrrgh and aches, my husband feels like an […]
So It’s International Women’s Day. Usually people talk about women who have inspired them, who have faced misogyny, who have overcome the structural barriers that keep women in the place that men think they should be in. This years theme is “Break the Bias”. Challenging the voices that tell us we are not good enough, […]
So… it’s been a while.And goodness me what a bloody shit show it’s been. I’m not going to rehash it all (I don’t think) but ….Do you know, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s think about where we are, the UK Government and several of their civil servants, put in place restrictions to […]
So …. there’s so much going on this week that I’m spoilt for choice. Get a cuppa it’s a long one between Boris, bigots and bottoms. Boris’s party has been a recurring theme, did he go? Who else went? Will the police investigate? Won’t they? Apparently not, as they don’t investigate retrospectively according to Cressida […]
So …Sunday Morning. And it’s all boringly predictable. Boris Johnson looked like a dishevelled mess at his constituency remembrance yesterday. Jacob Rees Mogg failed to declare £6 million in cheap loans. Douglas Ross forgot about £30000 of earnings, the Met Police refuse to investigate cash for honours, Glasgow COP26 bottled it, no ministers visited Richard […]
So…the hashtag “Resign Sturgeon” has been trending on Twitter. For those of you who aren’t sure what that is, it’s when lots of people post the same thing at once. This particular hashtag pops up now and again, sometimes it’s not clear what spooked the horses, what upset a particular group of Twitter users so […]
So… Glasgow is hosting COP26. It’s been interesting getting to this point. We have seen relentless, frenzied reports of Glasgow’s unsuitability for the role of host city every single day for weeks. With screams of RATS! RATS! This city has rats! in newspapers, on social media, in our Parliament. There have honestly been people suggesting […]
So.. We have seen an outpouring of grief and despair at the death of David Amess. David Ames’s, as I’m sure you must know, was stabbed to death at his constituency surgery. An utterly appalling and senseless act. His family, his many friends and colleagues and many of his constituents are utterly devastated. As we […]
So… Brexit. There’s a row over the Northern Ireland Protocol. Do you remember that? The brilliant (?) work done to resolve the issues around Northern Ireland so that a Brexit deal could be reached? Nope? Let me remind you. Ireland was a particular conundrum during the Brexit Negotiations. In order to protect the Good Friday […]
So… it’s been a lovely week. The sun has shone and it’s starting to smell like Autumn. It’s been a bit windy and the leaves are coming off the trees. Even though the clocks haven’t gone back yet, the nights are getting longer, our curtains are shut about 7.30pm and the fire is lit. It’s […]
So I’ve tried to write about Sarah Everard and I can’t. It makes me rage at the words. I’m horrified and yet not surprised. The details released this week have made me cry and made me furious. I have nothing that I can write about Sarah that hasn’t been said, nothing that I can add […]
So this week has been a truly horrific week if you are a woman. In Afghanistan women are once again being denied the right to work, to go to University. Girls have been told they can not go to school. Women are once again covered from head to foot in black, silenced and shut away. […]
So… there’s a whole carry on at the moment where things that happen across the UK are only bad in Scotland. We see this time and time again but it’s no less bizarre. Today’s wee gem is the Army support for Scotland’s Ambulance Service. The Ambulance service is indeed struggling. You would expect that to […]
So….. a tale of two cities. Yesterday in London, Boris Johnson announced that his plan for resolving the Social care crisis will be funded from National Insurance Payments. He reckons he will raise £10 billion per year from this. National Insurance payments – really? This policy will raise money from the poorest in our society […]
So Covid, Brexit and other stories. I don’t even know what to say this morning. This last few days have been like we are living in a crazy film. It really has. Yesterday, In London there was an anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown demonstration. Fair enough, live and let live and all that. In amongst the 5G is […]
So, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. A famous quote indeed but in 1697 (when it was written) they hadn’t come across Dominic Cummings. Dominic Cummings is currently sharing all the secrets from his time in Downing Street. I say secrets, pretty much most of us watching the utter fiasco that WM has […]
So…. Football…. There’s such a load of shit being talked about football just now. Most of it by people that self confess they have never watched or supported Football. Much of it by people that complain that Scotland fans are not cheering England on and that by mocking up Mancini as a Gibsonesque Braveheart saving […]
(Update – Written before he resigned but every word stands) So…. Matt Hancock… Do I care that Matt Hancock may be having an affair. No I don’t. He joins a long list of powerful men who unzip their pants and let their brains fall out. Matt Hancock hasn’t hurt me personally with his sleezy adulterous […]
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