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A Helensburgh & Lomond group sharing events and discussion about the Common Weal principles & goals. Striving for a fairer, equal, Scottish society.
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A Grassroots Oban Zoom meeting held on the 13th February 2021
Very sad about the passing of our dear friend John Easdale. He was feisty, intelligent, and extremely passionate about Scotland's future as an independent nation.. He made us all smile with his wit and interesting stories. He will be greatly missed. Much love to all his family.
Yet they said it wouldn't work .
Gearing Up: For a Better Scotland
Gearing Up: For a Better Scotland
Common weal planning meeting
As British politics continues to get more brutal, and the stakes get higher, mainstream (anti)social media channels are going to be silently influencing what and who we see, and how we communicate, more than ever before.

Yesbook.Scot is an independent platform for independently minded Scots, with no filters and no algorithms. It can be used to coordinate our efforts, and communicate in a truly...
Below we imagine what life would be like if the Common Home Plan is completed and the work is all done, what society would be like with the results and how we would all be living. The world is miserable. We’re not. We’ve got a plan.
You are not powerless. We have a plan. A plan for Scotland that will meet the challenges of environmental breakdown, at the same time as delivering economic justice for all of our citizens. A plan that will end the choice between heating and eating that so many face. That will provide a generation o...
A new organisation called Helensburgh Community Hall are currently seeking a community right to buy of the Red Cross Hall. To do this we need the support of 15% of those living in Helensburgh. To find out more please follow us on facebook or email [email protected] To download and print the Petition Forms shown below for...
From housing costs to wildlife collapse, we pay the price while the rich boost their profits. But now we can fight back, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot
British experience shows social policy must look beyond employment
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