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In 2014 the Scottish Government held a referendum on Scottish Independence. We're "Still" YES!
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A SUGGESTION from the Labour Party to Rishi Sunak to rule out a “grubby, desperate deal” with the SNP has been described as “totally…
📢 As Westminster parties turn their backs on Europe, Scotland can take a different path.

🗳️ Only with independence, Scotland can rejoin the EU and build a fairer, greener future.

✏️ Pledge your support:

Sanjeev Panesar owns Pan Pharmacy in Birmingham Not featuring in the Scottish news anywhere, as far as I can see, BBC Health offers us this today under the headline: Scores of local pharmacies clos…
Conservative losses at the local elections across England seem to be damaging if not terminal. Their attempt at voter suppression seems to have failed and big gains for Labour, the Greens and the L…
Meet Neil Findlay...Ex Labour MSP and Better Together Activist...
SNP​ MPs have condemned the arrest of multiple anti-monarchy protesters in London on the day of King Charles’s Coronation...
Coronation Day in Glasgow 😊

Time to leave this clown show.
I'm looking forward to speaking at the Scottish independence march this weekend.

Feel free to come along and show your support in Glasgow this Saturday.
Stephen Flynn was on the Sophy Ridge show & says the public can read between the lines - 4.5.23
While Scotland debates marine protection and other vital issues, the UK is busy arguing (with itself) about the idea that Primark is being genuinely negligent for not supplying the people of Belfast with enough "vital" Union Jackery in time for the Coronation. 😳

Got a Jack? Put it back. 👍
In March 2023 there were 21,350 operations planned to take place across NHS Scotland. 676 (3.2%) were cancelled by consultants when it was felt to be the best thing for the patient at that stage. …
Compared to the billions squandered by the Westminster Clownshow...this £289million for designing a train station is small change.
LABOUR’S deputy leader has been called out by SNP MP Stephen Flynn after Keir Starmer indicated he would lead his party in a U-turn on their…
Stephen Flynn was so good today at PM’s Questions he just might have ended Starmer’s Political career. Starmer has done himself no favours though.
Ending Tuition fees was an open goal for Labour and to give up on that commitment almost certainly guarantees a Conservative government being returned next year.
It’s almost as if Starmer has been brought in to destroy Labour 🤔
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