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Writer, filmmaker, troublemaker. Embra-born. Polemic essay site on Scottish independence, car and movie politics.
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A new survey puts Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity in the doldrums, but all the opposition leaders are in Purgatory or in Hell. She leads the pack by a wide margin but should not be complacent. Any number of setbacks have befallen … Continue reading →
Jamies Lafferty takes a hike on a bike through some of Scotland’s most beautiful countryside, host to lush forests, red deer and buzzards. This is an out-of-season guided cycle trip around Braemar revealing a landscape in a state of flux. … Continue reading →
Environmental activist George Monbiot takes a look at the craft of fly-tipping, usually done by small rogue firms trying to save money by not taking the materials to the local city recycle plant. They price a job cheaply to get … Continue reading →
The Right Hon Alex Salmond MP, leader of the ALBA party dedicated to regain Scotland’s self-governance, answers Nicola Sturgeon’s off-the-cuff dismissal of the Cambo oil field. THE ENGINE OF SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE This week Nicola Sturgeon turned off the switch in … Continue reading →
THE FUNDAMENTAL CASE FOR FREEDOM by Professor Alfred Baird ‘It was just like old times’, said George Kerevan in The National in reference to the first ALBA conference in Greenock last weekend. He was referring to SNP conferences of 20 … Continue reading →
If readers substitute Scotland for Wales in the article below the same problem of empty properties here as in Wales is evident. Back in the late Seventies, Welsh radicals took to burning selected empty holiday cottages that were killing village … Continue reading →
After the expected watering down of COP26 held in Glasgow, the Agreement’s key aspects compromised by India and China, enironmental activist George Monbiot takes a long, cold look at what we must do to stop mankind wiping out floar and … Continue reading →
Moviegoers of Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 adaptation (Hollywood’s third attempt), of the sci-fi novel Dune have noticed the presence of bagpipes during the latest two-and-a-half-hour epic. The new movie version of Frank Herbert’s best-selling novel has received positive reviews since its premiere … Continue reading →
An occasional series on eminent Scots unjustly ignored or forgotten Way before the Black Lives Matter campaign (BLM), articles began appearing in the press about Scotland and its historical attachment to slavery. It was a topic back in the Seventies … Continue reading →
It might come as a shock to learn that one of the world’s most successful ferry designers happens to be a Scotsman, yet his repeated offers to build and invest in ferries in Scotland have been rejected by the Scottish Government and its hapless ferry agencies CMAL and CalMac. Dr. Stuart Ballantyne, chairman of … Continue reading →
Angus MacNeill was one of the earliest SNP MPs to show he had an independent mind and was not hidebound by the leader’s dogma or meaningless ‘Gold Standard’ slogans. He has said Nicola Sturgeon is ‘dithering’ on Scotland’s indepdence goal. … Continue reading →
The sight of Boris Johnson jetting up to Glasgow to deliver a haltingly bad speech full of waffle – switch on BBC news bulletins at various times of the day to witness excerpts contradict each other – and jetting back … Continue reading →
There is mounting unease among informed independence supporters over the thought of another referendum on Nicola Sturgeon’s blind faith. The Yes camp keeps hearing rumours of a referendum rout, snatching at half-verified words like a hungry dog at scraps of … Continue reading →
Forget the kids festive time, buy the book instead; trade the kids for a holiday where you can read it in peace. “A collectors item fit for your local recycling yard.” “A literary sensation. I could not bear to read … Continue reading →
The ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill stood up to in the House of Commons to make his speech about Scotland’s ferry scandal and every member of the Scottish National Party walked out. This is how keen Scotland’s elected representatives are to … Continue reading →
Building any sort of housing development close to the battlefield of Culloden is a national disgrace. Do we care about our history and the graves of the martyred, or are we petty wee capitalists? A red line perimeter ought to … Continue reading →
There is little need to add lengthy comment to the Times article published today that makes plain what has been known for years, Labour’s clandestine plans to steal Scotland’s oil by moving matitime boundary lines, and disseminate falsehoods of a … Continue reading →
This is the seventh article in our series on the climate crisis, with no apology for it being from the UK’s foremost activisit on Climate Change, writer George Monbiot. He points out that the Land for the Many report, which … Continue reading →
CAPITALISM IS KILLING THE PLANET by George Monbiot There is a myth about human beings that withstands all evidence. It’s that we always put our survival first. This is true of other species. When confronted by an impending threat, such … Continue reading →
This a film you can watch of 90 minute duration on how Climate Change affects indigenous people. The UK based environmental charity the Tairona Heritage Trust today releases the environmental film Aluna, documenting the indigenous South American tribe from the Andes, … Continue reading →
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