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Writer, filmmaker, troublemaker. Embra-born. Polemic essay site on Scottish independence, car and movie politics.
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No matter if one thinks of Scottish journalists as paid hacks of the British state, and let’s be honest, most are, a few do hold tight to their integrity, but they tend to be freelance. Iain Macwhirter is one who … Continue reading →
Craig Murray, former ambassador, human rights activist and whistle blower Judge Lady Dorrian has refused Craig Murray leave to appeal via the Scottish court to the UK Supreme Court against his sentence of eight months imprisonment for abuse of court … Continue reading →
Karen Kelly describes herself as writing ‘full-time’. She is founder and editor of the opinion blog ‘theweedetour’. She studied at Glasgow’s Caledonian University and the University West of Scotland. At present she is writing a three part drama on the … Continue reading →
The UK is damned to endless incompetence according to Dominic Cummings. Here journalist and broadcaster John Drummond takes a side swipe at one of Cummings’ targets, top UK civil servant, Simon Case, CVO. Some information on the dapper Case: Former … Continue reading →
In this article, Kenny MacAskill MP, flies an old idea of a Scotland with a degree of independence while still “part of a United Kingdom”, although the ‘Kingdom’ part of the equation would be at non-starter in such a political … Continue reading →
One could argue the infamous Clearances, driving people off their land without a care where they go or what happens to them, began as soon as an overweight 23-year-old Butcher Cumberland was desperate to raise his reputation after losing the … Continue reading →
Eighteen wins, fifteen by knockouts, and no losses. No matter what your personal feels are on the age-old sport of two guys (or women) bashing each other about the head and body, the historic win by Scotland’s Josh Taylor, undisputed … Continue reading →
All of us have something in our past we would rather not talk about. We keep it in the recesses of our memory, or if larger than life, as well hidden as possible. It can be something we stole when … Continue reading →
ALBA Party MP, Kenny MacAskill is not ready to leap up to applaud the pyrrhic victory of Kenmure Street, Glasgow folks’ Pollokshields rescue of two local and valued long-term residents from a Home Office deportation raid on Scottish soil. Backed … Continue reading →
John Drummond writes the ‘Constitution Column’ in the Sunday National, a role he shares with Dr Elliot Bulmer. He is also the host of The Nation Talks show, broadcast every Wednesday at 7pm on the IndyLive channel. He is firm … Continue reading →
The article below was penned by a blogger often quoted but as far as I can ascertain, not that well known. He goes by the self-depricating name of CaltonJock, but writes with great honesty and spiritedness without being accusatory or … Continue reading →
For a number of months Grouse Beater has received snippets of information on the run-down and underfunding of various aspects of our justice system. Unless you are in need of legal aid, the gathering storm is something you might not have noticed. In this article defence lawyer Robert More tells of his anxieties and work … … Continue reading →
This brief but succinct letter was published in a Scottish newspaper, of interest to readers not only for the observations stated, surely acknowledged as fair by the well-informed, but because of the author, Professor Alistair Bonnington, was a university tutor … Continue reading →
Sending a one-person petition to the President of the United States of America turns out to be an easy affair. The address of the Whitehouse, and how to reach the President in Washington, is all there on the Internet. No … Continue reading →
Kenny MacAskill looks at the collapse of Labour’s vote in Hartlepool once a dyed-in-the-wool stronghold of socialism Labour-style. Paul Williams, the Labour candidate in the by-election, said, “Neither Keir Starmer nor I met antagonism on the doorstep, but people did … Continue reading →
Stuart Campbell, editor of Wings Over Scotland, the website loathed by the British State and feared by its press core for its analytical skills, pointing out chronic MP hypocrisy, false statistics, GERS, press fiction and fabrications, and eventually the much … Continue reading →
Though ALBA attracted almost 41,000 votes in the Scottish election starting from a baseline of a brand new party, and over 5,000 members in a few frantic weeks of canvassing, the policies and ideals of Scotland’s newst independence party were … Continue reading →
The debate about how much of the UK’s amassed debt Scotland should inherit as part of an indpendence settlement has raged long and often acrimoniously. “What currency will you use?” as regular a the racist gibe “Scots hate vegetables”. The … Continue reading →
As recently as 2012, to use the term colonial or colonialism was considered an outrageous slur on the relationship England with Scotland. Speak the word and you were brabded someone who ‘hated English people’. In fact, the novelist and illustrator … Continue reading →
If my old pal, Frederic Lindsay, a fine novelist and independence supporter all his days, was still alive, he would be shocked at the chaotic state the SNP now finds itself, mired in vainglorious, deeply flawed, divisive policies for the … Continue reading →
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