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Writer, filmmaker, troublemaker. Embra-born. Polemic essay site on Scottish independence, car and movie politics.
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The journalist Sean Bell takes some moments to indulge in reverie and some poetic license upon the vision of an ideal Scotland. We, of course, can create a fine land fit for all, if we stop believing the anti-independence propaganda, … Continue reading →
At least 3-4 million Scots were displaced from Scotland owing to the chronic lack of economic opportunities in their own land, often helped to abandon their country of birth by Uunited Kingdom state ‘incentives’, such as the Empire Settlement Acts. English political perfidy exercised in … Continue reading →
The former First Minister of Scotland, the Right Hon Alex Salmond MP, now leader of the ALBA party reminds us we are still at the mercy of vindictive colonials who think Scotland has to be tamed. This is what London … Continue reading →
By putting all her eggs in one basket, a referendum as the final arbiter, Nicola Sturgeon risks making her mark on Scotland’s history as an all-time loser, for the divisiveness of policies she has appropriated from others and subsequently mismanaged, … Continue reading →
The last time I wrote about Matt Damon was his almost solo performance as an marooned astronaut in ‘The Martian‘. I commented he had a habit of choosing storylines in which his character always gets rescued. In Ridley Scott’s medievil … Continue reading →
Very rarely does this site post a video, and usuallyonly when it is tied to an historic event. But this is one occasion when a video is better than the written word. International readers are not all following Grouse Beater’s … Continue reading →
David George Hamilton Frost, Baron Frost, CMG, PC, is a British diplomat, politician and appointed member of the House of Lords serving as Minister of State at the Cabinet Office since 2021. He is also that old-fashioned thing but in … Continue reading →
Finally, an Englishman of influence admits that if scotland wants to annul the Union treaty it is free to do so. Jonathan Powell, the former chief of staff to Tony Blair, was the man behind the hard-nosed negotiations for the … Continue reading →
The following open letter is primarily aimed at the Scottish National Party, (SNP), currently holding the majority of seats in Scotland’s parliament. It tries to show another referendum on Scotland’s future risks another defeat. The SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, is … Continue reading →
Journalist Kevin McKenna retains his wry form in a column belittling politicians who belittle Twitter and those using the platform to exchange political opinion, jokes, cute cat photographs, meeting times, and sports results. For those looking to learn how to … Continue reading →
The ferry industry is crucial to Scotland’s survival as a nation and its economic development, not only to get people to and from our islands, but to Europe – formerley known as ‘the continent’ – and Ireland too. Our links … Continue reading →
The Scottish Notional Party – Scotland’s main independence party is a shadow of its once revolutionary self – has left too many permanent stains on Scotland’s history to be considered a safe bet. Led by a First Minister who is … Continue reading →
ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill raises pertinent questions about Scotland’s current ferry problems. But is the Scottish government listening? Is anybody listening? Is ScotGov bothered? IRELAND HAS FERRIES TO EUROPE – SCOTLAND HAS NONE The sea can be viewed either as … Continue reading →
This is another informative article in the site’s Climate Change category, one looking at how the reduction of fishing does not necessarily restore life in the river and sea exactly as before. It was written by Heather Richardson, the research … Continue reading →
Let me put one thing to rest; it is almost impossible for a country to lose its sovereignty. In the exchange of goods, in intellectual research, and by sharing a stretch of no man’s land on a border, a little … Continue reading →
Three years ago I planted twelve multi-stemmed silver birches on the slopes of my ground, a tree native to Scotland. They are the kind that has the bark peel off and rolls up as it grows. I removed alien trees … Continue reading →
Given months to live and no change in the prognosis since, this year has been a momentous one. There was priorities to see to, write and sign a Will, choose where to die, who gets the car and who gets … Continue reading →
In the second of our climate change articles, environmentalist and activist George Monbiot warns the rape of our Earth, and the pollution that follows it, cannot continue. As ever with climate warnings, the read may be depressing but necessary to … Continue reading →
This is the second article in the new category of ‘Climate Change’. Phoebe Weston explains the plan to enrich a large area of the Highlands once populated with villages that might eventually see new communities evolve as well as better … Continue reading →
A lot of men and too many women are scared to challenge the transgender nonsense. Some people are confused by the terminology bandied about and withdraw, others repelled by the aggression used to push opinion. The reality of alien laws, … Continue reading →
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