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Writer, filmmaker, troublemaker. Embra-born. Polemic essay site on Scottish independence, car and movie politics.
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From time to time it refreshes understanding to remind ourselves of the vicissitudes and courage the Irish went through to attain political separation from their English invaders, a country impoverished by British rule, and yet that economic reality did not … Continue reading →
The sight of a humpback whale caught in a fishing net, an almost impossible task to catch to free it, caught people’s attention this month. There is nothing easier than dumping waste in the ocean from a ship, petroleum, excrement … Continue reading →
The video was made some while ago, but is as relevant now as when it was when produced. The announcement by the Tory party that the BBC annual fee will end in 2027 is probably more to save Boris Johnson’s … Continue reading →
I was intrigued to unearth some fascinating research looking for something entirely different on the Romans in Scotland, and I did it without the use of a metal detector. Anything that is liable to reinforce my intuition, sensitivity based on … Continue reading →
How time flies. Grouse Beater’s essays appeared in support of Scotland’s liberty 8 years ago to this day. Thank you readers for your continuing interest and support, but I’d to think there will be no need of a 10th anniversary … Continue reading →
As I write, the charlatan, liar, racist and misogynist, Boris Johnson is under pressure to resign as prime minister – a man who has never held a political post that he did not have to vacate sooner than expected. He … Continue reading →
Over the last ten years the Tory party has rendered Scotland economically and geographically remote, blocking its trade and travel routes east and west. This is an outrageous act of war in any nation’s book. And yet you will still … Continue reading →
A week of the old Devo-Max carrot swung before us saw any number of unionist commentators leap on the bandwagon, followed by people who prefer compromise that leaves them where they started. It instructed the podcast site ‘Scottish Prism’ to … Continue reading →
Recently, Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison held rights campaigner and former ambassador, Craig Murray for four months of an eight month sentence for what the High Court defined as ‘jigsaw identification‘, that is, his written blog reports from the Alex Salmond case … Continue reading →
Dr Philippa Whitford is an enigma. An SNP MP, she manages not to get mired in sleaze in the party, isn’t a sychophantic Murrell or Nicola fan, and has not decided on a second career as an ALBA party tormentor. … Continue reading →
I’ve not seen the satirical movie ‘Don’t Look Up‘, but on the strength of climate campainer George Monbiot’s opening statement, I’ll rectify the omission! His column is another in GB’s Climate Change series, culled from reports, surveys and experts, material … Continue reading →
The Irish language will became a full, official language of the European Union from midnight on the 1st January, 2022. January 1st sees it achieve full status with all documents published by the EU being translated as Gaeilge. This marks … Continue reading →
At the end of last year a question and answer conference was held in the pleasantly snug Fraser Centre in Tranent, which for the tourist’s guidance, is on the East Lothian side of Edinburgh, the event organised by the industrious … Continue reading →
At a time of economic turmoil from a panedemic and climate change, increasing poverty, wealth sucked up by the few, attempts to restart the Cold War, demonising China to hold it back from being an equal player on the global … Continue reading →
Bringing trials without juries in Scotland’s High Court rape cases is a move to the fascist right. To even entertain the change is deeply troubling. How did this come about? Almost as soon as a jury exonerated the Right Honorable … Continue reading →
What a hopes raised, hopes dashed year for Scotland. For those desperate to see Scotland return to an autonomous state, keep all it earns, protect its borders, and return to sanity, a poll stating 55% of the electorate want an … Continue reading →
Order now and Amazon books guarantees to deliver the hardback publication of new and extended past essays from the Grouse Beater site pre-25 December. 250 pages, a bargain at £20, and for Kindle, £9.99. Look smart. Be seen reading the … Continue reading →
Writing as someone who has been at the receiving end of the cancel culture mob, I know it is not a pleasant experience, but being self-employed, I coped reasonably well with the false accusations. I had no salaried job to … Continue reading →
QUESTIONING PUPILS With its customary gauche habit, the Scottish Government has sent a multiple choice questionnaire to secondary schools asking intimate sex questions of pupils. Understandably, this has caused controversy among all sections of society, a bureacracy meddling in young … Continue reading →
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