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Unofficial feed from Gordon Dangerfield - a Scottish Solicitor Advocate whose clients include Tommy Sheridan. writing about Tommy’s cases, and other legal matters.
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This would have been the first of the three articles promised in my last post. However, I’ve revised the original article to incorporate the important speech given this week by the English Attorney General, Suella Braverman, and I’ve divided the original article into two parts. This is the first part and the second will followContinue reading "WHY SINGLE SEX FEMALE SERVICES ARE NOT FOR...
Over the next week or so, I’ll be putting up three articles arising out of a workshop run by the group Frontline Feminists to which I was honoured to be invited recently. I’m very grateful to all of the women participants who worked through these ideas with me, and without whom these articles wouldn’t haveContinue reading "WITH THANKS TO THE FRONTLINE FEMINISTS"
I’m very pleased to be able to update you all at last on developments in Mark’s action for malicious prosecution. Since my post of 26 July last year when I shared my firm’s letter before action to the Lord Advocate, we’ve been engaged in what is called “pre-action correspondence” with the defenders. I’ll say moreContinue reading "MARK HIRST V CHIEF CONSTABLE AND...
The decision of the Inner House of the Court of Session – Scotland’s highest civil court – in the judicial review brought by Fair Play For Women constitutes a disappointing defeat in the battle for a common sense interpretation of “sex” as meaning “biological sex” in all legal contexts. It is, however – and muchContinue reading "THE FAIR PLAY FOR WOMEN DECISION: BATTLE LOST,...
Let me start by offering my hearty congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Marion, Trina, Susan and all at For Women Scotland for their sensational victory in the Court of Session this week. They have done a mighty service to every person in Scotland who still has a grip on reality. For all non-legal folks, beContinue reading "FOR WOMEN SCOTLAND: WHAT THEIR VICTORY MEANS"
The Scottish Government believes that transwomen are women and that this statement is so self-evidently true that it is not even up for debate. I believe that transwomen are not women, and that this statement should not require debate in any rational society.          Which of these two opposite beliefs you hold is important because whichContinue...
As part of their coalition with the Green Party, the Scottish Government have pledged to introduce gender self-identification within the first year of the present Parliament. For the reasons I have previously given, this means that men will legally become women just by saying they are, and women will become men just by saying theyContinue reading "IN DEFENCE OF REALITY"
I’ve been asked if I can make still clearer why it’s such a big deal that the Fabiani Report has shown such utter contempt for the truth, as detailed in my last post. The court order The following is part of the court order, called an “interlocutor”, made by Lord Pentland at the Court ofContinue reading "THE FABIANI WHITEWASH AND THE COURT ORDER"
If you want to know how utterly bereft of truth the whole political process now is in Scotland you need look no further than the Fabiani Whitewash – aka the “Report of the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints”. One of the many reasons why the Sturgeon clique had to concede AlexContinue reading "THE FABIANI WHITEWASH"
Text messages now published in full by the Scottish Parliament show conclusively that Liz Lloyd, Special Adviser and Chief of Staff to Nicola Sturgeon, did interfere in the Salmond complaints process, contrary to vehement denials made on Lloyd’s behalf in March this year. Lloyd has previously claimed that she only suspected there may be aContinue reading "LIZ LLOYD’S INTERFERENCE IN...
I’ve copied the press release below from the Wings Over Scotland website. The selective prosecution of Craig Murray by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) is one more shameful chapter in their disgraceful history of incompetence and bad faith. Legal precedent will be set tomorrow as Craig Murray will be the first personContinue reading "THE CROWN CAME FOR...
Last week my firm sent the following letter to the Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain, QC: “We act for Mr Mark Hirst. Please treat this letter as intimation of a claim by him against your staff. “Mr Hirst was prosecuted for an offence under section 38(1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 followingContinue reading "MARK HIRST’S CLAIM OF MALICIOUS PROSECUTION"
I was astonished to discover recently that you support of the “reforms” proposed by the Scottish Government to the Gender Recognition Act of 2004. Surely you see that this is a matter of the most basic ontology and epistemology. This is what is proposed, as I assume you know: Grounds on which application to beContinue reading "LETTER TO A FRIEND"
According to the latest bulletin from Scottish Government mouthpiece Rape Crisis Scotland, the First Minister’s Chief of Staff Liz Lloyd intervened in the Salmond complaints process on behalf of a woman who later became “one of the complainers” against Salmond at his criminal trial. The woman – let’s call her Ms X – has usedContinue reading "AN URGENT QUESTION"
Documents just released by the Scottish Government strongly suggest that the First Minister’s Principal Private Secretary John Somers attended a crucial meeting on 13 November 2018 where advice was sought from senior counsel on the crisis that had arisen in the defence of Alex Salmond’s judicial review action. Somers has previously denied on solemn affirmationContinue reading "DID JOHN...
Part Three of A Very Scottish Coup is nearly done and I’ll post it tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a couple of things I’ve discovered while writing it. The first thing is this: The Scottish Government have always claimed that the requirement in their procedure for an Investigating Officer to have “no prior involvementContinue reading "WHAT THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT KNEW AND WHEN...
My apologies to all of my readers who are eagerly awaiting Parts Three and Four of A Very Scottish Coup, and especially to all of my readers who are journalists with the Murdoch and Newsquest titles, but I just had to take this short break to let you all know that the events I haveContinue reading "IN SHOCK MOVE, BLOG TRANSITIONS TO NEWS"
In Part One, I asked what would happen if we suspended disbelief, and all of our critical faculties, and took Nicola Sturgeon and her civil servants at their word on the handling of complaints against Alex Salmond. Specifically, I asked what would happen if we believed Sturgeon, Evans and the rest that the First MinisterContinue reading "A VERY SCOTTISH COUP (PART TWO)"
Let me be clear, as the First Minister herself likes to say. I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon was being truthful when she made this statement to the Scottish Parliament on 10 January 2019 about the complaints against Alex Salmond: “I did not know how the Scottish Government was dealing with the complaint, I did notContinue reading "A VERY SCOTTISH COUP (PART ONE)"
Here is the further interview I did with Tommy Sheridan for his podcast Tommy Talks on the Sputnik website in which we address the questions of what lay behind the Scottish Government conspiracy against Alex Salmond and how the present inquiry has been designed to fail. My sincere apologies to readers waiting for A VeryContinue reading "THE SMOKING GUN"
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