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The SNP has a vibrant and thriving presence in Glasgow, with active branches across the city.
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07/12/2021The SNP has criticised the UK government for "ignoring" the concerns raised by the Work and Pensi… read more >
24/11/2021If you follow my work, you'll know that a real area of focus for me ever since I was first electe… read more >
01/12/2021Only independence can protect Scottish incomes The SNP has said only independence can … read more >
16/11/2021Only independence can protect ScotlandThe UK government's failure to match the Living … read more >
This episode takes an in-depth look at the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget – both what was announced and the hidden shocks that were buried in the detail of the red book. […]
03/11/2021The SNP is urging the UK government to "do the right thing" and U-turn on plans to scrap the Trip… read more >
28/10/2021Tory cuts, tax rises and Brexit leave families worse offThe SNP has said the UK Budget… read more >
25/10/2021My Autumn newsletter is available to download now.This newsletter will give you an idea … read more >
22/10/2021The COP26 summit is coming to Glasgow and will bring parties together with the aim of acceleratin… read more >
15/10/2021I had the real pleasure yesterday of being able to visit Eastbank Care Home to commend the team o… read more >
14/10/2021I had the pleasure of visiting the newly-opened community café at the Hub in Wellhouse earlier t… read more >
04/10/2021On Sunday 3rd October 2021, I laced up my running shoes once again to hit the streets of London a… read more >
13/10/2021On Friday, I was really glad to attend PEEK’s community engagement event on the Gallowgate and … read more >
04/10/2021SNP demand prime minister reverses cut for challenge poverty weekThe SNP's Shadow Work… read more >
29/09/2021With one week to go until the cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit, a Glasgow MP has ur… read more >
30/09/2021The SNP has slammed the UK government for its "pitiful and deeply cynical" attempt to cover up re… read more >
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