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The SNP has a vibrant and thriving presence in Glasgow, with active branches across the city.
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In this week’s episode of East End Ears, local MP David Linden takes a lot at the current economic chaos and explains what it means for our communities. Recorded on […]
07/09/2022For several years now, the Tories have been promising an Employment Bill which they have not brou… read more >
19/08/2022David Linden MP is demanding urgent action from the UK Government to financially support people w… read more >
22/07/2022Last week, the campaign for proper paid leave for the parents of premature and sick babies moved … read more >
15/06/2022The Scottish Government has published the first in a series of papers, titled ‘Building a New S… read more >
Stuart McDonald MP has introduced a Bill in the House of Commons which aims to support the parents of premature and sick babies.
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