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Glasgow SNP +GlasgowSNP
The SNP has a vibrant and thriving presence in Glasgow, with active branches across the city.
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15/10/2021I had the real pleasure yesterday of being able to visit Eastbank Care Home to commend the team o… read more >
14/10/2021I had the pleasure of visiting the newly-opened community café at the Hub in Wellhouse earlier t… read more >
04/10/2021On Sunday 3rd October 2021, I laced up my running shoes once again to hit the streets of London a… read more >
13/10/2021On Friday, I was really glad to attend PEEK’s community engagement event on the Gallowgate and … read more >
04/10/2021SNP demand prime minister reverses cut for challenge poverty weekThe SNP's Shadow Work… read more >
29/09/2021With one week to go until the cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit, a Glasgow MP has ur… read more >
30/09/2021The SNP has slammed the UK government for its "pitiful and deeply cynical" attempt to cover up re… read more >
It’s Reusable Nappy Week and in this special episode of East End Ears, I’m joined by Magnus Smyth from Queenslie-based reusable nappy company TotsBots as well as Sarah Moyes from Friends of the Earth Scotland. In this episode we discuss the important role that real nappies play in reducing the amount of plastic...
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