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The SNP has a vibrant and thriving presence in Glasgow, with active branches across the city.
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19/01/2022Only independence will deliver strong social security netA new report by the Resolutio… read more >
18/01/2022Low income households to spend 18% of income on energy billsThe SNP has said the UK go… read more >
17/01/2022SNP challenge UK Gov over "inadequate" sick pay levelsThe UK government is under mount… read more >
14/01/2022The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman is pressing the UK government to urgently rectify … read more >
07/01/2022Only independence can deliver fair social security systemOver 344,000 households acros… read more >
05/01/2022The SNP has said independence is the only way to protect Scotland’s pensioners – as new analy… read more >
20/12/2021My office will close to take a short break over the festive period so that my small team of staff… read more >
15/12/2021The Home Office is facing renewed pressure to drop its ban on asylum seekers having the right to … read more >
07/12/2021Every Glasgow MP has signed a letter to the Minister for Crime and Policing to warn that the UK G… read more >
07/12/2021The SNP has criticised the UK government for "ignoring" the concerns raised by the Work and Pensi… read more >
24/11/2021If you follow my work, you'll know that a real area of focus for me ever since I was first electe… read more >
01/12/2021Only independence can protect Scottish incomes The SNP has said only independence can … read more >
16/11/2021Only independence can protect ScotlandThe UK government's failure to match the Living … read more >
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