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Claim Scottish data shows 'negative efficacy' of Covid-19 vaccine is False
Youth justice needs a radical overhaul to stop the system from failing Scottish children by sending them to prison, it has been claimed. 
The “illegal” dumping of masses of dead fish in sand dunes on a Hebridean beauty spot is finally set to end, The Ferret can reveal.
An environmental activist deceived into an intimate relationship by an undercover police officer who operated in Scotland has been awarded £229,000 in compensation.
Two Edinburgh-based investment firms are shareholders in an energy company which plans to develop two of the largest untapped oil fields in the UK North Sea. 
New guidelines which campaigners say could benefit communities around nuclear sites have been boycotted by a UK Government nuclear agency.
Animal welfare campaigners have voiced fears that canine fertility clinics cashing in on the booming puppy trade are offering veterinary procedures that should only be performed by qualified vets.
The Prime Minister is under significant pressure after revelations about parties being held at Number 10. FFS looked at the ways a Prime Minister can be unseated. 
Jacobite experts have warned against a developer’s plans to build a lorry park on the site of a 1715 Jacobite battlefield and the world’s oldest Roman frontier road.
A horticultural firm claiming to lead the way in moving towards alternatives to peat-based compost, lobbied the UK Government to be allowed to sell the product to gardeners beyond 2030, an investigation by The Ferret has found. 
Three out of every four care home places are now provided by private companies, according to new data which reveals the growing privatisation of care.
The relative level of the state pension in the UK compared to the rest of the world has been regularly used as a criticism of the UK Government.
The UK’s biggest care home provider has been fined £640,000 by a Scottish court after one of its residents choked on a piece of doughnut and died.
Last year Sandra Holmes set up Families Campaigning for Change, a group of parents whose children have struggled with addiction. Now the group is calling on the Scottish Government to provide a national helpline and out-of-hours-services it insists will save lives.
Nearly 50 per cent of 16-24 year olds in Scotland said that their financial situation negatively impacts their…
Two women formerly involved Patriotic Alternative  – a far right group whose most active chapter is in Scotland – have described how they suffered depression and suicidal thoughts after misogynistic abuse and threats by its supporters.
A senior figure at NatureScot expressed concern there was no “coherent strategy” at the Scottish Government’s wildlife agency on how to tackle the decline of some of Scotland’s most precious natural sites.
Boris Johnson’s press conference on 4 January updated the public on the UK Government’s response to the Omicron variant of Covid-19, and he made a series of comments encouraging people to get a booster vaccination.
The Scottish Government has been urged to scrap controversial standardised testing in schools after figures revealed that as few as 52 per cent of pupils completed them.
A Scottish walking charity has condemned Network Rail for closing more than 1,250 level crossings in Britain since 2009, obstructing access for walkers.
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