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A proposal to investigate eating beavers to limit their numbers was dropped from Scotland’s new wild beaver strategy following inquiries from The Ferret.
A far right activist linked to a banned neo-Nazi terror group gave a speech at a secretive event last weekend in Stirling organised by the white nationalist group, Patriotic Alternative Scotland.
The ‘mini budget’ announced at the end of September has had significant consequences for the country and the prime minister. 
Brokers based in London are introducing clients to a controversial Bermudian insurer which was set up by the oil industry.
Scotland’s green watchdog was accused of allowing the “illegal operation” of a Scottish Water site which has polluted an East Lothian beach for a decade.
A firm in Bermuda is providing insurance coverage to companies behind two of the biggest and most controversial new oil fields in the North Sea.
Ferret fact Service looks at a number of claims in a speech by Mhairi Black MP, which recently went viral on social media.
Ferret Fact Service looks into a claim about Russia's involvement in funding some of the opposition to fracking.
People with both mental health and drug and alcohol problems are being let down by the services meant to help them, according to a report by the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland.
The FFS Show interviews Dr Carlos Diaz Ruiz about flat earth theory.
Ali is joined by Ferret journalist Jamie Mann for episode 39 of the FFS Show. This week we look at flat earth theory. Ali interviews marketing expert Dr Carlos Diaz Ruiz from Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. He explains how promoters of the flat earth conspiracy use marketing techniques to spread the theory, and how such techniques are present in other grand conspiracies such as QAnon. Show...
The number of people who have had their benefits sanctioned in Scotland has doubled over the last three years.
A lobby group with ties to the Tory Party wants Westminster to overrule Scotland's ban on underground gas extraction.
A plan intended to aid the spread of beavers across the whole of Scotland has been published, with more than a quarter of a million acres marked as potential habitat.
Ferret Fact Service looks into a claim about the Queen's funeral and the national anthem.
96 MPs have had trips paid for by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt over the last eight years.
Baron Vaux of Harrowden is in dispute with his Galloway tenants after water supplies to their homes repeatedly failed quality standards.
Ferret Fact Service looks at a claim about inheritance tax and the royal family.
Survivors of gender-based violence in Scotland are being forced to choose between paying their bills and accessing justice, experts and campaigners have warned.
This week on the FFS Show, Ali is back with new podcast, looking at how to tackle misinformation.
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