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Expats For Scotland +ExpatScotland
The objective of this group is to provide a discussion forum & a promotion source for achieving Scottish Independence, across Scots expat community globally
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More Scottish resources going to London

Deal for London business district will meet almost three-quarters of electricity demand from wind power
Ireland 65bl. Surplus meanwhile Scotlands wealth gets paid towards a stupid coronation of a foreign old man

Map of locations where non-NHS providers are providing NHS-funded care
Well done Andy! #AndyMurray

“Nice touch at the end of the final when the tournament plays Flower of Scotland …..⁦@ATPAixenProvenc⁩ 🎶 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🎾👌”
What an horrible human being, sitting there in a gold carriage paid for by the public

The monarch arrived at Westminster Abbey ahead of schedule on Saturday morning and had to wait outside for five minutes before entering the church.

A POSTBOX decorated in celebration of the King’s coronation has been covered with pro-republican stickers, graffiti and eggs.
While Nadia and I were in London we were keen to showcase Scottish designers. Thanks to Slanj Kilts and Anjalis Boutique for my Scottish-Asian fusion outfit and to Siobhan Mackenzie, William Chambers Millinery and Chris Hunt (IG @mrchrishunt) for Nadia's stunning outfit.

📷 Pic credit: PA / Jane Barlow.

As London wheels out the gold coach and the diamond hat as its people starve and freeze, in Glasgow more than 20 thousand Scottish Independence supporters we...

I think this tweet from Green peer Jenny Jones to be pertinent: I am aware of the anger of some peers at the time this happened, and their amazement at Labour’s decision not to...

SCOTTISH independence supporters have taken to the streets of Glasgow showing their support for leaving the Union on the day of the King’s…
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