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The Edinburgh Yes Hub +EdinburghYesHub
We are a hub for progressive politics that are following on in the spirit of the YesScotland independence campaign.
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When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
We are looking to raise funds to help secure a new venue for the Edinburgh Yes Hub.The Edinburgh Yes Hub, that was kept going since the last referendum, has now closed. The Hub manager, Mike Blackshaw (pictured above), sadly passed recently, which preciptated the closure. He gave his all to the independence campaign, but now we volunteers believe a new more central, higher-profile location...
The folks at the Hub are so sad to pass on that Mike Blackshaw died today around noon in the Marie Curie Hospice. He was peaceful at the end, with his wee brother, and has been constantly in the company of friends and family over the last days. He will be sorely missed and a hard act to follow. Arrangements will be shared soon, both about Mike's last event and also about what happens with his...
We are sorry to be posting this sad message. Mike Blackshaw's illness is now advanced and he is reaching his last days. This means that he is no longer able to contact you, himself and the key to the existing Hub will soon have to be returned to the landlord. The Hub bank account will soon cease to be in use for payments. We have told him our plan.

We need people to come in and remove anything...
First Scottish screening of The Vow from Hiroshima 1.30 Sep 3rd Sep
Edinburgh Yes Hub is a Venue (325) for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Here is our Programme:
The premiere screening/launch of short film A Guided Tour of the Unacceptable, followed by a live event featuring discussion, songs and stories from some of the film's participants, including Rachel Sermanni and Karine Polwart.
A Guided Tour of the Unacceptable is a geographical and historical tour of the UK’s nuclear weapons on the Clyde and resistance to them, with archive footage of...
No need to register at this stage -just turn up and donate if you want to. It would be great to see you!
The Edinburgh Yes Hub is moving into its 8th year; we have a solid community base yes organisation. We collect and contribute to three local Foodbanks, we have 21 shows in the hub at the Edinburgh Fringe. We will send a rep to the TPNW opening meeting of nations in Vienna. We wish to fund a series of Scottish History courses so we know Scotland's history. We will also do a late summer billboard...
IT'S TIME. The British Museum are about to renew their sponsorship deal with oil giant BP. We *must* stop them. Join us for a mass creative action at the museum on Saturday 23rd April - more details here:

The British Museum’s current 5-year deal with BP is coming to an end – but the British Museum’s management have been holding private talks with...
The ICRC urgently appeals to States that nuclear weapons are never used again is by prohibiting and eliminating them.
On Tuesday 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Scottish CND unequivocally condemns Russia’s military actions in the Ukraine and the threat to use nuclear weapons. Apply by 7 TH MARCH
Interviews same week
The Edinburgh Yes Hub based within a no area but can see locals beginning to come over to Yes. We ar… Mike Blackshaw needs your support for Annual Crowdfunder
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