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The People of Scotland Demand the Right to Vote on Their Own Future
Get your tickets soon and have a dance for St Andrews day. Promises to be a fantastic night.

Great and fun night, to fundraise for the Yes Campaign
Abortion services in Scotland, we have done well in improving services since taking control of Abortion law. What should a modern service look like and how can we get there? Free registration event at City Chambers.

Conversations for Action - Councillors, clinicians and campaigners learning and organising to support and improve services in Scotland.
Indepedent Scotland will have to pledge to being open to joining the euro at some future date; but it will control the timeline and could postpone indefinitely if it chooses.
WFI AGM will take place on Saturday 19th November, at Leith Arches. This year, our AGM will focus on the cost of living crisis, its impact on women and how this country could address the situation differently under independence. In solidarity with our Ukrainian sisters, we will also look at the impa...
Yes Edinburgh Eastern Autumn party. Alsidon Thewliss MP speaking, The Lime and The Coconut and John Player making music, Danny Aston Hosting, Raffle, Nibbles and great blethers to be had. Buy tickets now don't miss out.
Bring a non perishable item for our Foodbank collection if you can.

Evening of talk, music and fun, host Cllr Danny Aston, Guest...
Free Abortion Rights Scotland Webinar Thursday 6th October at 7.30pm. Find out what decriminalisation would mean and why it is important. Eventbrite free registration link below.

Join Abortion Rights Scotland and Engender for this webinar to discuss what decriminalisation could mean for abortion services in Scotland.
Let’s get gone, can’t come soon enough. Toxic Tory Government we never vote for has sunk the Union. Enough is enough.

In 2014, Labour, Tories and the Lib Dems told Scotland to vote "No" to protect mortgages.

📉 Now, we're paying for the price for Westminster control with mortgages being hammered.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Let's put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands....
General Secretary of the RMT Mick Lynch warns the UK is on the brink of having "the most right-wing, extreme and militant government" ever, one that has declared "class war on ordinary people" with its mini-budget unveiled by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.
Run for the hills. Let’s get away from unwanted Tory Governments for good. Independence is our future.

👉 #BelieveinScotland
Scotland has huge potential to produce renewable electricity. At the moment, that is constrained by the UK’s energy policy, and also by the outdated, privatised National Grid which has lacked proper investment for years. Last week, National Grid finally laid out plans for the biggest investment in...
The last thing we need in this area is more student accommodation. We need community spaces that make the area feel like it is a place that people live in and gather in. Places that feel like ours. We are not a dormitory or a tax dodge for developers we are an area with history and connections. Studendents mainly can’t afford these places and also want to live in real communities not area that...
#edinburghwfi regularly gets “Oot n Aboot” with the independence message. Stop by and say hello, pick up some information. Have a chat with a likeminded woman. Come meet the “Oot n Abooters” on Saturday 30thJuly from 11am-1pm, on Dalry Road by the Co-Op. We will be with our good friends #Pensioners4Indy and #YesFountainBridge...
My imagination or is the whole edifice of privilege starting to crumble and shake? We know now how they are all linked together to protect their own wealth and position. Once the first part of the wall falls there will be no stopping it as we see more and more what they have been hiding from us. They are all just descendants of unscrupulous greedy ba***rds, willing to make alliance with modern day...
Independence Referendum
19th October 2023
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  History may record that Britain finally died the day the UK Government decided to rip the European Convention on Human Rights from the heart of Scotland’s devolution settlement. The leader of the group which drew up the Convention, in 1950, was a Scottish lawyer, Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe. As a pr...
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