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Find out more about the catastrophic Yemen war and how you can help end it, from Yemeni and UK peace activists
Marchmont/Morningside Yes Group are holding a stall on Middle Meadow Walk on 30 October 2021, 11am-1pm. It is the day before Cop26 starts, and will focus on Climate Action

***Important Information **
EWFI meeting on Saturday 16 October 2021
2 - 4pm, By ZOOM

To access the meeting you need to register at
[email protected] by 5pm Friday 15 October 2021

More news to follow.......

Women for Independence

Tickets are still available for our National Council this Saturday morning. I hope you can attend, as we'll be discussing something that affects all of us. The more women who attend, the more representative we can be.

Women’s lives are disproportionately affected by caring responsibilities and engaging with services on behalf of their loved ones.

Women also make up the...

Ta for sharing! Another one for the album

City of Edinburgh Council would like your views on how public open spaces in Edinburgh, that are controlled by the Council, are used for events and filming.

Stakeholders, including event and filming organisers, community councils, resident groups, business groups, friends’ groups, Council officers and interested individuals, have collaboratively engaged to develop and recommended key principles...
As many of us as possible are going to be there

A chummy, face to face gathering, the first since 2020.
Wouldn’t that be great, to meet n greet, say hi, see someone we’ve not seen for far toooooo long?

We’re hoping to stir up a storm, so bring your flags, buntings, a megaphone ( no joking!), our smiles, yourselves.’s looking good! Mild and no rain!
Flash Note….

** EWFI Meeting of Saturday 18 September is Cancelled**

Saturday 18th and we’ve reluctantly given up on the 3rd Saturday meeting routine!
Yes, even the sit down and zoom meeting.

That’s cos ......
Saturday 18th is the Day of Action, Scotland wide.

Instead, if you can, please drop by the
Middle Meadow Walk
11a m -1 pm

As many of us as possible...

YES Groups across Scotland have signed up to take part in an Autumn of Indy Action organised by Believe in Scotland and backed by The National.

Email [email protected] to register for the next meeting to be help Saturday 21 August from 2-4 pm

**Look forward to seeing you all**
Scotland's Debate - TUE 21 SEP 2021 AT 7:30PM in Queens Hall

This is a further postponement for the show originally due to happen on Wed 15 April 2020. All tickets are valid for the new date.
So very excited! Ootnaboot is BACK!
More later but clear your diary for NEXT TUESDAY

The convoy carrying Nuclear Weapons between Burghfield in England and Coulport on the West Coast of Scotland. If you see these trucks please contact Nukewatch UK:…
Support food sovereignty week, more important than ever - look out for our next Newsletter with more information...

From Independence Live
Food Sovereignty Week
16th to 23rd August
Provenance - Resilience - Sustenance.

There are increasing concerns about Scotland's food sovereignty in light of the Internal Markets Act and the Australia-UK free trade agreement.

Most Scots are aware of the...
Join us for our next Zoom meeting.....

Email [email protected] to register

our next Zoom meeting to be help Saturday 17 July from 2-4 pm by Zoom

**Look forward to seeing you all**

p.s. check your inbox for the minutes of our last Zoom meeting

Pensioners for Independence Edinburgh & Lothians


We hope this finds you all well, and enjoying the Scottish summer, some lovely warm sun interspersed with heavy rain and thunderstorms - our new normal with climate change. We hope all members found the comments made by those who attended the chat meeting held on the 18th May...
Edinburgh Yes Hub

We have a wee bit of trouble for the first time in 3 years we can not pay our rent and electricity bill. We since reopening have had little sales from a few customers and lost a council grant which was initially agreed and of course i pre spent it. My fault but to be honest one i think most people would make. I am asking for a few pounds to assist, not my style but needs be....
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