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Legend Michael Stewart backs SNP! We need to elect the strongest Scottish National Party (SNP) team possible to deliver for Edinburgh, including Neil Gardiner & Fiona Glasgow as outstanding champions for Pentland Hills Ward. #VoteSNP 🗳
100. We successfully hosted EUROCITIES Conference in 2018. This built stronger relationships between Edinburgh & other European Capitals, helping us learn from best practice & deliver the best possible future for all our residents.
99. We reorganised local community planning partnerships, signing all City partners up to 3 core aims of ensuring our residents have: a good place to live, enough money to live on & access to education, training or work.
98. We more than quadrupled developer contributions from 2017 to last year. This provided almost £23m in the last year alone to help meet infrastructure demands of new developments, like school expansions.
97. We’ve tackled empty homes, doing thorough work to find empty properties & then engaged with owners with advice & information to bring them back into residential use.
96. We’ve delivered a new Tourism Strategy, moving away from promoting growth, prioritising residents’ needs & focusing on protecting Edinburgh’s environment. Post-COVID we have successfully held to our strategy’s aims.
95. We’ve drafted a new development plan that protects the green belt & focuses much-needed affordable house building onto brownfield sites- where transport links are stronger & local services have capacity.
94. We’ve transformed the approach to supporting people getting the care they need with the “Three Conversations” model- delivering needed support quicker & aiding recovery of people who have suffered events like strokes.
93. We’ve supported people to make their homes able to meet their needs, investing more than £4m adapting houses with changes like wet rooms & ramps to help people remain in their homes.
We'll build new schools across Edinburgh, as well as investing in existing ones to refurbish or expand them.
92. We increased Care staff pay by around 25%. Locally & nationally, pre & post-pandemic, we recognised the value of our carers. That’s why we invested in Carers’ pay over the last 5 years to support staff delivering lifeline services.
91. We’ve reduced delayed discharges by around 60%, meaning far more people getting out of hospital and back home with the social care support they needed to live independently.
To make Edinburgh cleaner and tidier, elect SNP councillors on May 5th. Full manifesto at
90. We ran a series of events through COP26, partnering with the Chamber of Commerce as well as supporting an exhibition “SpACE” on Lauriston Place to help inform people about building adaptation solutions to climate change.
89. We’re intervening early to support young people & other at risk groups, like prison leavers, becoming homeless. Developing a physical hub for young people at risk of homelessness, & pathways for other groups to access any support, services or accommodation they needed.
88. We’ve expanded advice services, providing extra Income Maximisation Officers, to work with people right across Edinburgh get access to the benefits & income they’re entitled to fight child poverty & reduce risk of people experiencing homelessness.
87. We’ve tackled antisocial behaviour. Bringing Police, NHS, Social Work, Housing & others like schools together to tackle the root problems leading to antisocial behaviour & find proper solutions. We’re now rolling out this approach across the City as “Stronger Edinburgh”.
86. We worked with Edinburgh University & local Edinburgh charities to develop a ‘Street Support App’ which provides easy to access information on support & services available for people experiencing homelessness.
85. We’ve protected Edinburgh’s World Heritage status, with almost all historic buildings that were at risk now having a secured & sustainable future to protect our built heritage for generations to come.
84. We’ve launched £1bn plan for investment in the Bioquarter, investment which will expand world-leading work in data & medical science in partnership with the NHS & our Universities.
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