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Pro-Europeans. Making the positive case for our future in Europe
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Taking place via Zoom on the 17th June 2021, eu+me held its second live panel of regionally-focused discussion and debate concerning Scotland’s position – economically, culturally, geopolitically – in the aftermath of Brexit. This second event saw its panel come from Fife & Tayside to mobilise discussion on the issues that mattered most to them, as well as to share their thoughts about...
On the 10th June 2021, we hosted our very first live panel in our series of regionally-focused discussions and debates around the impact of Brexit across Scotland.
Hannah talks to us about the impact on the Orcadian community post Brexit.
Join us for The Finale this Thursday with:
Award-winning crime writer Val McDermid
Angus Robertson for Edinburgh Central - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP - Scottish Liberal Democrats 
Lorna Slater - Scottish Greens - Scottish Green Party 
Whisky Kiss & Iona Fyfe & #SlawekJustynski
Anthony Barnett - Europe for Scotland
Author & broadcaster Billy Kay
Dr Donald Macaskill - Scottish Care
Event Details
Val McDermid, Angus Robertson MSP, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, Whisky Kiss, Lorna Slater MSP, Anthony Barnett, Iona Fyfe, Billy Kay, Slawek Justynski, Dr Donald Macaskill
Welcome to Edinburgh & Central for our Gathering!

Our Panel:
Amy Louise Ross - Baby Taylah
Nicoletta Primo - Sight Scotland
Anthony Salamone - European Merchants
Bruce Walker - FutureX
Kevin Pringle - Charlotte Street Partners
Bill Rodger - Edinburgh4Europe
Gary Paterson - College of Europe
James Ritchie - McGill &...
#Fife & #Tayside hosts #TheGathering!!

Welcome to our guests:
Dunshalt Community Shop
Stephen Gethins
Joao Kay
Billy Kay
Nick Bibby
Whisky Kiss
John & Karin Vaughan
#TheGathering with location no.1 - GLASGOW AND THE WEST!
With our Panel:
Musician: Nico Ev Music
Anthony Salamone - European Merchants
Dr Philippa Whitford SNP MP
Morag Cassidy - Light on the Path
Daniela Sime - University of Strathclyde
Bayile Adeoti - Dechomai Ltd
Angie Mwafulirwa - Founder of Sharpen Her...
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