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The Dundee and Angus Greens are a long-standing group of Scottish Green Party members from Dundee and Angus.
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We're really excited to see that a date has finally been set for implementing the free bus travel for under 21s won by Green MSPs in the previous session of the Scottish Parliament. There are many reasons why this is a great thing, but one of them is that especially for young people in rural areas like Angus this will make a huge difference to their ability to seek and access work coming out of...
Maggie popped into The Little Green Larder for a visit on Friday, it is a fantastic locally run sustainable shop on Dundee’s Perth Road.

They have been nominated for the Food Hero Scot award and need your help getting into the top 3!

Please give them a vote via the link below!


It's very concerning to see that Dundee's "Housing First" programme is at risk in the Council's hands. We know from Finland and elsewhere that housing first is by far the most effective way to tackle homelessness. And by helping stop the many social problems homelessness causes it's been proven to actually save money overall.

Fears have been voiced for the future of a pioneering project...
It's 100 days until #COP26 in Glasgow.

With just 9 years left to limit global warming to a level we can survive, we need credibility from world leaders - on an immediate start to the just transition, on investment in green infrastructure, and on a move away from oil & gas.
This is a haunting read.

Diana Six, an entomologist studying beetles near Glacier national park in Montana, says the crisis has fundamentally changed her profession
We're calling for 16 and 17 year old workers to be offered the vaccine to mitigate the heightened risk they're being put at as workplaces reopen.

Young workers have consistently been put in some of the highest risk environments during the pandemic, like supermarkets and other shops, and they deserve the same protection as everyone else.
180 deaths from flooding in Germany, 808 from the heat dome in British Columbia alone. Just two examples from two countries over the past two months. Not even beginning to count loss to animal life. Oil extraction is murder. Failing to stop it, let alone permitting new fields makes the government knowingly complicit. It's that simple.

Activists are occupying a UK Government hub in Edinburgh to...
Housing is one of the most crucial sectors we need to focus on to fight the climate crisis. We need a programme of insulation and installation of low carbon heating technology on a massive scale. No one should have to negotiate a bureaucratic minefield and run the risk of ending up out of pocket in order to insulate their home.

A Dundee man claims he has been left thousands of pounds out of...
18,000 families in Scotland are now affected by the 2-child benefit cap, a 25% increase in a single year.

“Taking almost £3,000 per child from some of our poorest families seriously undermines Scotland’s efforts to reduce child poverty" - Maggie Chapman MSP

THE Scottish...
“This report makes it crystal clear that despite best efforts Scotland has failed to shift people from prison to community sentences, even though all the evidence shows it is more effective at reducing reoffending and less costly.

“We urgently need to change the whole approach to justice and sentencing in Scotland, focusing on community sentences and restorative justice rather than...
The Scottish Green Party has been calling for a more cautious approach to opening up. As Lorna Slater MSP has said:

"We remain particularly worried about those who remain vulnerable and for young people who may be asked to return to work or study without being fully vaccinated."

This article illustrates why we're taking this position. Young people in Dundee are caught in a Catch 22. Work and...
"The climate emergency could have been an opportunity to radically imagine our city to make it cleaner, happier, healthier and more equal. Instead Dundee City Council's approach has been to take timid, baby steps. The climate crisis is a real emergency which poses a catastrophic threat to the future of our city.
It’s a good thing the council admits that, but it’s high time they acted...
A powerful new piece by North East Scotland MSP Maggie Chapman

THIS week we remembered the dead and injured of the Piper Alpha disaster.
“Last year, Baker Hughes cut 15% of their workforce globally, that's 10,000 workers. This is just one company. The insecurity of fossil fuels, and the damage to our environment, show why we need a transition to secure, sustainable jobs of the future. Fast.” - Maggie Chapman MSP
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