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The Dundee and Angus Greens are a long-standing group of Scottish Green Party members from Dundee and Angus.
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Increasing access to allotments is one of the things we'd have focused in if we had had a councillor elected on 5th. If it's something you'd like to see too please fill out this consultation.

The Scottish Government are doing a consultation on the allotments & community empowerment! 💚

If you feel there should be a greater amount of growing spaces in Glasgow, please fill in the consultation...
Where would you site a new national park?

The Scottish Government made the commitment as part of an agreement with the Scottish Green Party.
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
People will form their own conclusions as to whether this particular direct action is productive or not. However, the fact remains that we in Dundee face a pollution crisis which disproportionately affects the health and the lives of the least advantaged people in our communities, but wasn't created by them; and that the continuing popularity of SUVs is completely incompatible with avoiding...
Local council election results for individual ballot boxes are now available. We're still in the process of analysing this data, but what we've seen so far is very interesting.

One striking observation is that across our region we seem to have done very, very well in third preference votes. Since second preference votes were usually for a second candidate from the same party this means that we...
The Miley is one of Dundee's hidden treasures. We hope that the incoming SNP administration in the Council will treat action on fly tipping in Dundee's green spaces as a priority.

Tyres dumped and then set on fire at a Dundee nature reserve posed a "serious risk" to both visitors and wildlife. Firefighters were called to tackle the
With the passion he put into his campaign, Ian deserved to win, and he would have been a fantastic addition to Angus Council. But the vote he did receive was an incredible achievement. Hundreds of people have now voted Green in Kirriemuir and the surrounding villages in a council election, in most cases probably for the first time.

A big thank you to the 1,478 people who took the time to vote...
Yesterday was a great day for the Scottish Green Party, with new councillors elected from Shetland to the Borders. It's a shame we haven't added to that number this time around; but we're hugely proud of the campaign we've run, with far more candidates and far more votes than ever before. In the Dundee wards of Coldside, West End and Maryfield we hit 10% or more of the first preference vote,...
Marley ran a fantastic campaign, coming from zero to take 4.2% of the vote. Forfar is now well and truly on the Green electoral map!

Oh well, I didn’t get elected, but I would like to thank everyone who did vote for me. Congrats to the successful candidates. Maybe next time 😜
It’s the moment of truth tomorrow! Vote for me!
Tomorrow, if you want to vote for a candidate who
- Will fight for real action on the climate emergency & pollution
- Genuinely believes in empowering local communities
- Supports real action on rents, decent housing and affordable transport
Just two days to go until the election! One more chance to showcase some of our amazing candidates asking for your first vote on Thursday. First up is Marley Hunter, standing on Forfar and District.

Marley is fighting for a fairer future for Forfar:

- An inclusive Council that listens to local needs
- Support for local food producers
- Addressing local concerns about inappropriately zoned...
Eid mubarak to everyone celebrating!
Dundee and Angus Greens members join the Dundee Trades Council May Day March including Maggie Chapam, MSP and Coldside council candidate Tanya Jones. With pensions under attack and wages being made to stretch ever further to cover basic essentials, workers' struggle has never been more important.
"We don't have any Scottish Green councillors in Dundee at the moment - we think that might be about to change - but when we do, action on housing will be an absolute priority for us. You have my word that as a councillor I'll be asking the awkward questions, I'll be making those awkward reminders and I'll be doing all that I can to make sure that complacency and inaction aren't comfortable...
Working For Scotland
"It's really important that people who are disenfranchised have a voice. I grew up in poverty and I know that you don't think to get in touch with these important people who don't know where you're coming from."

Marley Hunter, Scottish Green Party candidate for Forfar and District speaking to The National

"CHAOTIC, to say the least.” That description of the current administration of Angus...
"We want to see a Dundee that becomes a safe place to grow up in, a safe place to move around in, a safe place for nature and a safe place for everyone"

Watch our Coldside candidate Tanya Jones answer readers' questions in the Courier's council election debate!

Councils run many of the essential services that matter most in our daily lives - but local elections can sometimes feel like the...
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