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Disabled For Yes +DisabledForYes
For people with disabilities and their supporters who recognise the advantages of Scottish independence.
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We need as many signatures as possible! Please sign and share! Keep disabled people as decision makers! Keep Disabled People As Decision Makers
"Any debate would have to address the government’s record on disability, austerity, the NHS and the failing state of our schools. And these are the issues May is scared about.
Theresa May is not looking tough with her violent ‘crushing’ rhetoric. Refusing to debate makes her look weak, scared and ashamed of her government’s record. It is essential that these debates go ahead. And it is...
If you would like to be at the Midlothian protest this Tuesday and need some help with transport, please get in touch via Facebook messenger.
Hi. Does anyone have contact with any Welsh people with disabilities and support an independent Wales?
Good luck to Scotland.✊
Hi there,

I was wondering if you have plans to join the SIC as a campaign group, and if so, how can I help? :) Truth behind Scottish Tories
Hi People. Over the last few weeks there has been some discussion and interest about making Disabled People for Yes politically active. Myself and Richard Kermath met up the other day to discuss this in person and I know Michael McEwan and Collette Walker are interested and have being doing some ground work. Myself and Richard would like to propose the following:

That we aim to have a meeting...
Just wondering if you guys have set up again? Are you still having meetings? Thanks
Jamie Szymkowiak writes for Yes on how cruel Tory policies make the case for independence. 📣 "If we are persuading people in and around our own sphere of influence, Johnson’s anti-democratic position will crumble."

✍️ Jamie Szymkowiak writes for Yes.
Today is the International Day of Disabled People and as we are 9 days from the most important election of our lifetimes, it’s only right to focus on what this means for disabled people.
📣 Jamie Szymkowiak on why Scotland needs independence: “Time and time again, Westminster policies have let the people of Scotland down. By controlling our own future, Scotland can be a more inclusive and fairer nation for all.”✍️ Pledge your support at
Do you have any good stories and pictures from yesterday's march?
Have you got experience of austerity, universal credit, sanctions, mandatory reconsideration or loss of your benefits? In November the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Professor Philip Alston, will undertake an official visit to the UK at the invitation of the UK Government. Inclusion Scotland will be submitting evidence to the UN Special Rapporteur....
Any Midlothian folks wanting to get involved? Please comment if you would like to be contacted to arrange help with travel!
All over Scotland Yes groups are reforming and some completely new ones are starting up. Its now time for YesMidlothian to restart in anticipation of a second Independence referendum. YesMidlothian is an all party and no party organisation and welcomes help and support from residents in Midlothian who want to see Scotland free from Westminster rule.One of the first steps is to bring together...
We have 5 very exciting internship opportunities for disabled people open for applications now! Internships are in Dingwall, Glasgow, and Edinburgh with High Life Highland, Sopra Steria, CCA Glasgow/Scottish Queer International Film Festival and The Scottish Government in research, project management, sales, and community development. See our website for full details, eligibility and how to...
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