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Eleven children receiving NRC trauma care killed in their homes by Israeli air strikes

The Norwegian Refugee Council confirmed today that 11 of over 60 children killed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza over the last week were participating in its psycho-social programme aimed at helping...
I just signed the open letter: Welcome Scotland back in the EU. It's important! Please join me by reading the letter and signing it here:

We are Europeans from across the continent and around the world. We want the people of Scotland to know thatContinue readingEurope for Scotland
An independent Scotland has at least two alternative ways of connecting with Europe – full EU membership or the “halfway house” membership of Norway and Iceland. This talk examines Nordic templates for relationships with Europe – and much besides.

Live streamed from Burgh Hall, Dunoon 29 Sept 2017.
Streamed live from Burgh Hall, Dunoon on 25 July, 2017. Part of the Common Weal Summer Tour 2017.

All governments must renew themselves if they wish to remain relevant; the Scottish Government is no exception.

Common Weal has been working on well researched proposals that the Scottish Government should embrace and...
Recorded live 6 June, 2017.

Election Hustings from Lochgilphead with candidates:
Michael Kelly (Lab)
Gary Mulvaney (Con)
Brendan O'Hara (SNP)
Alan Reid (LibDem)
Revive national hustings - grouse moor reform
Bahraini human rights defender Abdul-Hadi al-Khawaja turns 60 on his 10th anniversary in prison

IFEX joins human rights organisations from across the globe in calling for the unconditional and immediate release of prominent Bahraini human rights defender Abdul-Hadi...

Add your name – it takes 30 seconds >> @BrendanOHaraSNP

The British government is sure progress is being made over human rights – but activists tell a different story, writes Bel Trew
"The Americans told me honestly: 'we can't affect change in Bahrain unless the British agree. And the British won't agree unless the Saudis agree',"

The sense of optimism that spurred on demonstrators on 14 February 2011 has been obliterated as foreign governments continue to acquiesce to a...

Forty MPs sign letter urging closure of police master’s course run in building where dissidents say they were tortured

Two upcoming grands prix in Bahrain leaves uncomfortable questions about furthering human rights via sport

Former member of CIA's Senior Intelligence Service Emile Nakhleh looks at likelihood that Bahrain's prime minister will push new reforms.

There should be a public inquiry into Government contracts granted during Covid-19. Many contracts have been granted without full and open procurement processes. A public inquiry would be able to ascertain whether contracts had been procured fairly and represent value for money for tax payers.

Sophie Hill explains how she found the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings at the centre of her vast interactive map of Government contracts
Organised by The Campaign to Save Inchgreen Dry Dock. LIVE from the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock. Come along & grill your prospective Westminster candidates. Starts 7pm. Recording will be available on our YouTube channel shortly.
Organised by The Campaign to Save Inchgreen Dry Dock. Tuesday 3 December at 7pm at Come along to the Beacon centre and quiz your prospective candidates.
Live from Dunoon Burgh Hall from 7.30pm with Argyll & Bute prospective candidates.
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