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Our aim is to inform discussion about pensioners' issues during the independence debate. We are not aligned to any political party.
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We all know that electricity prices will rise massively. This will have a disproportionate effect on older people like me, and other  less well off individuals, eg the unemployed and the low waged. But it will also have an effect on the economy due to higher utility costs for businesses. It is estimated that rises in costs of over 100% will not be uncommon.We call on Government to take...
"Since the Conservatives are once again trying to scare Scottish pensioners with the threat that they would lose their state pension if Scotland votes for independence, it’s worth revisiting the pensions question....""What is clear is that under no circumstances will an independent Scotland be expecting “English taxpayers” to foot the bill for Scottish pensions, and that state pensions will...
"Scotland can effectively force the UK to disarm. Scotland, as an independent country, could start a domino effect amongst the nuclear-armed states. Not only could independence mean that nuclear weapons are no longer housed in Scotland, but Scots could also have a major impact on disarmament efforts worldwide."
The short answer is very little or none.  Professor Murphy's answer is slighly longer, but well worth the read.
"A basic income should go to everyone, so everyone should have their say in what it looks like.  We want to spark a wave of Basic Income Conversations right across the country, embedding the idea into public consciousness.  Basic Income Conversations will spread the word about this big idea, taking basic income to thousands of people for the very first time. These Conversations...
"As with Brexit, the Tory strategy is simply to bluff it out as long as possible in the hopes that support for independence eventually declines, and then they can set about ‘reforming’ or ‘enhancing’ devolution in Scotland. Inevitably this would mean undermining devolution and ensuring that the SNP could never threaten Westminster sovereignty again."
Pensioners in the UK receive much less state pension than they would in many other countries around the world, according to the latest figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
“We must think of self-governing Scotland as an independent legal jurisdiction which has internationally recognised legal boundaries. A Customs officer at an immobile Customs Station, in an open-borders 21st Century European community, has very little impact and demonstrates how Unionists miss the point, whilst further; successfully confusing our electorate by claiming “hard borders” are a...
"I despair that Scotland is being governed by Westminster. How anyone in Scotland can support this is beyond me. Surely we can do better, much better. You may ask yourself why we have to look many thousands of miles away for this type of article while in the “Scottish” media there was silence."
Another very clear video by Professor Richard Murphy as to why it is imperative for Scotland to have its own currency as soon as possible after independence.
"Johnson wants to retain Scotland precisely because he knows London needs its economic support. Ignore the rigged data in Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland. The reality is that little England knows that it is sucking value from Scotland as hard as it can. And it does not want that to stop. And the chance that it might is what petrifies them."
"These arguments lead to at least three conclusions. The first is that Scotland does not have any obligation to compensate  England any part of the  so-called UK national debt as agent for the rest of the UK because no part of that debt can at present be attributed to Scotland.The second conclusion is that even if Scotland did have a notional liability owing to the rest of the UK...
"A government that will invest has to borrow. If you want a government that has a vision, a plan, and a hope for better things for everyone you want to know it’s willing to put money behind it. Running a deficit is about saying a government is building a better tomorrow. Isn’t that what we want?"
"the average interest rate paid on UK national debt has been falling steadily.So too has the cost of the interest on that debt be(e)n falling as a part of GDP and of total government spending. Just 4p in every pound the government now spends goes on interest payments. And two-thirds of that goes to people in the UK.In that case the idea that interest payments on the national debt will be a...
"As a matter of fact we have not repaid almost any of our national debt over the last 74 years. So why does anyone think we should start doing so now?"
"So what do we learn? Two essential things, I suggest. First, Labour borrows less than the Conservatives. The data shows that. And second, Labour has always repaid debt more often than the Conservatives, and has always repaid more debt, on average. The trend does not vary however you do the data. I have tried time lagging it for example: it makes no difference. Or, to put it...
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"But there is one bank that can never run out of money. And that is a central bank of a government that has its own sovereign currency, such as the Bank of England in the UK. The Bank of England can always pay. It can never fail. Because as the creator of all money, it can simply mark up its account with the government, and issue some more currency at will whenever it wants. The relationship...
"If Scotland had kept a geographic share of its oil wealth it would be £508 billion better off"
A useful synopsis of advice for citizens as at 6 March 2020.
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