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Cat and David talk about the new Elvis film, Class politics and the alleged referendum in 2023.
Cat and David talk about the future of the monarchy, the recent council elections and the ongoing war in Ukraine,
Cat and David talk about the future of the Queen, council elections and the ongoing war in Ukraine.
Cat and David examine the latest moral panic, and the continued mutation of establishment liberalism towards jingoism and authoritarianism.
Cat and David discuss vaccine virtue, the big NATO love-in and why women aren't having children...
Cat and David talk about the ongoing Tory crisis and whether indyref2 is actually going to happen in 2023...
Cat and David discuss the culture war, the internet and modern sexlessness.
Cat and David discuss the events at COP26, religious cults (again) and the lure of the selfie.
As COP26 colonises Glasgow, Cat and David ask if Nature is the new God, why politicians appeal to the wisdom of children, and why podcasts can't replace Catholic confession.
George Kerevan analyses the current economic dynamic in China and its political consequences.
For this year’s lecture series, Conter has teamed up with the Havens-Wright Centre for Social Justice to bring you some of the seminal voices in socialist theory today. 2021’s lectures will reflect on the ongoing crisis of capitalism and the ongoing failure of the left to capitalise on the system’s failings.
David Jamieson argues that the coalition government means more phony ‘progress‘ for Scotland and that independence is the only basis for the new administration’s legitimacy.
Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale take the long view of a military and political defeat for the United States and its allies.
Raymond Morrell reflects on Sharon Graham’s victory in her campaign to become General Secretary of Unite, and ask what comes next for the trade union movement.
Cat and David talk about the NGO industrial complex, Afghanistan, the new Scottish coalition government, strong men, hard times, soft men and good times. (ps. this is why I shouldn't footer with audio; glitches now fixed! also sorry I am swearing a lot. cat xx)
Cat and David discuss the NGO industrial complex in Afghanistan, the new coalition government in Scotland, strong men, hard times, soft men and good times.
David Jamieson responds to the Scottish Government’s call for Nato troops to remain in Afghanistan.
David Jamieson and Jonathon Shafi discuss the brutality of the Afghan occupation, its ultimate military and political defeat and the impact on US and British foreign policy.
Some on the left have attacked anti-imperialism in the wake of the defeat of Corbynism. Michael Doyle argues that it is absolutely essential, and that the calamity in Afghanistan only underlines this.
Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban in weeks. David Jamieson says this collapse should mark the end of ‘humanitarian intervention’ and that supporters of the war in Scottish politics should be held to account.
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