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Our goal is to help create a fairer, greener, more prosperous and more socially just Scotland, with a high quality of life for all. Pro-independence.
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It is a while since we have been in touch but a lot has been happening at Common Weal. This link will take you to the refreshed website page for Common Weal. There you will find information about their new Campaigns Page which is currently focussing on Common Weal's proposals for a New National Care Service. You can read all the documents there and a briefing on what actions might be taken by...
New Report: no more excuses – Scotland has the powers for land reform now

Scotland has all the powers it needs to achieve proper land reform quickly and legally, and a landmark new report from Common Weal and the New Economics Foundation for the Revive coalition for grouse moor reform shows how it can be done. Veteran land reformer Andy Wightman is calling this report a 'tipping point' and...
Yesterday Common Weal published their latest policy paper, ‘A Property Tax for Scotland: Replacing the Council Tax and Taxing Land’.

You can also read coverage in the Sunday National.

The Council Tax is widely recognised as being unfair, inefficient and outdated and is in need of replacement. Despite this, lawmakers have so far shied away from carrying out the radical overhaul necessary to...
A link to a CND Report.

Co-incidentially, a recent Global Weapons in Space Seminar at which the UK Government's support for the USA's intention to develop weapons in space noted that the proposed Sutherland Space Base was well placed to be used for such purposes.

Why did Britain find itself so...

DfE categorises idea as ‘extreme political stance’ equating to endorsing illegal activity
A petition you might want to sign. Reverse the BBC's decision to stop broadcasting the Scottish Government's daily briefing Frances O’Grady calls for pay rise pledge to be met, amid speculation it will be scrapped
South Ayrshire Council is introducing temporary measures to protect public health and support physical distancing. We’re looking for your feedback on our proposals, and what else we could do to help you.

These temporary measures are supported by the Spaces for People programme and will make it easier and safer for people to get around our streets for essential journeys.

The consultation is on...
The link to the UK Government Internal Market Policy Paper is attached below. It is open for comment until 16th August. The implications are significant and it is important we are aware of them and what we will lose. Find and participate in consultations run by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
The following is an exerp from a Scottish CND email. The anniversary this year is more poignant given Trump's threat to start nuclear testing again.

'Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There will be intensive social media activity from next week onwards from across the world. Scottish CND, Scrap Trident and others will be adding a Scottish...
Part 2 of A Resilient Scotland covering the period of the next full Scottish Parliament. Please let us know what you think of it so that we can feed back views to Robin and the team. This phase covers 2021-25 the four years of the next Scottish Parliament. It provides the detail of how the transformation envisaged can be achieved...
Part 2 of Resilient Scotland - links to the summary. Hope you enjoy the content but please let us know what you think. Just want a quick and easy version of the second part of the Plan? Read the summary.
We have been really heartened by the number of views this post has had and wanted to follow up by asking if you had looked at or indeed read 'Resilient Scotland a plan for Scotland's economic recovery' If you have we wondered if any of you have any comment or point of view on the contents of the plan? We would be really interested to know what you thought about it so that we can let Robin and...
Further information on

Hello Common Weal volunteer!

We had another fantastic meeting on Wednesday evening. Your input is not just helpful - it will be critical in taking this campaign forward.

We will be setting up working groups on the basis of the discussion we had. And will be hosting another volunteer assembly soon (and we will be integrating all of your suggestions on how these can be...
So what was the election pledge again?

Cabinet unrest over U-turn on animal welfare in US trade talks Leaked letter instructs ministers to have ‘no specific policy’ on the issue
As others pull together on a coronavirus vaccine, why is the UK siding with big pharma? The UK has refused to support a WHO initiative to make Covid-19 treatments patent-free, says Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now
Naomi Klein: How big tech plans to profit from the pandemic The long read: As the coronavirus continues to kill thousands each day, tech companies are seizing the opportunity to extend their reach and power Testing falls below daily target of 100,000 for seventh consecutive day
Just in case anyone is not receiving these daily news emails, here is today's one. AnalysisResist Boris Johnson’s “unlockdown”The UK Cabinet will meet today to review the lockdown, with all the mood music suggesting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to announce measures to ease...
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