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This group has been created to bring together those within the Perth & Kinross area who have a desire to follow the ideals of the Common Weal.
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'Most ministers repeated the bit from their propaganda manual about being laser-focused on “the people’s priorities”.
Nothing like a bit of alliteration to drown out those noises emanating from your stomach.'
Rachel Morris, via Byline Times.

Rachel Morris considers the malaise of modern Britain as the Conservatives initiate Austerity...
'Forming the government in 2007, the SNP were elected on pledges to reform council tax, and to freeze it. The freeze only ended this year, but we are still waiting on meaningful reform.'
Robbie Mochrie, via The National.

MANY years ago, a local councillor assured me there were two questions on...
'With more pro-independence councillors than ever before, the SNP and the Greens have more opportunity than ever to meet people – and even if they’re not actively talking about it, to normalise the idea.'
Adam Ramsay, via Open Democracy.

Election results show that the ground is shifting in Scotland, Wales and...
'I don’t want to live in a state where the government, assisted by its little helpers in the right-wing press, is able to influence the police to re-open a closed investigation into its political enemies.
It stinks.'
Joanna Cherry, via The National.

IT is hard to identify the lowlight of...
'Scotland’s peatland is often deliberately mismanaged, and risks being a contributor rather than a solution to the climate emergency.'
Dr Craig Dalzell, via Common Weal.
Last chance to buy tickets for the @Yes_Perth_City bus to #AUOB Glasgow on Saturday 14 May.
Departure from Broxden Park and Ride 10 am.
Return fare £13.
Visit the Destiny Hub, 246 High Street, Perth between 10 am and 4 pm today or purchase via this link.

Bus transport from...
'Shoogly Pegs': new podcast from Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce.
Will the Tories rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol?
Is Starmer risking everything?
Disastrous election results for Douglas Ross, but will anyone take the leader's poison chalice?
'When citizens can no longer rely on their government to follow the law in formulating policy, they end up paying at both ends.'
Rachel Morris, via Byline Times.

Rachel Morris reviews the Government’s repeated unlawful behaviour, concentrated in the Home Office
'We need to beware this creeping Americanisation. It’s not all about burger outlets and cheesy TV shows.
There are fundamentally different moral values in play here.'
Ruth Wishart, via The National.

LAST week one tweeter summed it up: “Who’d have thought that women would have fewer rights...
'Loneliness is serious, a significant public health issue and a sign of poor mental health. We need more than the goodwill between people and communities to overcome it. We need investment for population-level supports.'
Claire Fleming, via The National.

THE Beatles, back in 1966, encouraged us to...
'Male journalists might find it appropriate to dismiss or even laugh off Parish’s behaviour, but I doubt the women who saw what he was doing found it funny.'
Shona Craven, via The National.

IN a world where you can be anything, be critical. In a world where women are vulnerable, be cynical....
'Ross styles himself as a leader but is, in reality, a cowardly sidekick to Johnson’s project, running up and down the sidelines hoping for some attention.
A potential first minister has been traded for a startled rodent.'
Adam Ramsay, via Open Democracy.

Five years ago, Ruth Davidson rallied...
The polls are open!
Whatever else you do today, if you haven't already done so by post, make sure you get out there and vote.
'It became clear to Scots who hadn’t previously considered their nation’s constitutional future that the Unionist side was little more than an inchoate amalgam of Union Jack fetishists.'
Kevin McKenna, via The National.

AT the heart of Scottish Unionism lies a curious...
'The Convict was adamant the government was doing all it could, apart from areas where it could be doing more. He didn’t appear to notice he had just contradicted himself.
So much for his famous Oxford Union debating skills.'
John Crace, via the Guardian.

Boris Johnson’s compassion-free GMB interview went...
'The Power of Local':
New podcast from Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce.
Is likeability enough for Labour in the local elections?
Just how democratic is Scottish local government?
Why did Billy Kay's address in Scots to Holyrood trigger so many unionists?
"Pickles called on voters to submit electoral fraud allegations to him – almost none of which could be verified. But those straw-poll submissions were used to justify 50 recommendations – including mandatory voter ID."
Josiah Mortimer, via Byline Times.

'Provoking a new arms race only compounds historic errors. Scotland should think twice before joining in.'
George Kerevan, via The National.

HAS the war in Ukraine ended the chance of a successful bid for Scottish independence, at least in the near future? One voice arguing this is…
“The climate crisis isn’t a singular separate issue, it is something which will affect everything and everyone, worsening issues like misogyny, racism, classism and poverty."
School student Ellie Whitwam, quoted by Byline Times.

'The future, it seems, is built on the back of worker exploitation; something worth thinking about on this May Day.'
Stephen Paton, via The National.

WHEN people think of Silicon Valley and the tech giants that have turned San Francisco into their personal playground, I...
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