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This group has been created to bring together those within the Perth & Kinross area who have a desire to follow the ideals of the Common Weal.
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'It's important to have civic freedom that allows individual choice in shaping governance along shared values.
Right now, Scotland is being denied that with Westminster’s refusal of another independence referendum.'
David Pratt, via The National.

THERE comes a time for any nation faced with...
'Scotland has a choice.
We can power our ambitions like Wales has or we can repeat Thatcher and ScotWind and simply sell them off again.'
Craig Dalzell and Keith Baker., via The National.

COMMON Weal has called for the reversal of Thatcher-era privatisation of Scottish energy since our...
'What's Next?'
Latest podcast from Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce.
The Supreme Court decision.
How voluntary is the Union?
What was the national & international response?
After the rallies, what next for the Yes movement?
And more. Well worth a listen.
'This contempt for the devolved nations will further dissolve their ties to the UK.'
Dr Stella Perrott, via Yorkshire Bylines.

Is the retained EU law bill a ticking timebomb destined to damage UK unity further?
Latest Independence Live Scotonomics show.
Presenters William Thomson and Kairin von Sweeden discuss a few key articles you might have missed this week with guests Jim Byrne and Roger Mullin.
Well worth a watch.
via @YouTube

On Episode 55 we take a chance to discuss three different articles that might have not come across your radar this week. How...
'Roughly the same people are running the country now as were running it in 1622.
It has to come to an end – for the sake of public service.'
Robin McAlpine, via Common Weal.

Robin McAlpine – 21 November 2022 Last week I wrote about how to begin to save the NHS and I warned that if the left doesn’t define what ‘saving the NHS’...
'For many of the scribes and commentators this process of humiliation is one to relish...
They may raise a cheer at Murrayfield or make a toast on Burns Night, but they have no real aspiration or belief in Scotland.'
Mike Small, via Bella Caledonia.

“I don’t think Scotland is a colony as such, but it’s equally...
'Win, Lose or Draw':
Why are the Time For Scotland rallies following the Supreme Court decision so important?
Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce discuss that and much else in their latest weekly podcast.
'We need to create a story around the circular economy that helps people and businesses understand the need for the transition and the many benefits and wide-ranging opportunities it will bring.'
Ali Anderson, Keith Baker and Abi Truebig, via The National.

IT’S no secret that Scotland is facing a...
'One area in the “unlikely to be devolved” category is powers over tax, currency and borrowing.
Without these, Scotland’s finances are severely constrained and investing in transforming Scotland becomes very difficult.'
Dr Craig Dalzell, via Common Weal.

This week, the crowdfunder for our new book, Sorted: a handbook for a better Scotland,...
'In all honesty, it is becoming increasingly difficult to view these events as anything other than photo opportunities for presidents and prime minsters who turn up simply to make the world think they care.'
Bill McGuire, via the Guardian.

We need something smaller, leaner and fully focused...
'I have taught creative writing to Scottish children and cannot stress enough that giving them the opportunity to engage with their first language encourages literacy across the board.'
Emma Grae, via Sunday National.

THE validity of the Scots language is a hotly debated topic, even though the...
'When the Scottish Government asks for more Westminster funding for heath, there is no question that the NHS needs it – but that is very different from saying that the Scottish Government can’t do anything at all.'
Robin McAlpine, via Common Weal.

Robin McAlpine – 17th November 2022 You can’t have missed a dark, ominous drumbeat surrounding the health service in...
'Many who work in social care and are in need of care are aware that the debate on the National Care Service Bill is being overtaken by what is happening within Scottish social care services right now.'
Kathy Jenkins, via Common Weal.

Kathy Jenkins – 17th November 2022 At the same time that the Scottish Parliament is beginning to debate and...
'If we want to talk about where the real threat to freedom of speech lies, the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk is a good place to start.'
Steph Paton, via The National.

Ask yourself: Black Lives Matter, refugees, rights of transgender people, how much of your opinion has formed listening...
'So Run' - the latest podcast from Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce.
Are we being groomed for austerity?
That £50 billion black hole. Where did it come from?
The US midterms - the end for Trump & Trumpism?
Should the World Cup have gone to Qatar?
And more...
'We’re in a situation where a responsible northern state faces tidal waves of humanity torched out of their homelands by the climatic consequences of an industrial and consumerist era we fully played our part in.'
Pat Kane, via The National.

SO vile is the anti-migrant rhetoric...
'We not only need to do more to avert the worst of the climate emergency, but we must also do enough to avert it.
Being a world leader in this race means very little if it’s a race that, right now, we’re all losing.'
Dr Craig Dalzell, via @Common_Weal.

Craig Dalzell – 10th November 2022 This week has seen the latest round of the United...
'So much for freeing the bird: if anything, the cage has just got bigger, and it’s about to be invaded by vultures.'
Rory Hamilton, via Common Weal.

Rory Hamilton – 4th November “The bird is freed” announced Elon Musk last week as his takeover of social media network Twitter was finalised to the tune of £38bn ($44bn). His opening tweet as…
'In the most literal sense possible the very rich are getting richer and richer by making things worse and worse for you, but disguising it with marketing and PR.'
Robin McAlpine on the malign impact of equity capital on customer services, via Common Weal.
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