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14th Nov Andrew Wilson was talking about the politicisation of poppy day. It seems you may be persecuted for not wearing a poppy in the UK. Other symbols of respect are available so why the loyalty to the red poppy. Of course the British establishment love nothing more than talking [...]
21st Nov Today I welcomed an old friend Kevin Gibney on to the show where we talked about Scottish Civil Rights and how the grasroots media could still be a small though  important  cog in the big wheel of the independence juggernaut. Making connections and working together with IndependenceLive helping [...]
Sun 27th Nov . What passes for the British constitution is ­famously uncodified and largely unwritten, a make-work of rags and patches, empty bling and hand-me-down protocol which politicians treat as gospel or guidelines as political expediency tends. The British constitution is the name we give to dignify a bag [...]
31st Oct Andrew Wilson at his usual best tackling the outcome of the Brazilian election were Bolsorano was defeated by the rather aging Lula de Silva. Will Brazil protect the rainforests now a new leader is in place. Claims of vote rigging from the defeated camp contiue to rumble. Scotland [...]
24th Oct Another packed week started with the news that we had a new PM in Rishi Sunak. He was coronated just after we came off air on Friday so myself and Andrew Wilson looked at the carnage that is the economy and the Tory party. It was a catch [...]
Well another great weekend radio play with  the Saturday sports show with Aaron Machan Glen Reid and Norrie Hunter having a blast to the  more sedate Christian Caledon on Sunday followed by Cliff Purves shows we are putting out more programmes due to the crowdfunder. Mon 10th and its a [...]
One of the most frustrating things about trying to schedule guests is  when they first agree then never reply to your messages. This happened twice when a journalist assured me was fine to come on air then forgot all about us. It is never certain why guests cancel and it [...]
19TH Sept Well after a busy schedule over in Nova Scotia making connections with those interested in the radio station, it was back to business as usual. Or so I thought, an email from the Press Association was ‘advising’ to observe the Queens funeral and to halt broadcasting. I immediately [...]
Same start to the week on Monday where the weekend news and sport was reviewed. Ably assisted with Andrew Wilson to give his thought provoking unput. After the show it was time to deal with packing for Nova Scotia to meet up with several people really interested in Caledon Radio. [...]
A weekend reviewing who to get on air is always really quite easy when we read a media release on an artist and hear their music. On Monday I had the opportunity to speak with PG Ciarletta the singer songwriter from Fife who has just released Please Stay a rousing new [...]
Norrie spoke with Alasdair Taylor from the band on their 10th anniversary. ‘ A very engaging guest with a great story of fighting adversity’ . Superb band with a worldwide fanbase all starting from Inverness.
iBrina’s music is steeped in the sounds and rhythms of her Jamaican culture and she has performed across Europe, Jamaica and Africa since her debut single in 2010. She spoke to Norrie about her career and her music
Stuart was on with Norrie reviewing his fantastic book Cassius X and proved to be a knowledgeable and fascinating guest. We at Caledon thoroughly recommend this book
  Paul Mooney from Irish ban The Elevator was on air to entertain Norrie with is humour and wit. They discussed why the band decided to record the track in 7 languages
The Party House by Lin Anderson is a deeply atmospheric psychological thriller set in the Scottish Highlands. Norrie spoke to Lin on air and discussed this page turning new novel.
We had PG Ciarletta on with Norrie today and what a modest and talented young man he is. We wanted to know more about this amazing young man and played his fantastic new single Please Stay. We really hope this talent goes far
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