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Common Weal Dundee is based within Butterfly Café, pop in and get involved!
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This Wednesday at 18.00 Morgan Academy come along and support the people of Ukraine

Stobswell Stands with Ukraine
Stobswell Community and Morgan Academy stand united with the people of Ukraine in calling for peace and standing against war.

On Wednesday 2nd March at 6pm, the Ukrainian National Flag is being projected on the magnificent Morgan Academy building to keep up awareness around the...
You'll not read this headline but Labour support 99.26% of the SNP's spending proposals.

While the publicity and coverage will suggest that there are big differences between the budget proposals of each of the political parties, the opposite is usually true.

The SNP circulate our budget proposals a week in advance to give the opposition parties time to consider them.

Earlier today, we...
📣 READ: Dundee SNP's Budget Proposals Unveiled:

✅£1.6 million of increased support for those most in need (poverty, energy, mental health, drugs and education).
✅ Improvements to our city's environment - addressing environment issues & concerns in our communities and anti-social behaviour.
✅ Funding to support post-covid economic recovery for businesses and to support jobs growth....
🗳 Are you 16, 17 or 18, a foreign national, or a first time voter?
📢Your voice matters. Please make sure to register before the 18th of April 2022. Also consider a postal vote, so you wont forget.
📱For further information on eligibility, and to register to vote, visit:
THE Yes movement is massive, certainly many multiples of times bigger than the social media Yes bubble. However, in that Yes bubble, the ability to…
For goodness sake get vaccinated! Are these people mad or what 🤷🏻
Add your name to the petition today
The government is dumping our plastic waste abroad causing a health and wildlife emergency. Tell them to stop.
Add your name to the petition today
Stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia!

To the governments of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain:"We demand that you immediately issue legally binding export bans on arms trade with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. European weaponry is actively being used by the Saudi-led military coalition against civilians in...
Marks & Spencer, an iconic UK retailer, has cultivated a reputation for itself as leader in quality and sustainability. Yet right now they are selling tens of thousands of tonnes of farmed salmon which scientists warn is causing environmental damage. To add insult to injury, they’re labelling this...
Covid-19 could push up to 150 million people into extreme poverty. At the same time, many large banks and speculators - including Blackrock, JP Morgan, HSBC and UBS - continue to demand debt repayments from countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
I've signed the petition calling on Boris Johnson to take the urgent action needed to meet the scale of the climate crisis we’re facing. Will you add your name?
Here's how we can end the horror in Myanmar
French President Macron is about to do the unthinkable and guarantee Total's new Arctic gas megaproject -- to the tune of €700 million. Total's plans directly threaten the survival of Indigenous peoples and will drive runaway climate change.
The government just signed off more oil and gas. Tell them we need green jobs instead.
We need real land reform in Scotland – it’s long overdue and we need it now. Please join me by SIGNING and sharing this petition to make it happen! #OurLand
Bolsonaro will let mining companies onto sacred Indigenous lands. Act now to stop him!
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