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UK-wide polling shows 61% want the UK back in the EUBylines Scotland Local News: Scotland’s leading pro-EU organisation will be in good spirits when it meets in Edinburgh on Rejoin Day 
Paul Basset reviews the impressive Scottish Opera's performance at Glasgow's Theatre Royal.Bylines Scotland Local News: Scottish Opera’s sensational new Puccini production has it all – love, death and laughter
Recommendations for implementing a Scottish currency and the importance of not borrowing in sterling to protect Scotland’s economy.Bylines Scotland Local News: Priorities for the SNP and the Scottish Government on currency
The beginnings of an industry destined to sully our coastal watersBylines Scotland Local News: A deeper dive into the history of Scottish fish farming
Looking at Long Covid impact on individuals and society as a whole so we can improve the lives of those affected and prevent the long-term consequences of Covid in the futureBylines Scotland Local News: Long Covid awareness day
Jim Byrne exposes the holes in the story we believe about the UK Government expenditure.Bylines Scotland Local News: UK Government spending – how you think it works versus how it actually works
Honouring the memory of Dunblane so every child can feel safe and secure in their classrooms and communities.Bylines Scotland Local News: Remembering Dunblane
In the third of our "SNP leadership contest" series, we look at Humza Yousaf's campaign as the first candidate coming forward.Bylines Scotland Local News: Humza Yousaf’s plans if he becomes the SNP leader
Scotland needs is an R&D policy solely focused on industries where Scotland has existing strengths, and which encourages SMEs and new start businesses.Bylines Scotland Local News: An independent Scotland must support university, SME and industry R&D
With the fish farming industry being a crucial part of Scottish agriculture, there are numerous environmental factors that must be taken into consideration in its continuance.Bylines Scotland Local News: How farmed salmon is produced – stage one
Paul Basset tells us his last experience around Florence. From Uffizi with its wonderful artworks to a van with its palate-provoking ‘lampredotto’Bylines Scotland Local News: Florence is beautiful – but skip the tripe!
The unpalatable truth about Scottish farmed salmonBylines Scotland Local News: Death in our waters
A brief history of how ‘the salmon farming industry’ started in Scotland and how it has been evolving into a damaging lucrative business with severe environmental impact.Bylines Scotland Local News: Fish Farming in Scotland 
Some of the Famous Scottish Women who Changed Our WorldBylines Scotland Local News: Amazing Women of Scotland from the 18th century to the present
Peter Cook not only points out strategies that the mainstream media uses in a populist world where impartial news are practically inexistent, but also gives us some examples.Bylines Scotland Local News: Truth and Trust
In the second of our "SNP leadership contest" series, we look at Kate Forbes' campaign as the second candidate coming forward.Bylines Scotland Local News: Kate Forbes campaign for the SNP leadership contest 
Scotland outstrips the world for wind FDI investment in 2022. However, community-owned wind farms generate much more benefit than commercially operated schemes.Bylines Scotland Local News: How will local communities get a fair share of record investment from offshore wind farms?
Peter Cook tells us the history of the Big Country, a Scottish rock and pop band, and how one of the band's songs evoked memories of his travelling in Scotland.Bylines Scotland Local News: In a big country
A history of the Birks cinema and how a concerted campaign of local fundraising events and lobbying for grants had a fundamental role to bring the cinema alive, which provides not only films but lots of other entertainment to a rural community.Bylines Scotland Local News: The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy – a model community venture.
Sunak tells Northern Ireland it has a unique opportunity to prosper.Bylines Scotland Local News: Sunak and Brexit put Scotland at a permanent economic disadvantage
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