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Scotlands citizen journalism written by Scots for Scots to make informed decisions.
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A shameful period in recent Scottish history that still reverberates in our Traveller communities today.Bylines Scotland Local News: The Tinker Experiment
Leasing Faslane naval base back to the UK for a short period could benefit a newly independent Scotland.Bylines Scotland Local News: Faslane and NATO – Should Scotland lease out the base for a short time?
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak’s only visit north of the border during the long leadership campaignBylines Scotland Local News: Thousands Turn Out to Barrack Tory Hopefuls at Perth Hustings
In democratic societies, intelligence agencies exist because leaders want to know what’s happening abroad – and Scotland would be no differentBylines Scotland Local News: An Independent Scotland’s Intelligence Services Should Face Outward, Not Inward
Martin Roche condemns the Tory party’s preoccupation with the leadership race while the country is facing unprecedented crisesBylines Scotland Local News: Why is this Tory leadership madness going on for another month?
The proposed Clyde Metro system could take 35 years and cost £16bn to complete, but it promises to transform transport in the cityBylines Scotland Local News: The Clyde Metro: green transport for Glasgow to bring investment
Pam Jarvis’s ancestry research took her on a long and magical journey that resulted in a much closer identification with her Scottish heritageBylines Scotland Local News: Who do you think you were? An ancestral selfie from Scotland
Martin Roche reviews Tim Walker’s Bloody Difficult Woman, a snapshot of recent history. It’s a comedy, documentary and ultimately a tragedy. Bylines Scotland Local News: Bloody Difficult Woman is rich entertainment: an Edinburgh Festival Fringe theatre review
The editor-in-chief and directors give a warm welcome to Bylines Scotland - launched today!Bylines Scotland Local News: Welcome to Bylines Scotland
This month, Charlie McCarthy takes us through his walk up ‘The Cobbler’ on one of the hottest days of the year. Bylines Scotland Local News: Out and about with Charlie Mac: The Cobbler
Jenny Wilson explores the condition and reputation of Scottish tourism post-Covid and discusses what the future may hold for the industryBylines Scotland Local News: What a difference a smile makes: how Scottish tourism is winning over international visitors
BAE Systems plans massive shipbuilding hall in GlasgowBylines Scotland Local News: Glasgow shipyard expanding – public funding helps secure new ‘frigate factory’
The pandemic is not over and ongoing impacts, including long Covid, linger - will the government inquiry go deep enough to identify root causes?Bylines Scotland Local News: Living with long Covid: the second pandemic
The US Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade allows a right-wing movement to hold Scotland and the world hostageBylines Scotland Local News: Overturning Roe v. Wade affects us all
Our next Prime Minister will likely be chosen by people with less grasp of climate science than a 13-year-old. Bylines Scotland Local News: PM to be chosen by people with little grasp of climate science
The lack of affordable housing affects whole communities and not just the people living in overcrowded, unsuitable accommodationBylines Scotland Local News: Affordable housing crisis may have a long-term detrimental effect on the Scottish economy
Scottish cities rated first and fourth in the world, but post-Brexit staff shortages threaten the tourism industry’s recoveryBylines Scotland Local News: Time Out Index puts Scottish cities on top of the world
Roll over Braveheart, tell the EU the news - European media's perspectives on ScotlandBylines Scotland Local News: European media perspectives on Scotland: moving beyond Braveheart
Scots produce the majority of hydro and wind energy but pay the highest household energy prices in the UKBylines Scotland Local News: Scotland is a poor relation in the face of soaring energy prices
Sue Dymond gives her perspective on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and looks at core values and beliefs.Bylines Scotland Local News: A pacifist’s stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine
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