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The Scottish government has awarded 25 gigawatts of offshore wind project development rights, more than double the UK’s existing offshore wind capacity, in one of the biggest auctions of its kind in the world. Here we answer some questions about what this means for Scotland 1 When will we see the results? It will take […]
THERE’S a reason why Westminster unionists have sometimes kicked around the idea of a UK football team. It’s the same reason the Gaelic language was stamped on after the Jacobite rebellion. It’s because culture – whether it’s football or the creative arts – gives a sense of identity, a sense of pride and a sense […]
Tory Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is the most popular choice to succeed Boris Johnson as PM if he is forced out, according to a  recent poll of Conservative party members. Her potential leadership bid adds another layer of chaos and complexity to the Brexit negotiations.  Since taking over as chief Brexit negotiator, Truss has repeatedly […]
OIL and gas giant Shell has predicted a big boost in profits in its natural gas division because of soaring prices. The company is to report its fourth quarter results at the beginning of next month but said it expects them to be “significantly higher” year on year in its integrated gas business. Both Shell […]
  Long queues of lorries formed in Calais yesterday as new Brexit-related import controls which came in on Jan 1, 2022, began to bite. The start of the year is a quiet time for imports and many businesses have also stockpiled expecting some disruption due to the new regulations, so the first issues surfaced a […]
UK government promises of extra money being released to support Scottish businesses hit by the rapid increase in the number of Omicron cases have been revealed as a mirage. Westminster chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday announced a £1 billion support package as businesses have been left reeling from Omicron. It was his response to demands that he […]
The UK-Australia trade deal announced amid much fanfare by the Westminster government has sold out agriculture, forestry and fishing industries in Scotland and the wider UK. A report on the impact of the trade deal by the UK Department of International Trade reveals those industries will suffer a £94m hit from the deal. It warns […]
UK government moves to make the worst pension in the developed world even worse are unjustified and should be put on ice, according to new analysis by a leading pension consultancy. The analysis revealed that the improvements predicted on life expectancy which form the basis of Westminster government plans to raise the pension age have […]
The huge cost of leaving Europe has been laid bare just as surveys reveal that voters are increasingly turning against Boris Johnson’s disastrous trading deal which came into effect at the beginning of the year. Newly published figures show the value of British exports to the EU has fallen by billions since the UK left. Food […]
The Westminster government has been accused of breaking promises to provide extra money to help Scotland rise to the challenge of the Omicron variant, which is seeing case numbers double in a day and pushing hospitality businesses to the brink. Scottish finance secretary Kate Forbes has now demanded UK chancellor Rishi Sunak do more to […]
It has laid waste our export industry, cleared supermarket shelves of some foods, denied the hospitality and agriculture industries essential season workers and cut our economic output, so it should come as no surprise that the fall out from Brexit has hit inflation figures too. The rate of Consumer Prices Index inflation rose from 4.2% […]
Brexit has contributed to a continuing serious shortage of hospitality workers in Scotland, with up to 48,000 posts still not filled. UKHospitality Scotland has said that more than eight out of 10 businesses – 84% – have reported vacancies in front-of-house roles such as bar, reception and waiting staff. Just over two-thirds had vacancies for […]
Scottish finance secretary Kate Forbes this afternoon unveiled a Scottish ‘’Budget of choices’’ with three main aims: to tackle the climate emergency, support economic recovery and reduce inequalities. Ms Forbes said the Budget came at a crucial time for Scotland and delivers on key commitments made in the Bute House Agreement with the Scottish Greens. […]
Westminster is mounting challenges to issues regarded as key components of a democracy. These are the three parliamentary moves which if successful could undermine free and fair UK elections and reduce human rights. 1: THE ELECTIONS BILL This legislation would introduce a requirement for voter ID and changes to digital campaigning regulations in UK general […]
The Scottish government will on Thursday deliver its draft budget for 2022/23, promising ‘’another stepping stone towards a fairer, greener, more prosperous future’’ against a backdrop of a cut in its block grant from Westminster. The core block grant – in effect Westminster returning some of our own money to the Scottish government – has […]
It’s no wonder that Boris Johnson recorded the lowest ever satisfaction ratings in an Ipsos MORI poll this week. His time as Prime Minister is increasingly defined by controversy and sleaze allegations. Here are just some of the latest. 1: The Party parties Public anger is growing over claims that revellers enjoyed drinks and party […]
New economic data shows the contrasting effects of Brexit on the two areas of the UK which voted against leaving the EU. Scotland’s economic output has slumped while Northern Ireland has fared much better. The difference between the two? Under the post Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol the province still has access to the EU single […]
Leading Scottish lawyers have warned that proposed Westminster legislation challenges the powers of the Scottish parliament and risks undermining how Scotland protects children, refugees and the victims of human traffickers. After the lawyers said that the UK government’s controversial Nationality and Borders Bill further erodes devolution, charities urged MSPs to withhold legislative...
Fears are growing that the Westminster government will use increasing attempts by desperate refugees to cross the English Channel for a better life in the UK as an excuse for attacks on the Human Rights Act. Leaks to right-wing newspapers suggest Boris Johnson told a meeting of the so-called Common Sense group of Conservative MPs […]
Boris Johnson’s much derided plans for a bridge or tunnel linking Scotland to Northern Ireland have been dumped from a long-awaited review of transport links within the UK. Network Rail chairman Sir Peter Hendy’s Union Connectivity report published today does not include the bridge, nor the tunnel alternative. Instead it recommends simply improving the road […]
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