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Even supporters of the Union are realising that the campaign to hold a second independence referendum in Scotland is unstoppable. A former head of UK Governance in the Cabinet Office has told a House of Lords committee that  support for the Union is fraying in Scotland and that Westminster opposition to indyref2 is unsustainable. From […]
The UK’s Australian trade deal announced yesterday is another clear indication that Scottish interests can only be served by independence. Scotland was not deemed worthy of consultation on any aspect of the deal and the very real concerns expressed north of the Border were completely ignored by Westminster. The Conservative Secretary of State for Scotland […]
It’s worth just over 50p a year to the average Scot but the cost of the UK-Australian trade deal hailed as historic this morning by Boris Johnson could be enormous for the Scottish farming and food and drink industries. Despite Westminster government promises of ‘’safeguards’’ before details of the deal were announced only vague measures […]
Warnings that Brexit would drastically reduce the number of seasonal workers coming to Scotland from Europe have proved disastrously true. A growing number of industries have warned they face serious problems throughout the first summer season since Boris Johnson’s post Brexit EU trade ‘deal’ kicked in and the free movement of people ended. These include: […]
Organisations and individuals across Scotland’s farming industry have joined forces to warn Boris Johnson of the ”untold damage” a proposed UK trade deal with Australia would inflict. The joint letter to the Prime Minister comes as Scottish Secretary Alister Jack dismissed the fears in a much-derided interview in which he said the deal would offer […]
After being found guilty of  breaking the law over the awarding of Covid contracts the UK government is desperately trying to play down the significance of the scandal. Its response to a high court judge’s ruling seems to involve nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders and an insistence it did nothing much wrong. […]
It should come as no surprise that the official guide providing information to foreign nationals studying  for the test which would allow them become UK citizens gives Scotland such short shrift. The UK citizenship material certainly has some odd omissions. No mention of the Scottish independence referendum of 2014 among the key political events since […]
Independent research shows that businesses in Scotland will save thousands of pounds more than those in England because the Scottish government has extended 100% business rates relief for the full year, Research from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) has shown that businesses in Scotland saved £31,840 on average in the financial year 2020/21 and […]
Plans to enlist the royal family as standard bearers in Westminster’s so-called battle to save the Union have been ramped up. Reports in a Sunday newspaper confirmed that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have been delegated the task, despite the convention which dicatates they keep out of politics. A source close to the […]
It was billed as a ‘Save the Union’ summit but yesterday’s delayed virtual meeting of Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon and the leaders of the other devolved administrations was little more than a damp squib. After the meeting the Scottish First Minister said ‘’nothing substantial’’ had emerged from it. That assessment was described as a ‘’fair […]
The ability of renewable energy to transform Scotland’s economy is highlighted in a new report. Statistics compiled by the  University of Strathclyde’s Fraser of Allander Institute show that 22,660 jobs are already supported by green energy in Scotland. It’s the first time figures have been published which  show the economic reach of Scotland’s renewable energy […]
Scottish politicians arguing that the UK’s post-Brexit immigration laws are unfit for purpose found support today from the unlikeliest of allies … arch Brexiteer Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin. Mr Martin was a key supporter of the campaign to leave Europe with a hard Brexit that included quitting the single market and an end to freedom […]
Support for Scotland’s right to hold a second vote on its independence is spreading outwith the country’s borders. Here are three examples showing that Boris Johnson’s anti-democratic stand against the majority of MSPs elected last month is losing support, even in England. 1: Three of the four candidates nominated so far to become the new […]
Three quarters of contractors working in the oil and gas sector in the Aberdeen area expect to move into renewable energy in the next three to five years. The scale of the expected transition from fossil fuels is revealed in a report published today  by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce (AGCC). The findings are […]
A report published this week shows that UK energy regulators are putting Scotland’s predicted sustainable energy boom at risk by presiding over a system which levies far higher electricity transmission charges on Scotland than exist south of the Border and Europe. The analysis shows that Scotland is charged an average of £6.42 per megawatt hour […]
In the past few days it has become obvious that the UK government has enlisted new allies in its fight against Scottish independence … the Royal Family. Prince William’s emotional speech at the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly on Saturday was widely reported in the mainstream media as a bid to save the Union. In […]
Well we can’t say we weren’t warned. For months now Westminster politicians have been planning an attack on devolution to weaken the powers and standing of the Scottish parliament. Now we are seeing that strategy playing out in the rebranding of the rail network, which will be called Great British Rail. Of course the overhaul […]
If the UK government signs a threatened trade deal with Australia without safeguards for Scottish farmers it would be a ‘’betrayal” which could impact the independence debate. In an interview with Business for Scotland Martin Kennedy, the president of the National Farmers Union Scotland, said the proposed deal could force Scottish farmers out of business. […]
Scotland’s farming industry is next to be sacrificed for Brexit as the country bears the brunt of the departure from Europe it voted against. Westminster is being warned that a Brexit trade deal with Australia could force Scottish farmers out of business. They would likely be the hardest hit by zero tariff imports of Australian […]
Almost two weeks after a general election delivered an undeniable pro-independence landslide victory we seem to be stuck in an endless debate over what constitutes a mandate for indyref 2. Almost every day Unionists move the goalposts over what they would accept as definitive support for another vote on independence. Before the election a majority […]
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