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  Today, the UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt unveiled his Spring Budget for 2023. It included numerous measures aimed at returning people to work and weak attempts to tackle the cost of living crisis. This blog will break down the top 5 measures and cover them from a Scottish perspective.   Energy Price Guarantee Frozen The […]
When the Chancellor of the UK Exchequer Jeremy Hunt delivers his budget on Wednesday, he will trumpet whatever sticking plaster measures he and his team come up with – but don’t expect any honesty about the damage that Brexit is doing to the UK economy. The UK’s growth is stagnant while other countries are pulling […]
Last week Business for Scotland wrote on behalf of our members to each of the candidates for the SNP leadership asking them to answer ten key questions about the economic policy, relations with business, EU membership, and independence. We would like to thank the candidates not only for their time and effort to respond within […]
Business for Scotland, the campaigning business network for pro-independence businesspeople, has written to all of the candidates in the SNP leadership race seeking clarity on how they intend to reset the SNP’s relationship with business and to explain their business and economic vision for an independent Scotland. Ten questions for the SNP leadership candidates. Do […]
The ‘Windsor Framework’ doesn’t change the underlying reality that Northern Ireland has what Scotland wanted and voted for – access to the EU single market. But it does streamline the light-touch border between Ireland/Northern Ireland and the UK – that could be a model for an independent Scotland.  Rishi Sunak is “over the moon” that […]
  Scottish business leaders are speaking out in ever stronger terms as they count the cost of a hard Brexit Scotland didn’t vote for. In one example, the President of the National Farmers Union of Scotland told their annual conference last week that the post-Brexit chaos could “write off” the Scottish farming industry.  A senior […]
Shell last week reported an annual profit of almost $40bn for 2022 (£33.3bn). This is double their profits of $19.2bn (£16bn) for 2021 and smashed their previous record of $28.4bn (£23.7bn) set in 2008. Just today, BP also reported profits for 2022 of $28bn (£23.3bn), more than double the amount it made in 2021 and […]
It has now been almost six years since the UK voted to leave the European Union and three years since the UK left the EU in direct conflict with the stated democratic will of the Scottish people. The Scottish electorate was ignored and Scotland was ripped from the European community against what has now been […]
  Scotland currently produces the most renewable energy per capita among the UK nations and is a potential global leader in this field.  Hydrogen in particular could present Scotland’s greatest industrial opportunity since the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea. The technology has the power to unleash huge economic benefits while supporting […]
Energy has become a major issue pushing Scotland towards independence. People across Scotland can see that they are being ripped off – they pay the highest electricity bills in the world despite living in an energy-rich country. “Scotland has the energy – it just needs the power”, MP Stephen Flynn told Westminster last week. He […]
Note: The research below was first carried out eight years ago but is updated every year. The figures and graphs have been updated and republished on December 7th 2022 to include the GERS most recently published for 2021/22. Every Westminster Government in your lifetime has knowingly diverted tens of billions of pounds of Scottish revenues […]
  The UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is announcing some high risk deregulation of the banking and finance sector. Once called “Big Bang 2.0” he is attempting to rebrand it “the Edinburgh reforms” by dint of traveling north of the border to make the announcement. These desperate measures are a response to the City of London’s […]
  Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s headline increases in spending mask underlying declines. Make no mistake- this is an austerity budget and it’s not that well disguised. The spend on the NHS will not be nearly enough to bring health spending in line with other developed countries. The UK has spent about 20 percent less per person […]
Almost two-thirds of Scots say the UK will break up within a decade, and half think it will take just five years, according to a new poll by Ipsos Mori.  Half of Scots want Scotland to vote for independence, with another 4% saying they don’t mind either way. And despite the constant onslaught by Unionist […]
  Two polls published this week indicate thats voters in Scotland are losing faith in UK governance.  A poll by Panelbase for Believe in Scotland found that 50% of Scottish voters had more trust in the economic competence of the Holyrood government than they did in the UK Government. Only 28% had more trust in […]
Business for Scotland didn’t comment when the Sustainable Growth Commission report was published. It was too conservative for us on spending, undersold Scotland’s economic potential- both for growth and in wellbeing terms- and the conditions for the introduction of a Scottish pound were overly restrictive. We have no such reservations about today’s economic strategy announcement...
The UK government is expected to announce a  cap on energy bills for businesses today,  but there is likely to be a delay before the details are clear. What IS becoming clear is the direction of Liz Truss’ general energy policy. Richer households will benefit more than poorer ones from the plans. Businesses have been […]
Anger is mounting in Scotland as energy prices soar for consumers while energy producers announce record profits. Many Scots look enviously at Nordic countries such as Finland where bills are much lower thanks to plentiful, cheap renewable energy.  Last week’s announcement that all households across the UK will get £400 help with bills over six […]
Scotland has huge potential to produce renewable electricity. At the moment, that is constrained by the UK’s energy policy, and also by the outdated, privatised National Grid which has lacked proper investment for years. Last week, National Grid finally laid out plans for the biggest investment in the grid since the 1950s.  This £54 billion […]
Ferries have featured heavily in the Scottish news diet over the last few months. Headlines have screamed about “Ferrygate” – the story of delays and cost overruns to two new dual-fuel vessels commissioned from Ferguson Marine, and other ferry-related issues. The ferries are indeed five years late and millions over budget and thats not good- however […]
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