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As petrol stations are running out of supplies all over the UK Westminster government ministers are desperate to blame anything  other than Brexit. The most recent scapegoat is the Road Haulage Association [RHA], accused yesterday by Boris Johnson’s transport secretary Grant Shapps of encouraging panic buying at petrol stations by leaking details of a private […]
Food shortages and panic buying as Christmas approaches, petrol rationing and soaring fuel prices … Scotland faces three crises linked by one catastrophe it specifically voted against: Brexit. The  UK government’s decision to pull out the EU – despite Scotland and Northern Ireland voting against the move in the European referendum – is a factor […]
Westminster’s threat to divert powers over state subsidies to businesses and industry away from the Scottish parliament has moved a step closer to becoming a reality. UK government plans to grab control over subsidies once paid through EU state aid  were passed in a second reading of the Subsidy Control Bill by 287 votes to […]
The Westminster government has once again shown it can’t be trusted with our pensions after a report by the National Audit Office has revealed a £1bn scandal involving underpayments stretching over decades. The scandal robbed 134,000 pensioners – most of them women – of their money after outdated computer system led to underpayments. The mistakes […]
Lower fuel prices were supposed to be a bonus from Brexit. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove dangled that carrot  in front of voters in a bid to persuade them to opt for Leave in the 2016 EU referendum. ‘’Fuel prices will be lower for everyone,’’ they wrote in The Sun newspaper, because Brexit would allow […]
UK government delays in introducing post-Brexit import checks on agri-food products coming from the EU is leaving Scottish food and drink vulnerable to unfair competition. The chief executive of the National Farmers Union Scotland Scott Walker has described Westminster’s decision to further delay border controls on EU imports as ‘’a bitter blow to Scottish farmers […]
As the momentum for a second independence referendum grows, Boris Johnson’s response is to continue to pile insult upon insult on Scotland and the government which overwhelmingly won May’s election. The latest is to scrap the Prime Minister’s widely derided plan for a tunnel linking Scotland to Northern Ireland without any discussions with the Scottish […]
As the argument in favour of holding a second independence referendum within the current parliamentary term grows stronger it is becoming obvious that Westminster’s determination to stand in the way of the vote will crumble. Here are the main reasons why: Democracy demands that the Westminster government withdraws its objection to indyref2 This will be […]
There’s an old adage that suggests if you don’t like the answer, you should change the question. It’s a suggestion that has certainly been taken to heart by anti-independence campaigners Scotland in Union. The organisation has just published its latest poll on independence which trumpets the claim that a majority of Scots would not vote […]
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has reaffirmed the Scottish government’s commitment to hold a second referendum on Scotland’s independence before the end of 2023. Her programme of government at Holyrood unveiled yesterday gave a clear indication of the arguments which drive her determination to hold the vote and why the timing is so important. The exact […]
The value of UK food and drink exports to the EU has dropped by a ‘’disastrous’’ £2bn as the terrible consequences of Brexit continue to unfold. New figures released by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) show a fall in exports to the EU of more than a quarter since the first half of 2019. […]
Westminster may continually dismiss the prospect of Scottish independence but it takes it seriously enough to draw up contingency plans to move Trident submarines from Scotland in the event of a Yes vote. It’s no wonder the UK government is so opposed to even the prospect of a second independence referendum … the cost of […]
Brexit continues to bring havoc to high streets. The latest consequence of the disastrous decision to leave the EU is rising prices brought about by lorry driver shortages and the dramatic rise in red tape. The latest data from the British Retail Consortium reveals UK shop prices rose last month by 0.4% compared to July. […]
Gordon Brown is never left without a media platform to put forward his increasingly odd views on Scotland’s future. He’s been banging on about what he describes as ‘’federalism’’ since before the first independence  referendum without ever seeming to realise that such a system has never been put on the table by a Westminster government. […]
Post-Brexit disruption of food and other supplies to shops and restaurants all over the country are due to deepen as retailers report that their stocks are at their lowest levels since 1983.  More and more firms are reporting supply problems and are being forced to withdrawn certain products. One major supermarket chain boss has said […]
Westminster power games to undermine the role of the Scottish government in major spending decisions are now reaching ridiculous levels. Not only are Tory ministers trying to take control of those decisions they are also giving the false impression Holyrood is turning its back on sources of cash. For months now Westminster ministers have been […]
Brexit has emerged as the main cause of deepening food shortages in supermarkets and restaurants and predicted Christmas chaos,  leaving attempts to divert blame on to the Covid 19 ‘pingdemic’ looking increasingly threadbare. The news comes as lobby groups for the retail and transport industries have jointly written to UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng warning […]
The power sharing deal agreed between SNP and Green negotiators will undoubtedly strengthen the Scottish government’s argument for a second independence referendum in the court of public opinion. It’s true that the government could almost certainly have relied upon the Greens to support any move to hold indyref2. The party, after all, had included a […]
THE dust is settling over yesterday’s publication of GERS figures, which prompted the entirely predictable onslaught of mainstream media headlines suggesting they damage the case for independence. The fact is that the figures do nothing but boost the case for independence and since their publication key figures have stepped in to argue the move to […]
It’s that time of year again – when the mainstream media and unionist commentators universally ask the wrong question. GERS is out today. That’s the report that explains how the Government Expenditure and Revenue for Scotland shows us underperforming European nations because we are part of the UK. The figures in the report suggest Scotland’s […]
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