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The UK government is expected to announce a  cap on energy bills for businesses today,  but there is likely to be a delay before the details are clear. What IS becoming clear is the direction of Liz Truss’ general energy policy. Richer households will benefit more than poorer ones from the plans. Businesses have been […]
Anger is mounting in Scotland as energy prices soar for consumers while energy producers announce record profits. Many Scots look enviously at Nordic countries such as Finland where bills are much lower thanks to plentiful, cheap renewable energy.  Last week’s announcement that all households across the UK will get £400 help with bills over six […]
Scotland has huge potential to produce renewable electricity. At the moment, that is constrained by the UK’s energy policy, and also by the outdated, privatised National Grid which has lacked proper investment for years. Last week, National Grid finally laid out plans for the biggest investment in the grid since the 1950s.  This £54 billion […]
Ferries have featured heavily in the Scottish news diet over the last few months. Headlines have screamed about “Ferrygate” – the story of delays and cost overruns to two new dual-fuel vessels commissioned from Ferguson Marine, and other ferry-related issues. The ferries are indeed five years late and millions over budget and thats not good- however […]
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is when a company or a fund from another country invest in Scotland to set up operations in the country and create new job opportunities in Scotland. FDI is good for the Scottish economy, but it is best to have it as part of a mix of strong domestic job creation […]
  The UK Government’s U-turn on a windfall tax expected to raise £5 billion from the oil and gas industry is the latest example of Scotland’s assets being used to bail out the UK. But the new scheme is also geared up to push investment towards extracting more oil and gas from the North Sea.  […]
On May 3 2014, the Better Together campaign tweeted  “Lower energy bills for Scotland – we are Better Together in the UK”. There was a “read more” link to the campaign site. That has been removed. It is not a promise that has stood the test of time. The huge price hikes Scottish consumers are […]
  For Aberdeen to become a global hub for renewable energy would take a £17 billion investment – and the money needs to start coming in now.  A new report from Robert Gordon’s University  Energy Transition Institute, the ‘Making the Switch’ review says that “urgent capital investment” is essential and urgent – without it the […]
The New Statesman is as Unionist as any publication in Britain despite its left-wing image. That stance is evident in articles about both Scotland and Northern Ireland. A recent issue saw the nightmarish prospect of nuclear attack by Russia in terms of the UK”s constitutional question. It argued that Scots would not wish to become […]
At the time of the 2014 referendum, voters were told it was too late to benefit from Scotland’s oil and gas. They would run out in 15 years, leaving Scotland depending on energy imports from England. Now, a windfall tax could raise £2 billion on the oil companies’ huge profits. And England imports most of its […]
  Last week, as the leader of the largest party in the elections to Nothern Ireland’s Parliament, Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill was elected First Minister.  She can’t take her seat at the moment because the DUP is refusing to cooperate.  Commentators in the Unionist press have fallen over themselves to point out that Sinn Fein’s […]
  Scotland is experiencing a huge cash transfer from energy consumers directly to the shareholders of oil and gas companies. Scotland produces all the energy it needs and more – yet it gets no credit in the bills, unlike independent energy-rich countries. The “exceptional” profit energy producers are making will be largely spent on shareholder […]
The “toxic culture” at Westminster with more than 50 MPs facing allegations of sexual misconduct illustrates that it is “not fit for purpose” according to Ian Blackford, the SNP’s leader in the House of Commons.  Speaking after Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Commons Speaker called for “radical action” as more than 50 MPs face sexual misconduct […]
  Boris Johnson’s oven-ready Brexit deal is a dog’s dinner. In a sign of desperation, the UK Government has delayed import controls  for a fourth time. The President of Scotland’s farming union criticised the move yesterday as “total madness”.  Sometimes countries impose import controls to protect their own producers. There is probably no other country […]
  Boris Johnson’s newest catchphrase is “a Deal by Diwali” referring to his search for a free trade agreement with India before Diwali the five-day festival in October celebrating the victory of light over darkness, which is celebrated by Hindus around the world. Let’s hope it leads to a more successful outcome to his last […]
  This week, energy industry leaders asked the UK Government to step in and do something about an energy crisis that is spinning out of control. They pointed out that power supply companies cannot deal with this. It is not the job of business leaders to mitigate the catastrophic effects of the huge and rapid increases […]
  The UK Government promised to replace the EU funds that Scotland has lost because of Brexit. But it is falling short. And Michael Gove misled a Holyrood committee on this  – although he has an obligation to know the real facts and to pass them on honestly.  The UK Government claims that its “Shared […]
  Images of lorries backed up for 23 miles at Dover over the last few days have made news bulletins all over Europe, with drivers forced to stay in their cabs without access to toilets or meals. Many Scots were among those stuck in the chaos – because Dover is currently the main route for […]
  The UK Government’s energy strategy involves taking Scotland’s national energy assets on terms that are detrimental to Scotland’s economy. The document claims it “will work with the Scottish government” – but in reality,  it did not even consult with the Scottish Government or inform ministers before publishing it.  The UK Government makes the assumption […]
THE cost of living is spiralling out of control; our economy has been battered by Covid, Brexit and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; in Scotland, the Tories and Labour faffing about as they try to become the more extreme unionist party; and the LibDems are, well … the LibDems. Despite their subtle differences, there is one […]
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