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Edinburgh's first and Scotland's only student-led think tank. Buchanan is about turning ideas into action
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As we’re slowly but surely approaching the end of this semester, here are some summaries from the first part of this year at the Buchanan Institute.

We’re proud to have such a diverse team and we’re exiting for the next semester with them!

If you still want to get involved with Buchanan we will have some opportunities coming up at the beginning of January so keep an eye out for them!

Hey guys! Heres a quick message from our friends at Product Forge:

Product Forge is running a Medical Visualisation hackathon at CodeBase in Edinburgh from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th November 2017 with Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe and Scottish Health Innovations Ltd.

Use this opportunity to develop your career, gain new skills, network with professionals, meet potential employers...
Come by the library and tell us what YOU would change about the world!
Did you hear student think-tank, fun research and socials? Wait no further and come down and find out what the Buchanan Institute does today and tomorrow at the EUSA Society Activities Fair!
In one hour, Buchanan-ers old and new will reunite for our first Freshers event of the year! Make sure you stop by!
"If I could change one thing in the world it would be Isis because it has spurred a refugee and financial crisis without precedent." Illina from Shanghai, Photography Student.

These are one among many problems we work on at the Buchanan, using research to develop policy-based solutions.
Come along to our freshers week events and see how YOU can be that change! #ideasintoaction
Summer recap #2: This summer, members from the Buchanan Institute met with MSPs such as Tommy Sheppard to obtain feedback on their civilian casualty monitoring proposal. After receiving numerous positive responses, the project is on its way to obtain an official endorsement by mid-October.

To see how you can also make real change at Buchanan, make sure to check out one of our Freshers events on...
Hello, Buchanan-ers! The Buchanan Institute is kicking off our countdown to freshers week with a quick recap of some of the amazing things we accomplished this summer.

This summer, the Buchanan Institute's drug reform proposal received official support from MPs such as Ronnie Cowan. In addition, members of the team were invited to attend a drug policy dinner in the house of commons!

To figure...
Hey Guys! Our friends at Product Forge and the Cancer Innovation Challenge are running an open cancer "data dive" event at CodeBase in Edinburgh from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th June 2017.This opportunity will give attendees a chance to gain new skills, network with professionals, meet potential employers or even kick-start your own company while working on an important subject that affects many...
Wise words from the wonderful Jon Snow.
Excellent work from our fellow student think tank The Wilberforce Society, Cambridge!
"Today, we are proud to announce the publication of The Cambridge Brexit Report. The Report is a collaboration between Cambridge for Europe, Cambridge University European Society, The Wilberforce Society, Cambridge, Polygeia and Cambridge Stays. It was commissioned by Daniel Zeichner MP, and is the second part of...
Yesterday Buchanan was presenting at the UK Student Policy Forum alongside the leading student think tanks from across the UK; The Wilberforce Society, Cambridge; King's Think Tank; OxPolicy & SOAS Policy Forum. It was a fantastic day and all credit to the organizers! Really inspiring to see so many young people come together to share their work and particularly talk about how to spread this...
Buchanan member Jonny Ross-Tatam was at the Houses of Parliament this morning meeting with the Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary group on drug reform and former policeman, Dr. Paul Monaghan MP.

They talked about how Buchanan and MPs can work together for a humane and sensible UK drug policy that does not view drug use as a criminal offence, but instead focuses on care, treatment and...
Thank you to everyone who attended our Networking Evening last night at the Wash Bar!

We look forward to expanding this event next year, welcoming back more influential alumni and partners as the Institute grows, while maintaining lifelong connections with our extended community at Buchanan.
After last night's AGM, we would like to welcome the newly elected 2017-2018 Buchanan Institute Committee

We are incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished this year and are looking forward to a powerful year ahead. Thank you to all our members for turning ideas into action this year through panel discussions, policy proposals, ESIC, awareness campaigns and much more.

President: Priyanka...
Our Annual General Meeting is tomorrow night at 7pm at The Southsider, and below is the list of potential candidates running who've registered their interested on the google form

Please note that if you intend on running, you must be a paid member by the AGM and prepare a short speech as to why you are...
For members who intend on running for a committee position at our AGM this Wednesday, be sure to register your interest on this form no later than the 27th.

Similarly, if you are planning on running for committee please attend out Leadership Skills Workshop Monday at 7:30, 50 GS Room G.01

Are you planning on running for a committee position at the Buchanan Institute's AGM March 29th? If yes,...
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