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I am a writer and a painter – metaphors for 'chronically broke'. I live and breathe politics, and fight everyday for the dream of an Independent Scotland.
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How a Portuguese born guy now living in Scotland found himself learning Gaelic, and the importance of the language today Continue reading →
The historical context & importance of the Declaration of Arbroath, celebrating its 700th anniversary Continue reading →
Why Scotland not only can become independent, but why it needs that independence Continue reading →
Celebrating the fact that, despite the madness of Brexit, there's no place other than Scotland that I'd rather live in. Continue reading →
Hour-long chat recorded with influential Scottish blogger Barrhead Boy, about British politics and Scottish independence Continue reading →
The Scottish Highlands humble you. They teach you that where there is beauty, there is hardship. They epitomise the fact that nature can be perfectly balanced in how generous and cruel it is, how it can be bountiful and merciless, how its breathtaking allure can be the end of you. Continue reading →
Announcing the launch of my new website to display all my original artwork. Continue reading →
This is the story of how I first came out, as a gay man, to my friends and family, with the good and the bad that it all entailed. Continue reading →
Boris is a self-serving sponge of incompetence. He is the man that will sell fire to pyromaniacs and water to firefighters, all in the same day, while his wranglers extract from him what they require, like tax cuts for the better off in society. Continue reading →
Theresa May's resignation has been a very difficult labour to go through, but the baby has finally arrived. How ironic that she her career dies on the eve of the European Parliamentary elections. Continue reading →
Watch my "Journey To Yes" video, a collaboration with the talented Phantom Power detailing how I came to believe so passionately in Scottish independence. Continue reading →
My thoughts on the SNP Spring Conference of 2019, the first I ever attended Continue reading →
The first step taken towards an independence referendum Continue reading →
Trying to find a middle ground amidst the heightened debate on Trans rights and the need for protecting Women's Rights & safe spaces Continue reading →
Brexit is fertile land for metaphors and allegories of all kind. Let's turn our current uncertain limbo into a lobster related one. Continue reading →
Theresa May is roadkill. Someone drag her out of the way so that normal traffic may resume. Continue reading →
If the Union were a Holy Book, than Brexit is the finally chapter, bringing with it sweet release from the injustices we have all endured Continue reading →
The story of how a young Portuguese boy grew up with a soul gripped by Scottishness Continue reading →
The BBC has contributed to the vilification of immigrants in our public discourse. So this immigrant told them to f off. Continue reading →
This is not one of the posts I usually write for this blog. But something so remarkably fun (and sad) happened on Twitter, tonight, that I couldn’t but feel the need of putting it up here, not least for my … Continue reading →
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