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516 days ago, you ignored it. 493 days ago and 332 days ago, you still ignored it. Are you now noticing it? Now you can see it. Collapsing Pound to 1.03 (13, do you s33 yet)! – But here you are, reading this – still ignoring this. Look up! the Pound (1), Yen (2) and… Read More 516 Days
493 days ago, you ignored it. 332 days ago, you still ignored it. Are you now noticing it? Now you can see it. A Series of Unfortunate Events! – But here you are, reading this – ignoring this. Look up! UBI for you!
332 days ago, most of you ignored it. “Most of you will ignore this – and that’s fine but understand. Very soon, the dots are going to join together. Some of you will start to believe, some of you will continue to deny. Both are OK, it’s just where we all are on our own… Read More 332 Days
I tasked myself a couple of weeks ago that i would compared Scotland and England with all remaining 27 EU member states across 11 major areas of their economies on a per population basis. It makes sense to compare across the population size as this is a better reflection of how the economy spreads across… Read More Scotland – The Wealthiest Country in Europe (Truth Exposed)
Many of you will recall that i write a blog post in October 2018 titled “Irrefutable Proof – Its not Scotland that’s too poor to be independent, Its England“. That blog post illustrated, and all sourced from official websites, that on a income and resource level, Scotland out performed England on a population basis in… Read More Irrefutable Evidence –...
For the past couple of months I have noticed, as have many others that some SNP MPs have stated that holding a plebiscite election in May 2021 that would allow us to be come independent is a dead end route and will actually harm our cause. I will say, at the point I read Pete… Read More Plebiscite Vote in 2021 – Truth or Fiction?
Its been a while since I wrote a blog post because, to be honest, the current pandemic has put perspective on what is important at this moment in time, however, the recent events in the UK cannot really be ignored any longer, and, like many of you, I get the distinct feeling that pretty much… Read More Joining Up the Political Stunts!
I’ve put off writing this blog post for a couple of days but something occurred yesterday that has made me pen this, well actually three things occurred yesterday, and another thing has occurred today that has made me decide I need to articulate. The three things that occurred yesterday, and the thing today that spurred… Read More What is Going On?
Obviously Corona Virus is on everyone’s mind just now, as it is mine.  There are numbers everywhere, and to be honest, not many of them make much sense, and even worse for me as a Scot, the UK numbers make very little sense to me since we are a nation of 4 distinct countries. I… Read More Covid-19 Data Comparisons – Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland
I’m sure many of you are aware of the business “guarantees” (Loans) that the Chancellor has announced.  If not, there will be £330,000,000,000 made available in the form of low interest loans to businesses. A loan must be repaid.  In this case I believe it is starting 6 months after the loan is taken out.… Read More Covid-19, the UK and Scotland’s Post...
Here I am again, writing about Scotland’s fiscal position within the UK and how the data is manipulated to favour dependence rather than independence. I am finding myself increasingly gravitated towards writing on this because every time I look further into it, I come across yet anther supporting dataset that confirms the secrecy of the… Read More Scotlands True Wealth –...
I will admit, I have paid little to no attention on this matter because over the past few months it has become such a toxic debate that it has put me off engaging in it, however, that being said I was highlighted to a tweet where a full on meltdown was taking place because a… Read More My Views on Scotlands GRA Reforms
Sometimes a little perspective is required. #ItsTime
Over the past few months there has been a big push to slate the current Scottish Government on the increase in drug deaths in Scotland.  The apparent increase has been used as political point scoring by, in particular, the Tories, with Annie Wells trying to take credit for forcing the UKG to sit around the… Read More Scottish Drug Deaths – The Whole Picture!
As many of you will have gathered, I’m a numbers man.  I enjoy dissecting them and looking at them in a manner which allows the numbers to be relevant. It is easy for anyone in a position of perceived authority i.e. media editors, government sources, political pundits etc. to throw a number out there and… Read More Manipulation Via GERS
What a couple of days it has been.  It has brought the whole UK Union and Scotland’s place within it to sharp focus. On Brexit Eve, i pondered many things, particularly, i had to come to terms with teh reality of the situation.  The reality being that the European Rights i was born with in… Read More Taking a Break
Last week a few newspapers and online media outlets ran a story about how Scotland had plummeted down the Wellbeing Index and was in line with Estonia and other ex-soviet states. As usual, I did some digging, and as usual, the image portrayed is wrong and mis-leading. Just as with the PISA scores that I… Read More Wellbeing Index – The Truth They Won’t Tell You!
In 2019, I ended my blog on a high.  I ended it a couple of days after the SNP gained a landslide victory in Scotland with 47 (+1) MPs supporting Scottish independence, with 45% of the vote, whilst England voted for the Tories and gave them an English landslide with 43% of the vote. The… Read More 700 Years – Now It’s Time for Conviction!
This will be my last blog post of 2019, and hopefully its one to get you all thinking and pondering a different future for Scotland. Many months ago, I wrote a blog post titled, The Missing Scottish Billions. That blog post has been viewed over 11,000 times on my site since I posted it. It… Read More Exposing Our Wealth, or Keeping It Hidden?
Some of you may recall a blog post I wrote in September 2018 titled “Do You See It?”. Within that article, I wrote about how the Claim of Right vote that took place in Westminster was different to the two priors, in 1989 in Edinburgh and the first Claim of Right that pre-dated the Act… Read More The Next Step!
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